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  • Thank you Netflix!

    Being a stay-at-home dad, finding cartoons that are tolerable is often a chore. Enter "Batman: The Brave and The Bold!" Wow, what a treat! Finally something for the real DC Comics Fans! I normally am not a huge fan of Batman (too dark and brooding in recent years) so I don't know why I turned it on that fateful day... but I'm so glad I did!

    I was hooked from day one when he and the Blue Beetle traveled to a distant planet. I mean... The Blue Beetle?? What was he doing in a Batman cartoon? I didn't know about the "Brave and the Bold" Comic series that featured hero team-ups so I didn't know at all what to expect. OMG THE VILLAINS!! YES! All of the these terrible villains from the past get dredged up and treated with respect. I love how the show nods to the fact that they're weird and terrible too. Like when the Doom Patrol is featured, one of their classic nemeses appears and Negative Man tells another hero, *sigh* "He calls himself Animal-vegetable-mineral I almost fell out of my chair.

    Another great episode was when you find out Robin didn't care to much for the way Batman treated him. In the episode they do a ton of references to the old TV Show, and somehow stay true to the modern developments as well.

    If you could seemlessly blend Silver Age Batman with the Modern DC world... that would give you an idea of what this show is all about. I LOVE IT!! Batmite ftw!
  • A great tribute to the silver age

    This wasn't batman show that was trying to be dark and gritty, it was trying to be a an homage to the lighter and more nonsensical era of the silver age of comics. And it succeeds in it's mission. Keep in mind that this series is about Batman: the CAPED CRUSADER, not Batman: THE DARK KNIGHT. That means that this show is not based on modern age batman like the animated series was, it's based on silver age batman.

    I see a bunch of amateur critics who claim that this show doesn't represent batman when in fact it does.

    "It's not close to the original It is in fact close to the batman comics of the 1950s-60s, it was campy, fun and nonsensical and this was before Adam West's Batman mind you. Not to mention that almost every episode was adpated from a story in the comics, some of them were even adapted scene for scene. Essentially, this series is the most comic book accurate batman cartoon, or DC cartoon for that matter.

    "Where are all the classic villians that we care about?" Oh so we should be given the same villians over and over again? God forbid we're introduced to lesser known villians, some of which that are more interesting than more popular villians. "

    Why is batman teaming up with all these random heroes?" Ever wonder where the "brave and the bold" in the title comes from? It comes from the comkc book series of the same name, and want know what else, it was a team up series. These team ups defined the silver age. This is a good way to introduce classic or lesser known heroes to the younger generation. Show some more heroes besides the familiar faces of superman, flash, wonder woman, and many others.

    "Why is batman chummy with other heroes and willing to work with them? He's a dark, avenging, Why? Because this was Batman's personality during the silver age. Yes people, there was a time when batman was the dark, brooding loner he is today. He was friendly, kind, and valued his friends. He was pretty much like superman in terms of personality. The dark, loner batman didn't come into existence until the mid 1970s.

    "This ruins the minds of kids to think this is totally Uh, yes it is, again this was pretty much batman during the silver age, so.....

    "Only kids will like this, older fans prefer a darker If by older you mean ignorant teenagers who worship the Nolan movies, then yes. But if you mean by people in their 40s and older, then they would absolutely love this show because this is the knd of batman that they grew up with and they would get such a nostalgia trip from watching it. As for the kids, the show is obviously family friendly, but the show can get a little mature at times, especially with a few sexual innuendos here and there.

    In conclusion, if you are a true batfan who enjoys all incarnations of batman, no matter what era they're from, then this show is for you. However, if you are a fan of a darker and more serious batman and refuse to acknowledge other parts of batman's history, like a common poser, then this show is not for you.
  • A Fun Series if you don't take it Seriously

    A few years back, my college suite mates and I would watch Cartoon Network's Friday night line up every week. Thundercats, Young Justice, Generator Rex ... they were all a relaxing change of pace from the rest of CN's lineup. Though at first we ignored Brave and the Bold, it's lighthearted randomness soon became something we anticipated each week. Some episodes were admittedly worse than others, and I am currently only familiar with the later episodes, but from what I saw, it's a blast to watch with others. Yes, it was rather stupid at times, but its weird situations and quirky characters are what made us love it.

