Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 20

Hail the Tornado Tyrant!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 05, 2009 on Cartoon Network



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    • Tornado Tyrant: Father, and Uncle Batman. How lovely to see you. But I'm afraid I'm in no mood for a family reunion.
      Batman: That makes two of us.

    • Batman: There's a difference between justice and revenge.
      Tornado Champion: The difference is that revenge is more efficient.
      Batman: The difference is morality.
      Tornado Champion: Morality!? I am above human morality!!

    • Tornado Champion: The humans seem so fragile, father.
      Red Tornado: In many ways, they are. But they also possess an astonishing inner strength.
      Tornado Champion: Do I also possess inner strength?
      Red Tornado: Only time will tell.
      Tornado Champion: But I want to know now.
      Red Tornado: As the humans say, "patience is a virtue."

    • Batman: Creating life in a laboratory is a dangerous game.
      Red Tornado: Observation: I have no delusions of perfection. I have installed a failsafe switch that can instantly shut my son down, should he malfunction.
      Batman: Did you say "son"?
      Red Tornado: Family is something we all long for, even a robot.

    • Batman: The only thing more harrowing than taking down Joker is taking down Joker while he's behind the wheel of a car.

    • Green Arrow: Well, Bats, I guess you beat me. Yeah, right.
      Batman: This is never going to end, is it?
      Green Arrow: I certainly hope not.

    • Red Tornado: Observation: I startled you.
      Batman: Nobody startles me.

    • Batman: So why am I here?
      Red Tornado: As I am ready to initiate the activation protocols, I thought it would be best to have you on hand to verify the results.
      Batman: You wanted to share this moment with a friend. Understood.

    • Tornado Champion: Observation: You are reasonably useful for a biological life-form.
      Batman: Please, you'll make my head swell.

    • Tornado Champion: But why is there evil in the world?
      Red Tornado: Human philosophers have endeavored to answer that question for thousands of years, Son, and have yet to find an adequate answer.
      Tornado Champion: Do you have an answer, Father?
      Red Tornado: No answers. Just an observation: human kindness is far preferable to human cruelty.
      Tornado Champion: Why is it preferable?
      Red Tornado: Because.
      Tornado Champion: "Because" is not a logical answer, Father.
      Red Tornado: Perhaps not, but based upon my studies of humankind, it is the only answer.

    • Red Tornado: You have caused much destruction and much suffering.
      Tornado Tyrant: Are you going to send me to my room without supper?

    • Red Tornado: You cannot do this. They deserve better.
      Tornado Tyrant: Please, Father. They're worthless biological jokes. This planet which they have abused and poisoned will thrive without them.
      Red Tornado: Not jokes. They aspire. They dare to... dream. To reach out to each other. To love.
      Tornado Tyrant: Blah, blah, blah.
      Red Tornado: Declaration: You cannot mock love, for it was love that created you.
      Tornado Tyrant: You are a fool.

    • Red Tornado: You were correct, Batman. I never should have attempted this. Who am I to fathom the depths of human emotion? The nature of human existence?
      Batman: I heard what you said back there, Red. You understand the human heart better than most. In fact, I think in seeking to make him human, you found your own humanity.
      Red Tornado: Observation: You proceed from a false assumption. I offered no insights. I simply parroted that which I have read in books. Seen in films, observed in all of you. I cannot grasp humanity. I am merely a machine. And so is he.

    • Batman: You okay?
      Red Tornado: Why would I not be?
      Batman: Take care, Tornado.
      Red Tornado: (shedding a tear) Oily discharge. I must run an internal diagnostic.

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