Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Nov 18, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Well done, Batmite.


    Batmite has ended the show, Hooray! Some of the episodes were pathetic and were losing their awesomeness. Plastic Man and Booster Gold are the worst heroes in this show and they never work together with Batman to get Batman on his nerves. They finally show Superman and Wonder Woman even though they weren't. And the last episodes were losing their touch that Batmite decided to get the show cancelled to move on with the next show is well planed. Now we can enjoy Young Justice and the upcoming series Green Lantern The Animated Series. So batmite, we thank you for ending this show.

  • Almost made me cry.


    Took me a while to figure out it was Henry Winkler as Ambush Bug although all the 'Jump the Shark' comments should have been a clue. Without question the most genius use of breaking the fourth wall ever. Can't believe it only lasted 3 seasons but I think they managed to fit all-things Batman into those 65 episodes, which is pretty amazing.

  • Aaaand...yes, we end on a high note.


    Paul Dini likes to toot his own horn doesn't he, Batmite wants to cancel the series after the best episode ever "Chill of the Night!", also written by Dini, reminds him that he prefers the darker Batman. Of course I do agree, I like this show, but I too prefer the darker, grittier Batman stories, and "Chill of the Night!", in all fairness, is one of the best ones, in fact I would say it's the second best after "Shadow of the Bat!" The premise of "Mitefall!", which has nothing to do with the comic, is genius, it doesn't live up to it 100%, but it's a long time since we've had anything this inspired on the show. Ted McGinley appears as the voice of Aquaman, because him gueststarring is a surefire way to get cancelled according to BatMite. I will not spoil the best gags, involving shameless toy-tie ins and Ambush Bug. Some things didn't quite work, Ambush Bug's constant idea of letting characters attack him because violence attracts viewers went on a bit long. I kind of don't want to talk too much about it, you have to see it, the CGI Batgirl show, seriously, if the CG here is any indication of the quality to the upcoming Batman series, that's going to be awesome, the CG here looks way better than the CG in the upcoming Green Lantern series. Batman has no problems ending the show and says they had a "great run", well, yes, overall, the season 3 episodes have been extremely hit and miss, but yes, this show was really good and will be missed. Hopefully there will be a DTV movie or something resolving the Equinox mess they pointlessly decided to throw in earlier this season.

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