Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 17

Menace of the Conqueror Caveman!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM May 15, 2009 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Batman calls in Wildcat to help him subdue an escaped con. They close in on the man and Batman pins him to a pillar in the subway with a batarang. As Wildcat notes their opponent isn't very tough, Batman warns there's more to Bane then meets the eye. Bane activates a chemical release system and pumps himself up several times larger and stronger. He knocks Wildcat to the ground and moves in, but Batman pulls him away and tries to go for his chemical tubing. Bane grabs him and lifts him into the air, but Wildcat uses the batarang from the pillar to sever the chemical tubes. The chemicals touch the third rail, electrocuting Bane and knocking him unconscious.

The superhero Booster Gold, having traveled from the 25th century, is trying to convince a toy manufacturer to make an action figure of him. He claims to have created a flight suit and a time travel device to travel back in time. The truth is that he stole the suit and the time machine, and acquired a sidekick robot, Skeets. The CEOs point out he needs name recognition and walk out, and then have security kick him out on the street. Booster Gold decides he needs to team up with a major hero: Batman.

The villains Punch and Jewelee are robbing a bank and easily avoid the police. Batman arrives to take them down and turn them over to the police. Booster Gold arrives and declares himself Batman's new partner. Batman knows all Booster's interested in is making money and glory, and isn't interested in teaming up. Booster pauses to give Punch his business card and Batman drives away.

Booster finds the Batcave thanks to his knowledge of the future. Batman is tracking a theft of lutonic meteorite from Greenland and realizes it's connected to Kru'll the Eternal, an immortal caveman. Batman tells Booster to leave but Booster recognizes him from the future and claims to have fought him. More importantly, Skeets can track lutonic energy because of its lutonium power cell so Batman agrees to take them along and Booster starts to line up a book deal and a movie.

At a laboratory, Kru'll is trying to bring the rock back to life. Batman and Booster arrive and Kru'll refuses to give up the meteorite. Batman takes him on and Booster leaps to the rescue. Kru'll grabs him and redirects his energy blasts, taking out first Skeets and Batman, and then finally Booster himself. Kru'll hooks Booster up to a particle collider and feeds Booster into the machine. Batman manages to break free and takes on Kru'll. Meanwhile, Skeets manages to overload the magnetic field and break them free with seconds to spare.

Booster comes to Batman's aid but reveals that Skeets runs on a lutonium battery. Kru'll realizes that's exactly what he needs, severs a steam pipe, and disappears with Skeets and the meteorite. Booster insists that they rescue Skeets and Batman notes that up to now he's never had anything worth fighting for.

At a museum, Kru'll prepares to tap into Skeets' power battery and make his servants immortal. He speaks of how he was a Cro-Magnon exposed to a meteorite's radiation and gained immortality. Now that scientists have discovered his magic rock, he plans to create a race of humans which can live as long as he can. As Kru'll starts to drain Skeet's battery, Batman and Booster arrive and enter the ventilator shafts. Booster sees Skeets and calls out to him, and Kru'll realizes they're under attack. He and his servants subdue them and fasten them into a guillotine. Booster suggests they should be a partner and create an empire of merchandising. Kru'll is unimpressed and releases the guillotine blade. Batman starts to free himself and Booster jams the blade with his marketable toy. An angry Booster goes after the servants while Batman arms himself and takes on the others.

While the heroes fight, Kru'll taps into the meteorite and transforms his servants into superhuman cavemen. Booster puts up a valiant struggle but is soon overwhelmed, while Batman goes after Kru'll. The conqueror throws Batman into a dinosaur skeleton and moves in for the kill. Batman swings out of the way and pulls the skeleton down on Kru'll. Booster gets an idea and tells Skeets to dump out his entire charge. The energy destroys the meteorite and transforms the servants back to normal. Booster rushes to Skeets, which reactivates and admits it knew Booster would save it all along.

Later, the police take Kru'll away while Batman notes there's a valuable lesson to be learned about ignoring the glory and fighting for principals. Booster is too busy calling his agent to listen. Kru'll vows to defeat Booster when they next meet. And in the far future, a museum guard bumps into Kru'll at a museum and reminds him of someone…


Booster Gold
Booster Gold first appeared in Booster Gold #1 (February 1986) and was created by Dan Jurgens. Booster is Michael Jon Carter, an athlete of the 25th century who got caught in an illegal gambling scam. He went to work at the Space Museum and stole some super-science gadgets and a reprogrammed security robot (Skeets) and took a time machine back to the 20th century, the Age of Super-Heroes. He then made a name for himself as a superhero, "Booster Gold," and promoted and marketed himself extensively to make lots of money. He eventually became an actual hero of sorts, and joined the Justice League. Since then he has lost his original weaponry, gained a replacement, left the League and formed his own group, the Conglomerate. In the aftermath of Infinite Crisis he got a new comic book where he travels the timestream.

Vandal Savage
Vandal Savage first appeared in Green Lantern vol. 1 #10 (Winter 1943). Originally he was a caveman named Vandar Adg who encountered a meteorite. Its radiation made him immortal and stopped his aging processes, but gave him no superhuman regenerative abilities or other abilities. Eventually taking the name "Vandal Savage," Savage ruled numerous civilizations either openly or behind the scenes. During World War II he clashed with the Golden Age Green Lantern and later the Justice Society, forming the first Injustice Society of the World. He has survived to the modern day and fought dozens of superheroes. Savage has a vast knowledge of sorcery and technology and uses either or both depending on the circumstances.

Bane first appears in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January 1993) and was created by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan. As a child, the man who became known as Bane was raised in a prison in Santa Prisca. He built up his body and mind and soon rules the prison populace. Eventually he was forced to become a test subject and injected with a super-steroid, Venom. Bane later escaped, traveled to Gotham City, and challenged Batman, breaking his back in combat. Later, Batman recovered and defeated Bane, and the villain overcame his addiction to Venom. He has since gone on to be a major villain, and occasional ally, of Batman, and appeared in the 1997 movie Batman and Robin where he was played by Robert Swenson.

Punch and Jewelee
Punch and Jewelee first appeared in Captain Atom (1st series) #85 (March 1967) and were created by Steve Ditko. The couple, working as puppeteers, found alien weaponry and decided to go into the super villain business. They later joined the Suicide Squad and during that time Jewelee became pregnant. The couple left the team, more or less gave up criminal life, and settled down to raise their child. Punch uses boots that let him fly and a gun that fires string-like energy that can mind control his opponent. Jewelee uses a variety of gems that project illusions and energy blasts. This is their first animated appearance.