    It is CERTAINLY not for everyone, as most Batman fans seem distraught over this campy interpretation, but I find it a pleasing alternative to the plethora of darker Batman series. Aquaman is especially enjoyable, though some will be annoyed with how he has been downgraded to being almost entirely comic relief.

    Like I stated before, each episode varies greatly in quality, but there are certainly some great gems of episodes hidden in the rough. Especially good (from what I saw) are the "Mayhem of the Music Meister," "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure," "Night of the Batmen," "Powerless," and the final episode, "Mitefall" (a must-see where the writers basically make fun of their own series).
  • Batman the fun and the clever

    This show has tons of great ideas and introduces a formula that in every episode they bring in a new B or C list comic book charcter for Batman to team up with. In every episode you also get a partly bland villian. The villians are as cut dry as I want to rule the world because I`m a bad person. But I think the show is so fun and the action scenes are great. The script is okay they could make it tighter. I like the story of every episode they did a great job. Also i thought that the charcters were accurate to the comics. I don`t think it`s one of my favorite shows but I like it enough that I watched the first two seasons and loved them. I would recomend it to anyone that likes shows about superheroes.

    Edit: This show knows what it's doing it had a season finally that broke the fourth wall while telling how Batman has impacted children. It knows of other serious takes on Batman and it tries to keep this show light hearted. With the more series episodes they were done good. It also took stupid characters and made a joke of them while reminding us of the fun aspects. Also looking back the show was very funny.
  • Not horrible

    This was not the worst show I have seen, but it was very repetitive. Batman would team up with two or more lesser known superheroes to fight bad guys. The only two memorable episodes were "Mayhem of the Music Meister" and the very dark "Chill of the Night," where Batman finally confronts Joe Chill, the man who killed Bruce's parents, in a television show. Most of the episodes were humorous and Batman used incredibly lame lines, but like I wrote it wasn't a horrible show (Though I did give up on it when Batman teamed up with Space Ghost).
  • Awesome

    Best batman show, It shouldn't come to an end. Overall its a good show to watch if you are a fan of BATMAN.
  • The Best of the Best

    Finally a Batman show I can watch with my kids (that's good). It's funny, it's awesome to see some different characters, and the animation is stellar.

    I can not believe they ended it. I didn't know they were going to do it until I watched the last episode. I actually pulled a Darth Vader and yelled NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! why get rid of it. It would have added a little ground for parents to let there kids watch DC Nation.

    With Marvel Universe coming out and DC Nation reaching to adults, I will have to watch Marvel.

    It does make since, whenever a parent asked me what comics should he get for his kids I always told him go with Marvel, it's more kid friendly. Do Not let him read Batman, it's not for kids, it's brutal.
  • This was NEVER suppose to be just a Batman series!

    Batman : The Brave and the Bold is an under rated series that died before completing its mission! The powers that be certainly are in league with those who killed the original Star Trek in our universe and the evil people in all other universes!

    While Batman is the lead character, he is the host to introduce us to others who are also brave, bold heroes just like him! The series wasn't just about him and showing these other guys was never "jumping the shark." The series has been exciting and much too short!
  • One of the better batman series

    While Batman: The Animated Series is indubitably the best batman animated series, while The New Batman Adventures comes second to it, Batman: The Brave And Bold has done a pretty decent job in continuing the Batman media franchise. While it is true that the Brave and Bold has unfortunately toned down the darker aspect of Batman, in replacement of the more old-school style along with catchy-like punchlines, it does a successful job in diversifying the episodes by introducing many different super-villains, superheroes, and variety of settings. Unlike Batman: The Animated Series, the settings change from time to time, as well as the kinds of villains Batman struggles against.

