Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 19

Legends of the Dark Mite!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM May 29, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Bat-Mite, Batman's biggest fan from the 5th Dimension, pops up and kidnaps his idol, intending to make Batman a better hero.

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  • A normal night of crime-fighting is interrupted when a strange being called Bat-Mite appears and attemts to hang out with his idol, much to Batman's annoyance.

    I found that this was a really amusing episode, full of callbacks and nods to the Batman mythos that fans like me could enjoy.

    For instance, the bit where Bat-Mite tried out new looks for Batman, giving several nods to various series in the mythos, yet rejecting each one for different reasons.

    My favorite part, however, was the scene where Bat-Mite was speaking to a crowd of Batman impersonators, which included several (and in some cases, surprising) cameos, especially by the cast and creators.

    I also enjoyed the delightfully surreal part towards the end where Bat-Mite (with Batman's help) defeated several of the latter's Rouge's Gallery, with a parody of a Daffy Duck cartoon thrown in!

    Simly put, this was a well-executed episode, one I reccomend for fans of Batman, if not for the episode itself, but for all the shout outs.moreless
  • Funniest episode so far, and it's written by Paul Dini.

    If you're familiar with Paul Dini's work, you'll know he occasionally writes episodes which are meant to be comedic and funny in shows that are mostly dominated by dark, violent and serious episodes. Funny and silly is not exactly uncommon in this particular show, so this one pulls out all the stops, being so silly, so far-out, so absurd it's worth a couple of raised eyebrows. This is the most cleverly written episode this show has had, Bat-Mite is funny, great voicework from Paul Reubens. The jokes come flying. We have Calendar Man, the Comic-Con scene, "The Great Piggybank Robbery" scene and plenty of other hilarious scenes.

    I laughed out loud on several occasions, the opening is good as well, but not quite as brilliant as the rest of the episode. The references to Batman: The Animated Series are a nice addition, but I think I liked Bat-Mite's reaction to the super obscure villains the most. Tiger Shark appears, yes, Tiger Shark, how's that for an obscure villain?

    I love this episode it is genuinely hilarious and one of the series best. Paul Dini has delivered another masterpiece in animated entertainment.moreless
  • By FAR the best episode of this show to date!

    I'll go ahead and say - I'm no fan of this Batman: Brave and the Bold show. I think it is overly childish with corny jokes, both of which are unnecessary in making a show that can appeal to both kids and adults. However, the great Paul Dini, coming off an excellent run on DC's Detective Comics (he's currently writing 2 Batman monthy comics so go check um out!) rides in to save any hope this show ever has of being half-way decent. Take note future B:BatB writers - this is how it is done! The perfect blend of comedy and action, intelligent, and well written. Was awesome to see Bat-Mite mess with Batman's costume (the Frank Miller one was great) as well as the killer nod to Batman: The Animated Series (you know, the Batman cartoon we all actually liked) with the Batman silhouette on the gotham rooftop while a lightning bolt flashes in the background - classic. He even breaks the fouth wall a few times as Bat-Mite talking about how this show is a perfectly acceptable alternative to the dark brooding detective stories (a common criticism of this show). Thanks Paul Dini for doing what seemed impossible - making an actual great ep of this show. Also - check out Pokerking5050's excellent review of this ep - he does it much better justice than I.moreless
  • I laughed, and laughed, fast-forwarded through commercials, then laughed some more.

    Brave and the Bold has been at its very best when it combines wacky Silver-Age plots, playing them up for comedy, with some cool action sequences. However, this episode becomes one of the very best with very little action sequences. Bat-Mite, who's wonderfully voiced by the Fifth Dimension, comes over to make things more exciting in Batman's life when it seems like he's going to defeat two robbers too easily. The episode quickly becomes an all-out parody of everything it can think of, and works all the better for it. With jokes coming practially rapid-fire, references to Comic-Con and old Daffy Duck cartoons, and an absolutely surreal final sequence, this is an episode I want to watch again just to see what I missed the first time. Definitely one of the best so far.moreless
  • The OTHER little Imp from the Fifth Dimension..."Bat-Mite" FINALLY makes his comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just in time to "help" Bat-Man foil a robbery, and to give him some much not needed wardrobe advice!!moreless

