Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 24

Mayhem of the Music Meister!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Oct 23, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  •'s different.

    My opinions on this have changed. While I'm still not a big fan, I'll at least give them credit for trying something new. After all, no one can really say they made a Batman musical before. And I won't deny, Drives Us Bats is good at least, not to mention that hearing Gorilla Grodd sing "This silly game is very lame and someone's going to pay," cracks me up every time. But for me, this REALLY pushes the goofy nature of the show. And I know that's the point, but I suppose I'm just used to a darker incarnation of the character.
  • An episode all anime and animation writers and producers should follow at least once a season.

    Absolutely my most favorite animation of 2009 and certainly in the top 5 of all time (if not the best of all time).

    I love anime & animation for the stories, the fantasy / imagination, and the magnificent drawings in both styles. Yet they both fall short in truly enlightening the human soul. What is missing is the power of music to shape and tame the human heart of the heart of a beast.

    This episode, though, includes this missing quality and incorporates it well enough to remind me of a Broadway musical. It has a well written story, great animation, and uniquely includes music, which creates beauty capable of opening the heart and minds of the viewer.

    This episode gets my highest rating, as I never wanted the episode to end and after viewing it for nine times I have same feeling as the first time. I look forward to more from Music Meister and hope the writer and producers bring music to more characters not only on "Batman: The Brave and The Bold," but to all anime and animation.


    UPDATE: It is now May 27, 2011 and Cartoon Network again showed this episode and it still (even with the many cuts) a wonderful episode. I found myself singing along with the song (OK, not out loud, but in my heart and mind). Yeah, I still feel today that this is one of the best cartoons every produced.
  • The music Mieser puts everyone underneath his control using music and it's up to Batman and the black Canary to stop him.

    I loved this episode, the songs, the action seeing the villains and the herors dancing around like something out of the "West Side Story" and the fact that Batman sang!! Well, not sing actually, but just vocalizing, but its the closest thing we'll ever get right? What I also liked was the music miester himself, using music as a means to control people to do his bidding, its refreashing, new,m evil and not something that you don't see every day. that and that Niel Patrick Harris could sing, made me love this episode even more. I hope he makes more appreances.
  • It's a Batman Musical, what's not to love?

    This is the episode I've rewatched the most times, why? It's simple, it's just a fantastic episode with songs that are memorable, catchy and well written. The Ace in the hole here is Neil Patrick Harris, guest starring as the titular character. And he is excellent, the guy sure can sing, just as amazing and impressive is Grey DeLisle as Black Canary, she has a beautiful voice and really gets to shine here. My favorite song is probably "Drives Us Bats", but there isn't a weak song to be found here.

    Furthermore there is a story here, tying all the madness together. Sure it's not deep or even interesting, but it's enough to set a frame around all the great musical numbers. Batman doesn't really sing, and when he does he's using autotune, and it's not Diedrich Bader's voice, it sounded more like Jeff Bennett.

    Mayhem of the Music Meister is an absolutely unique and fantastic episode that is a lot of fun, with songs that are surprisingly great in quality. Neil Patrick Harris and Grey DeLisle steal the show and are truly talented singers.
  • Possibly one of my favorite episodes so far.

    Fantastically choreographed episode with some of the better animation I've seen from the show. Music Meister was perfectly silly in the Silver Age way that he was intended to be and Neil Patrick Harris really did a wonderful job. NPH was easily the major draw of the episode, but I personally was happy to see Grey De Lisle as Black Canary really getting a chance to strut her stuff. The woman has a fantastic singing voice and we just don't get a chance to hear it often enough. Having the sing-off at the end was a brilliant way to wrap things up and bring Canary's particular powers into play. Also, the brief interplay between Canary and Green Arrow? The best.
  • Im shocked.... that was superb.

    Im not going to make any bones about it, this is my least favourite form of Batman in animated form by far. but what showed last night, was honestly, something unique for a series as dark as batman, and as even more surprisingly well executed and funny. in the simplest form, the show introduces a new vilan capable of hypnotising anyone with his singing voice, which he promply does to AquaMan, Green Arrow and Black Canary, who try to stop Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta and I think Calander King from hijacking a rocket, and melodic hilarity ensues. one of a kind.
  • A rare one

    A lot of love from the makers of this show went into this episode. It's definitely not regular fare, but rather aims for over-the-top funny that comes from turning a whole show into a musical.

    If one drops their guard, and accepts the episode for what it is, its a lot of fun. Black Canary staying in tune to the musical even after she's free of its control was a nice touch. The entire cast of bad guys singing in Arkham before breaking out was also pretty cool.

    This is completely not a serious episode (not that this series has many), but if you have even the slightest appreciation of music, its worth a watch.
  • Batman: BAB meets Dr. Horrible. Epic Win Results

    I know Brave and the Bold is not the animated series of my youth, but I cannot help but be amazed as to how good this show and this episode is. I am by no means a consumer of musicals, but this is as funny and engaging as it is off the walls and ridiculous. Neil Patrick Harris' Music Meister is a zanny villain (he rides a music note for Zod's sake) who manages to be threatening through song. The songs are laugh out loud funny and kept me and my sister of half my age equally amused.

    This is among my favorite episodes so far. I can't wait to see how they'll do better, cause I'm sure they will.
  • This was hilarious! Neil Patrick Harris plays a villain who controls peoples minds by singing, and turns the show into Batman the musical.

    This was hilarious! Neil Patrick Harris plays a villain who controls peoples minds by singing, and turns the show into Batman the musical. The first five or six minutes had me laughing out loud, and while the second half of the episode wasn't as great as the first it was still good stuff. I have been a fan of Batman now for over 20 years, and while I'll always prefer the more serious Batman, Brave and the Bold is a lot of fun. This show sort of mixes the seriousness of Batman The Animated Series and the campy side of Adam West Batman. It makes it a show that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.