    While Batman in the Brave and Bold series is certainly different from the Batman in the Animated Series, the transition is not too dramatically different. Remember that the older batman series (such as the one in 1977) that preceded the Animated Series was far less darker and serious than both the Animated Series and Brave And Bold combined. Batman in the earlier decades was far less darker and serious, and it was when the Animated Series arrived in the 90's that firmly established a standard of what an ideal batman animated series should look like. Frank Miller also helped established the standard of the darker and grimmer batman that most of us are familiar with. Batman: Brave and Bold, in my opinion, still carries a residue of the Batman from the Animated Series (the more serious type that has expresses little sense of humor, laughs a few times) while it tries to re-live and re-make the New Adventures of Batman in a more contemporary way. I believe that while Batman: Brave and Bold has failed to satisfy many fans who expected the darker Batman from the Animated Series, it has certainly succeeded in reliving the New Adventures Series in its contemporary form.

  • Batman the Brave and the Bold is kind of a wierd disapointment. The lines are cheesy and it has more predictable things than most shows similiar to it. The artwork is good though.

    I saw Batman the Brave and the Bold's advertisements and though it was a pretty good idea for a show, it was different, but seemed good. Then when I saw the show I realized how bad it was. Everything was just too weird for example a giant baby thing that wants to kill batman. The artwork is impressive and detailed( Batman though looks to bulgy). They do not show characters from the original comics much. This could of been a good part of the show but all of the villains and heroes in it were like I said too weird.
  • combining old school etho's with new school animation, this awesome and action packed series deliver quite a } punch!

    A refreshing take on the Batman character i have come to love and admire since i was a wee baby. Classic team-ups DC style with the likes of Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, and The Lantern Corp! When im watching a superhero cartoon i always appreciate the cavalcade of characters, giving me more bang for my buck! The list of super-villians isn't too shabby either! With batman's dry wit and classic "bat-belt" heroics, i recommend this cartoon to anyone with a heartbeat that resonates with the comics of our ages! please feel free to email or send me a message if you would like to discuss this or any superhero/classic cartoon! Stay tuned for more reviews, TRUE BELIEVERS!!!!
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold may not be what you're expecting from the Batman mythos, but it's a surprisingly entertaining and valid interpretation of The Caped Crusader that can stand tall alongside the classic Batman: The Animated Series.

    Yeah, I wasn't sure what to expect of this series going in. DC fans had been treated to over a decade of mature, quality storytelling from Batman: The Animated Series to Justice League Unlimited, and more adult fare was coming down the pipeline in terms of Direct-to-Video releases. So if WB wanted to gear the next Batman show to kiddies, why not?

    Well, here's the shocker. On paper and at a quick glance this is indeed a show aimed at kids. Bright colourful characters and environments, simplified storylines, lots of superheroes beating up super villains. But watch a few episodes, and you'll quickly realize the actual target is the adult audience! That is to say, adult audiences who grew up with the 1950s/60s Silver Age comic books, the Dick Sprang artwork, the classic, pure tales of good and evil. And that is what Batman: The Brave and the Bold is, a homage to another era that is unashamed of what it wants to be. I mean, I can't really see today's kids getting into this version of Batman, not when "The Dark Knight" has made the gritty, modern version so cool. But long-time fans will get all the in-jokes, guest heroes, and other clever references that fill each episode. This to me is actually the best demographic for this series, because you almost have to have grown up seeing multiple interpretations of Batman to accept the validity of what's presented here. Unlike the previous animated series "The Batman" which was in constant identity crisis and pulled every which way by the network and toy mandates, Batman: TBATB knows what it wants to be from episode one. Diedrich Bader is a solid Batman, playing the straight foil to a variety of guest heroes from Green Arrow to Deadman, Jonah Hex to Adam Strange. And this show digs deep into all corners of the DC Universe, pulling out obscure and wacky blasts from the past that the more serious Justice League Unlimited would've been afraid to touch (really, where else would you see animated versions of G'nort and Mogo?) I don't see this show as being better or worse than the much-loved Batman: The Animated Series, but rather a different interpretation that is just as valid and just as fun, given the chance. Try it!


