Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 4

Invasion of the Secret Santas!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Dec 12, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

After Batman battles the Sportsmaster with Blue Beetle, he teams up with the Red Tornado to battle Fun Haus, who plans to ruin Christmas for everyone with his army of toys.

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  • "He just made my naughty list".

    This was a really fun episode. It starts with one of my favorite openings, Sportsmaster, yeah, and he is one of the coolest villain this show has included. Okay, he may seem lame to many, but come on, he is a master of all sports, which is really impressive for me, seeing as I suck in every sport imaginable. But anyway, the opening is terrific, Blue Beetle shows up, bantering with his suit, he wasn't exactly very interesting here, I just wanted to see more of Sportsmaster.

    Then the main episode begins, Red Tornado is introduced, and I like this design and voice by Corey Burton. After a couple of funny moments, including the ugliest christmas sweater I have ever seen, we get action in spades. Batman and Red Tornado fight UFO's, Robot Santa's, evil toys and Fun Haus. No Toyman, just Fun Haus, which as far as I know is a made up villain taking the name from a company in the comics. He is pretty lame, but at least the action is good and the jokes are funny.

    This episode tries to have it both ways, being funny while still throwing in some dark elements, the shooting of Bruce's parents is included here. Kind of misplaced maybe, and I certainly didn't enjoy seeing Bruce acting like a brat. But we do get so many great one-liners and hilarious moments I can forgive that. My favorite moment? Batman punching the head off a fake Santa, while two children stare in shock, Batman then goes "Pretend you didn't see that". The ending was strangely heartwarming.

    A funny and great episode.moreless
  • okayyy, this was a good and nice CHRISTMAS episode. im not really sure about bowling being very holly jolly.u no what im sayin.i mean seriosly christmas is about reindeer and stockings and snow red tornado was awesome though but the opening was kinda gaymoreless

    jesus christ i mean im upstairs in my room lookin at the snow waiting for batman to come on and i end up watchin bowling it christmas man have a holly jolly bowling game,Fa la la la la la la la la tis the season to be a great bowler the rest was kinda good not the best i mean clock king is new to me cause iv never watched justice leuge or read the comics.but hes kinda tight i hope he comes back in later episodes like maybe "Clock king strikes Back or somethin like that overall great imean good episode.moreless
  • (PART 1 REVIEW!!!) I'm getting UFOs, dynamite dollies, and presto play pals for Christmas!!!

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold, after 3 exciting, everly plotted and well animated outings, goes into the Christmas spirit. Right now, we're all in that same time of year, and each and every one of use all have that "tingling" feeling inside no matter how hard we try to hide it. It seems as if that's a different story for the always-grumpy Batman and this week's ally Red Tornado. Can they stop Fun Haus from stealing and destroying the town and Christmas? Will Red Tornado find that "tingling" feeling of the Christmas spirit? Is Batman truly capable of leaving his past behind and actually having a Christmas? Well, 66% percent of that is a definite "yes." Red Tornado, or archeology college professor John Ulthoon (voiced by Corey Burton), is not human. This robotic machine has the distinct knowledge of knowing who's good and who's bad, but he can't express or feel emotion the same way he feels a cannon shot through his metallic body. He doesn't want to know what the Christmas sprit is: He wants to feel it. Somewhere behind all that metal is a heart that wants to feel emotion the same way we do. The first half of the episode tries hard to show off the massive Christmas atmosphere-the kids playing in the snow in the middle of crowded streets and the lights filtering the city surroundings-as a sure sign of what John's missing. He does all the necessary actions to get the Christmas spirit, like decorating his house and even caroling from door to door, but he just doesn't feel it. Not one bit. So then we get to Batman. The show once again goes back to over-the-top goofines that dominated "Rise of the Blue Beetle" and "Terror on Dinosaur Island" to greatness. The caped crusader's battling UFOs!!! This begs a huge action scene, and it delivered to the masses. Just like the prologue intro with Sportsmaster and the Blue Beetle (an amazing intro I will get to later), The animation is superb. The explosions, the beautifully lighted backgrounds, and the character movements and amazing camerawork. Wow, what an improvement over "Evil Under the Sea" and its boring ocean battles! Batman and Red Tornado just don't have the chemistry that you would expect from a world renowned intellectual and an incredibly intelligent robot, but that's the irony that leads to undeniably funny dialogue in Batman:The Brave and the Bold, and it's used just as well as you can expect. Now, with Fun Haus's entry into the plot and his plan to destroy Christmas (which is well executed and constantly brought up), Red Tornado tries hard to get Batman to show him the Christmas spirit he's so surely missing. Unfortunately, his memories as a young lad who didn't get the Christmas he wanted when he was a kid (remember why he became Batman in the first place for a second) keeps him for having it also, as a human being. There's flashbacks to Bruce Wayne's Christmas and "That night" where he saw a movie with papa and momma Wayne, and these moments bring a good sense of drama and the intended solace expressed. I felt bad for the caped crusader, and understand why "Crime never takes a vacation. Not even in a time like this."moreless
Zachary Gordon

