Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 2

Long Arm of the Law!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Dec 11, 2009 on Cartoon Network



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    • Plastic Man: Do you swear allegiance to the side of goodness and right?
      Woozy Winks: I do.
      Plastic Man: Will you strike terror into cowardly and superstitious criminals everywhere?
      Woozy Winks: I will.
      Plastic Man: Will you pit your prodigious strength and keen intellect against the forces of darkness as my crime-fighting apprentice?
      Woozy Winks: Sure, Plas, whatever you say.
      Plastic Man: In that case, Woozy Winks, by the power I've invested in me, I make you my duly deputized sidekick.

    • Batman: You double dribbled, Rubberneck. That's a penalty--10 to 20 years in Blackgate Prison.

    • Batman: Woozy.
      Woozy Winks: No, Bats, I'm fine, thanks to you.
      Batman: No, I meant you're Woozy.
      Woozy Winks: No, really, never been better.
      Batman: (thinking) Sidekicks.

    • Batman: Get hold of yourself, O'Brian. Pull it together and let's go.
      Plastic Man: You really think I can help... after everything?
      Batman: I don't waste my time on screw-ups, O'Brian.

    • Kite Man: Ben Franklin was a fraud! What did this so-called great man ever give us?
      Woozy Winks: Bifocals.
      Plastic Man: The Franklin Stove.
      Rubberneck: Daylight Savings Time.
      Kite Man: Never mind!

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