    Now this is what I love to call "original". When I heard about this new Batman cartoon coming out on Cartoon Network a couple of years ago, I wasn't so crazy about it because I was afraid they would miss it up and not make the premise original or anything like that. I decided to watch the pilot episode and I loved it. This cartoon was ORIGINAL to me because it has background music that really fits smoothly to the action scenes and it is just plain awesome. I don't watch this cartoon a whole lot on Cartoon Network (mainly because I forget to change the channel to it and forget what time they show it). If I do watch this cartoon, it's probably mainly in the mornings and it also depends what time I wake up. Still, whether you watch this cartoon in the mornings or whatever time in the afternoon that Cartoon Network airs it.... it is a very nice way to spend 30 minutes of your time. I love this cartoon and it's not close to being terrible or anything. Batman is my favorite superhero and I would consider this one of my Cartoon Network shows to watch. The storylines are well developed, the background music is cool because it feels like you're watching an 80s movie, the animation is extraordinary, the voice fits perfectly with the characters, and everything about this cartoon is just lovely. Overall, I strongly recommend this cartoon... it seriously is one of the best Cartoon Network shows that I have ever seen. 10/10

  • Back to the campy Batman stories, with lots of color and a variety of partners makes this a refreshing revival of Batman.

    After the extremely disappointing series The Batman, this series takes Batman back to where few would dare venture. The show has a bit of camp, with the plots being rather silly, but entertaining. Also we get Batman paired with a different partner every week, adding a lot of variety to the show.

    If you took the live action Batman 1966 seriously or enjoyed it for its camp, you will enjoy this show.

    The show often crosses the line between ridiculous and fantastic (meaning hard to believe), which allows the show to venture into some uncharted territory.

    This show always entertains, if you don't take your Batman to seriously.

    If you want to try to suppress any memories of Batman's campy stories, go for the excellent' Batman The Animated Series, which surpasses any Batman movie to date.
  • A refreshing take on batman character, after years of darkness. The retro art style is very cool and fits the action, overall its pretty good in all aspects. BUT, not for immature teenagers.

    This is a very pleasant, well done and entertaining show. A refreshing take on batman character, after years of darkness. The retro art style is very cool and fits the action, characters develop in a stylish subtle way, overall its pretty good in all aspects.
    Other lovable aspect; as more loosely tied to realism than other current superhero stuff, the show has the guts to bring lesser known superheros, in a most better and natural way than for example, Justice League Unlimited. This is good, cause I miss these weird guys and some of them are really cool.
    The controversy about it relies on teenager public, while kids and adults will most likely love the show, teenagers tends to take themselves too serious, and so with things they watch. Just relax and enjoy guys, try to understand the goodness and badassness of the series.
  • Well..its a nice try

    Well, im currently in a hate-hate a little less relationship with this show. Here's my major thing: there is no story! Oh sure every episode has the major villain that batman has to stop but as far as i can tell, the stories aren't interconnected at all. Even the origional batman had some continuation from characters, joker has to escape from jail since he was put there in an earlier episode but so far with this show, everything is independent. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing for one you don't have to worry about missing an episode or two and coming back and saying hey when did he get THAT!?!?! But at the same time it just feels like a bunch of random fights with him teamed up with a random super hero, and that gets kinda old after awhile especially since this batman is a total jerk and has some of the worst one liners ever "who put you in charge?!?" Batman-"i did got a problem with that?" to quote just one. I feel that batman's character is completely out of sink with who he really is, he doesnt just go around telling every one to shove off, he may be troubled but he has respect for his fellow hero. SO overall, its not the best batman spin off they've done but its not the worst either.
  • Underappreciated

