Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 17

Menace of the Conqueror Caveman!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM May 15, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Booster Gold and Skeets make their debut on the show as well as Bane who is on another 'roid rage.

    Bane, unfortunately he is only featured in the teaser, and he doesn't speak, he only grunts and roars. Still, the teaser opening is fantastic, Wildcat returns, and the fight with Bane is a cool one, but of course it ends in the most predictble way possible. Yes, that's right they cut the venom tube. But okay, there is more to that I guess, the fluid flows on the traintracks electrocuting him. But it's great to see Bane, with his S&M leather maks with a zipper over his mouth.

    The rest of the episode is not quite as awesome as the opening, it has Batman an Booster Gold fighting against Krull the eternal, or whatever he was called, he was supposed to be Vandal Savage, but for some reason they couldn't use the name or something. Booster Gold can be very funny, and that's the case here. His loyal helper Skeets is also on board for the adventure, until he gets kidnapped.

    This is another fun episode, seems I use the word "Fun" alot when I talk about this series, but that's just what it is, a fun show with great action and delightfully absurd and obscure characters from the comics.
  • Booster Gold and Kr'ull feature in another exciting BATB episode!

    Ever since I saw "Night of the Huntress" last week and saw what an improvement this show has been in many technical areas, it's safe to say that right now Batman:the Brave and the Bold has established itself as a great superhero cartoon series that dares to "go there" for one of the darkest and psychologically complex heroes we've ever seen. There have been a huge amount of great episodes that I have seen again and again, and you can sure count in "Menace of The Conqueror Caveman" as one of those impressive installments. Things are set perfectly once again with another brilliant sequence involving the Batman/Wildcat team-up against the series-debut of Bane. This moment is constantly hilarious and comic book-infused, showcasing not only how often Bane has been underestimated and poked fun at for literally being a wimpy 90-pound slump on the run, and how he can easily kick Batman's ass single-handedly when he's "pumped." After that, we are given an impressive, though not exactly great, dealing with another new teammate to the series, Booster Gold. I recognize his face and his voice anywhere, as Justice League Unlimited's "The Greatest Story Never Told" introduced him into cartoon television with one of the most brilliantly-written and outstandingly-story-driven tales in JLU's episode library. His appearance is cut from some of the drama and realism that he faced in JLU's installment, but with a plot that's so over-the-top, he fits in like a batter's glove. Kr'ull the Eternal is this week's episode, a caveman who has stolen an artifact form a museum which ironically gave him his powers to outlast his adversaries throughout evolution. Sound crazy enough, yet? Well, Booster Gold and his pale Skeets try to gain A-list superhero fame by attending business meetings in order to share his plan and the fact that he "has good contacts with Batman." Just like JLU's episode, he's right at the bottom of things and when he tries to team up with Batman, the caped crusader's reaction is unbearably funny. Meanwhile, Kr'ull plots to use this artifact-a meteor, to bring back historic warriors and great kings of the past. The whole scheme of things is filled to the brim with laughter, something last week's show was missing considering it used its best gags so sparsely. Batman and Booster's dialogue is absolutely outrageous and extremely chuckle worthy. Booster's bouts against Kru'll are also off-the-wall funny when he's seen in the form of a bouncing trampoline. In a show that's used its light-hearted tone so significantly, even this sight of brilliance is nothing yet! Given the fact that this Batman is surprisingly more regretful and serious about things than in previous installments, it's a huge surprise how funny his reactions are to the foolish "calls" that Booster suddenly happens to make in the middle of their arguments. Overall, the episode's massively over-the-top nature led to lots of laughs and side-gags that end up being funnier and more clever than they assume to be. Although the story is geared more towards the next big laugh, the animation once again serves on a pretty good dish. The character models and static backgrounds look great just like last week's outing, and the hand-to-hand fights between Batman and Kr'ull are both intense and a wee bit brutal at some points. This isn't as great as the JLU Booster Gold appearance, but the returning voices of Tom Everett Scott and Billy West make the characters they once mastered years ago just as good (and as much fun to see) on screen. The action is once again impressive, the humor thankfully ridiculous and constantly hilarious, and the whole episode is great on all fronts. This show just continues to get better and better, doesn't it?
  • A Great Episode!

    Wow! Batman: Brave and the bold keeps getting better and better. This was a great episode! I liked that we saw Bane for the first time in this show. I couldn't stop laughing at Wildcat and Batman trying to beat Bane. I was like lol when Wildcat insulted Bane. I also liked that we saw Booster Gold for the first time in this show. His robot was cool too. But i was kind of sad when The Caveman used the robot to power up that rock. But i was happy when the robot was ok. Still, a good episode.

    Overall Grade: A+