Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 9

Journey to the Center of the Bat!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 30, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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When Batman is stricken down by a disease, the Atom must miniaturize himself and travel with Aquaman into the Caped Crusader's body to cure him. And in the teaser, Elongated Man and Plastic Man team up to capture Babyface during a bank heist.

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  • A good episode!

    Pretty good episode. Even though it was kind of gross, it was ok. I have seen it alot on TV and i still like it. But like i said before, i didn't like the gross stuff. Besides that, this episode was great! I liked that we saw The Brain for the first time in this show. It was cool to see Aquaman and Atom team up. Even though they didn't get along sometimes, it was still good. I was kind of sad when Platelet died. He was cute and funny. But it was still a good episode.

    Overall Grade: B+moreless
  • Sacré bleu, Aquaman, the Atom, Plastic Man, Elongated Man, Chemo AND the Brain in the same episode? A recipe for greatness? Well...mostly...yes.

    This episode started off good. I know some didn't like it, but I did. The villain Babyface could've been a disaster, I was afraid that he actually would act like a baby. He didn't and I thought he was okay. Elongated Man was pretty cool, but I didn't like his voice that much. Plastic Man was great as always. Not the best opening, but it was entertaining while it lasted.

    Then the main episode started, and we got the Atom and Aquaman shrinking and going inside Batman's body. Why? He's been poisoned by Chemo and the Brain. This was a good episode, not my favorite, but Aquaman, Chemo and the Brain saved it. Chemo was just simply awesome, Aquaman was hilarious and the Brain was just awesomly weird and got the biggest laugh in the episode. Won't spoil it for you.

    I didn't like the Atom very much and I wish Chemo was in it more. It got a little boring in parts and some jokes fell flat. But it's still a solid episode. Next week: A weird looking Despero and a Batman that redefines awesomeness with his new suit.moreless
John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio


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Sean Donnellan

Sean Donnellan

Elongated Man

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Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny


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Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Plastic Man

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    • Plastic Man: Oh yeah. The Caped Crusader prefers to work with moi.
      Elongated Man: Please! The Dark Knight only turns to you when I'm on another case. And then, only as a last resort.
      Plastic Man: Dude, you're delusional! Bats and I are best buds. We hang out even when there's no evil-doing to be undone!

    • Babyface: Well, if it isn't Plastic Man and, uh, and uh... uh...
      Elongated Man: Elongated Man. You know, the Ductile Detective.
      Babyface: Never heard of you.

    • Elongated Man: I just don't get it. I'm more professional, the better detective, and yet the public prefers you.
      Plastic Man: Ooh, not just the public, my d-list doppelganger. Batman too.

    • Aquaman: (on the phone) Aquaman here. What's new, old friend?
      Atom: I was just in the middle of conducting a delicate tachyon detection experiment... "old friend."
      Aquaman: Tachyons, eh? Splendid! Atta boy.
      Batman: Get to the point.

    • Aquaman: Outrageous! What miracle is this?
      Atom: As the Atom, I can shrink to the size of a subatomic particle and ride electronics along the phone wires.
      Aquaman: Do it again!

    • Aquaman: What kind of medicine shall we proscribe, doc?
      Atom: You don't know what kind of doctor I am, do you?
      Aquaman: A hero doctor, through and through!

    • Aquaman: But how small are we?
      Atom: About 15 microns. Small enough to slip between Batman's cells without damage. And uhh, that's Batman's cilia you're hanging from.
      Aquaman: Cilia and sillier!

    • Atom: As we travel through the villi, the CP4 barium sonar wave will indicate any monoclinic phylosilicates in our vicinity.
      Aquaman: English, man, English!
      Atom: Uhh, this little doohickey beeps when the cooties are near.
      Aquaman: Ahh, I... cooties, yes.

    • Aquaman: En garde, you microscopic misanthrope! Ah, we shall call this adventure "The One Where Larger-Than-Life Heroes Come in Small Packages."

    • Atom: It's replicating!
      Aquaman: Yes, and it's making more of itself, too!

    • Atom: (to Aquaman) See, thinking's not so tough. Maybe you should try it sometime.

    • Aquaman: Good boy. You were magnificent. Yes, big hug.
      Atom: He's not hugging you. "He" is merely interpreting as a foreign body to be surrounded and destroyed.
      Aquaman: Sure feels like a hug to me. And since we found you in Batman's blood stream, I think we'll name him "Platelet."
      Atom: Except that's a lymphocyte.
      Aquaman: Platelet it is!

    • Aquaman: Hi-yo Platelet, away!

    • Atom: What are you doing?
      Aquaman: Drawing their forces so you can destroy the seed cell.
      Atom: But you'll never survive!
      Aquaman: Perhaps, but at least I'll have one heck of a story!

    • Atom: Outrageous! Evildoers, beware my wrath!
      Aquaman: Uhh, what about the plan?
      Atom: Blah, blah, blah. Let's punch them!

    • The Brain: But Chemo's microorganisms should have killed you.
      Batman: I've got microorganisms of my own, Brain. And mine work for the good guys.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Aquaman: Hi-ho, Platelet, away!
      This is a nod toward the title character of the radio/TV series The Lone Ranger, who was a masked Texas Ranger (most famously Clayton Moore on TV), created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker. At the end of every episode he would depart from his location, calling to his white horse "Hi-ho, Silver, away!", and they would gallop into the setting sun.

    • Title:
      References Jules Vernes' 1864 novel Journey to the Center of the Earth, chronicling the adventures of three explorers who follow a lost explorer through a maze of tunnels and descend down into the Earth, encountering prehistoric creatures and men. The novel has been made into numerous TV and theatrical movies, including a 2008 sequel starring Brendan Fraser.