Zachary Gordon

Young Bruce Wayne, Kid #1

Guest Star

Liliana Mumy

Liliana Mumy

Doll, Kid #1

Guest Star

Gary Anthony Williams

Gary Anthony Williams

Fun Haus

Guest Star

Will Friedle

Will Friedle

Blue Beetle

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • There is a running gag throughout this episode as the same red-headed woman can be seen in close-up screaming three separate times, at the beginning of each fight against the aliens, against the Santas and against the toy army.

    • The two children Red Tornado saves are blond at the time of the rescue, yet when he returns to their house later to sing carols, their hair color has changed to black and brown respectively.

    • This is the first time Batman's butler, Alfred, is mentioned, and Bruce Wayne as a child is shown.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Batman: (in a bowling alley) Sportsmaster. Figures I'd find you in the gutters.
      Sportsmaster: I like to play fair, Batman. But it looks like you're outnumbered.

    • Blue Beetle: Hey, call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure Batman doesn't banter with his suit.

    • Red Tornado: Merry Christmas, Batman.
      Batman: Now's not the time, Red Tornado.
      Red Tornado: But isn't Christmas tomorrow?
      Batman: Not what I mean. Tornado, behind you!

    • Red Tornado: Cross-referencing known producers of flying saucer toys.
      Batman: You won't find a match for this stamp.
      Red Tornado: Stamp does not match listed manufacturers.
      Batman: I just said that.

    • Fun Haus: I was just playing around with my new toys, Batman. Is that so wrong?
      Red Tornado: Based on criminal records, most of your actions are wrong. Felony robbery, parole violation, felony assault, jaywalking...
      Batman: Not now, Tornado.

    • Doll: My Christmas wish is to blow everything to smithereens.

    • Red Tornado: I am lacking Christmas spirit. It is something I wish to experience.
      Batman: It's overrated.
      Red Tornado: Observation: I am not the only one who lacks it.

    • Thomas Wayne: Merry, Christmas, son. Let's see what Santa brought you.
      Young Bruce Wayne: Based on the dimensions, and weight of the package, and the sound of what's inside, I think I've deduced exactly what it is!
      Thomas Wayne: Our little detective.

    • Red Tornado: Yet, I still do not feel this spirit I am told of. There should be a tingling sensation, correct?
      Batman: When you start tingling, I'd see a repairman.

    • Fun Haus: 'Twas the night before Christmas, and I've hidden a bomb. And if you don't find it, all won't be calm.

    • Fun Haus: Oh, it's the most wonderful time of the year.
      Batman: You'll be doing hard time by New Year's.
      Fun Haus: Not if you're in the grave by lunch.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Fun Haus' doll: The doll that Fun Haus holds when he first appears resembles Baby Doll, a original villain from Batman: the Animated Series, much like fun Haus himself in Brave and the Bold.

    • Holiday for Neptunians:
      Referencing the 1964 movie Santa Claus Conquers the Martian, chronicling the adventures of two Earth children who are kidnapped by Martians seeking to bring the spirit of Christmas to their soulless mechanized children.

    • Get That Holiday Spirit! by Stuart Martha:
      Referencing Martha Stuart, television host and businesswoman, whose syndicated series Martha and magazine Martha Stewart Living has made her famous for her home-decoration and cooking tips.