    I also agree that this episode was the best out of all of them so far. Ive always loved Bat-Mite and to see him back again was enjoyable. It was nice to have Paul Reubens do the voice because everytime I watch the older versions with Bat-Mite, all I hear is ORKO from He-Man.(Same Actor). All of the toungue-in-cheek stuff was great. I hope they bring him back. There are so many stories and possibilites that they could come up with, even if just for an opening teaser! I also hope that they make a Bat-Mite action figure in the BATB toyline... SCALE to the other figures! That was one disappointment for me in the JLU toy line...No Myxpydlyk (sorry about spelling)Cant wait to see who they bring in next...Batgirl? (Seeing the First green and red costume would be fun!) Captain Marvel? A Mayor Adam West cameo? Its nice to have a reason to look forward to Fridays again!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Villains in Bat-Mite's fantasy: Joker, Penguin, Ridder, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze (in his Mr. Zero alias), Two-Face, Mad Hatter, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Catman, Kite Man, Polka-Dot Man, Killer Moth, Tiger Shark, and Zebra-Man.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Bat-Mite: Yes, you've got a question?
      Fanboy: I always felt Batman was best suited to the role of gritty urban crime detective, but now you guys have got him up against Santas, and Easter bunnies? I'm sorry, but that's not my Batman!
      Panel Member: (hands Bat-Mite a piece of paper) Here, read this.
      Bat-Mite: "Batman's rich history allows him to be interpreted in a multitude of ways. To be sure, this is a lighter incarnation, but is certainly no less valid and true to the character's roots then the tortured avenger, crying out for mommy and daddy." And besides, those Easter bunnies looked really scary, right?

    • Catman: You're a long way from Gotham, Batman.
      Batman: But never far from crime, Catman.

    • Batman: You're not from around here, are you?
      Bat-Mite: I'm from the fifth dimension. Beings from my realm have powers that you 3-Ds take for magical.
      Batman: A friend of mine in Metropolis told me about menaces like you.
      Bat-Mite: I'm not a menace. You're my hero!
      Batman: Green Arrow's going to love this.

    • Batman: (about Calendar Man) There, I defeated your villain of choice. Now, will you go home?
      Bat-Mite: Whoa, whoa. That was never a fair fight. You've got skills and weapons. All he's got is a daily planner.

    • Batman: Then we both agree it would be best if you returned to your home dimension and let me continue to fight crime in peace. Right?
      Bat-Mite: Right. But I still think I could...
      Batman: I'll give you an official Batarang. and I'll sign it.
      Bat-Mite: Deal!

  • NOTES (8)

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: August 16, 2009 on Teletoon

    • Batman mentions a "friend in Metropolis" who has dealt with beings like Bat-Mite before. This is a nod to Superman, and his 5th-dimensional opponent Mr. Myxzptlk, who possesses many of the same reality-warping powers as Bat-Mite does.

    • The scene where Bat-Mite confronts Batman's enemies is taken directly from the 1945 cartoon "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery," starring Daffy Duck as "Duck Twacy," a parody of Dick Tracy. This episode's writer, Paul Dini has already parodied this scene once before, in the Tiny Toons episode "Inside Plucky Duck," where Plucky Duck takes on the role of Bat-Duck.

    • Character bios: Bat-Mite, Ace the Bathound, Catman, Calendar King

    • Other characters seen without dialogue; Gorilla Grodd, Solomon Grundy, Shaggy Man, Green Arrow, Copperhead, Rainbow Creature

    • Injoke: The shot of Bat-Mite as Batman appearing on the rooftop, silhouetted against a red sky, is the opening shot from Batman: The Animated Series. The series theme plays in the background.

    • Injoke: When Bat-Mite zaps Batman because he doesn't look cool enough he transforms him into various incarnations of him throughout the years including the vampire Batman from Bloodstorm, Bat-Hombre from Batman #56 (1949), Zebra Batman from Detective Comics #275, the Adam West 60s Batman, the Batman Forever Batman, and Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.

    • The creators of the show appear in the panel that Bat-Mite moderates at a Fifth Dimension convention. They are sitting and wearing the same outfits they had on at the 2008 Comic Con in San Diego. The creators that appear are Andrea Romano, Diedrich Bader, Michael Chang, Ben Jones, Brandon Vietti, Michael Jelenic, James Tucker and Sam Register. Paul Dini, who wrote the episode, and Warner Bros. producer Bruce Timm also make cameo appearances in the episode. Dini, who was dressed as Harley Quinn, made a similar cameo in the Batman: TAS episode "Joker's Millions."


    • Episode ending
      Bat-Mite popping out of a drum, and saying, "That's all folks!" references the classic Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, which invariably ended with Porky Pig popping out of a drum, and saying, "Eh-eh-eh! That's all, folks!"