    When I first heard of this new version,I was deeply sceptical.I expected a bad animated version of the 60s Adam West Batman with a guest star of the week.
    While the show is intentionally cheesy,Batman himself is no Adam West throw back.Some of the comedy comes from the differences between Batman and his various co-star.
    It's certainly more entertaining and a lot less insulting than the previous animated incarnation of the dark knight "The Batman"(Joker and Penguin doing kung-fu moves?Bringing Mr Freeze back to his low grade origins as a ordinary jewel thief after Bruce Timm's inspired reinvention?Bruce Wayne's favorite food is NACHOS????Now that is cheesy.Need I go on?)
    While this not the series I'd liked to see being done,I can,none the less,appreciate it for what it entertaining,funny and original interpretation of the dark knight.
    Till the next series,I'll enjoy this one.
  • Not Bad

    This show is another Batman superhero show, where Batman has to save the day from evil villians like the Joker. Honestly, while this isn't as great as Batman: The Animated Series, it's still a very good show. I like the concept of Batman working with another superhero, like aquaman, although every episode is a little much I think. The action is very standard, no real suprises that make you think that Batman's going to die very often, although it happens. Overall, for a CN Batman, this is stellarly done, so good job CN on one the few good things on your network. 7.5/10 C+
  • One thing that people need to remember is that this is NOT a series to be compared to BtAS. A lot of critics compare the two, and it just isn't fair because they're two completely different shows. Just give it a chance, you may like it.

    I was skeptical at first, I looked at it and thought "oh boy, not another Batman cartoon." I was wrong. This is unlike any other Batman show I've seen. In fact, it's not so much a Batman cartoon, as a DC showcase. Each episode has Batman teaming up with another hero - and not really well-known heroes like oh, say, Superman. Heroes like Green Arrow and Plastic Man.. guys who haven't gotten much spotlight in the past. The episodes seem to focus on said co-star, too, and less on Batman. I love this aspect of the show, because as much as I love Batman, I think it's time that other DC heroes finally got some attention. One thing that people need to remember is that this is NOT a series to be compared to BtAS. A lot of critics compare the two, and it just isn't fair because they're two completely different shows. It leans more towards the old Adam West adaption of Batman - it's pretty campy. It still has a good amount of nice action sequences though. The animation is pretty, and allows for lots of fun visuals, too. Overall, a very fun show with a lot of potential. I look forward to seeing more.
  • This is one of the most entertaining Batman series to come along since Bruce Timm's Batman the Animated! The storylines are awesome, the artwork is retro-cool, and the animation is state of the arterific! Love the theme song as well.

    This new series continues to imress. The artwork is a combination of state of the art and retro DC comic look.The storylines are thoughtfully enterwoven to build on some old premise from the Timm era. For example the show that featured Morgan LeFay,Merlin, and Etrogan is a prime example of taking the storyline further. You will enjoy seeing the Heroes that Batman teams up with, this brings a whole new perspective on Batman as the loner. Batman's voice is well cast with Diedrich Bader from Drew Carey fame. I can't wait for it to hit the DVD or Blueray format.
  • A Great Take On A Classic Icon

    To all of the people who are quick to blow this off as a "cheesy" and "lame" take on the character of Batman, please note - this show is purposely not meant to be a retread of anything related to the "Dark Knight" version of Bats. Batman: The Brave and the Bold pays direct homage to the comic book Batman of the late 50s and early 60s. The Batman of that time was much more light-hearted and often had over-the-top adventures (to compete with the growing popularity of the sci-fi genre). It was common for the Batman of that day to go travelling through outer space or to fight villains atop a gigantic cuckoo clock. So in that respect, Batman: TBATB perfectly captures the essence of that era. But it also seemlessly combines it with current DC Comics continuity to end up making something unique yet familiar, innocent yet exciting -- and overall entertaining. So quit griping and just kick back, relax and enjoy.
  • a batman show that people critize so much i dont know why to me its really good.

    batman the brave and the bold is really good show i think its one of the best it changes things were batman is not just the only hero in show there is aquaman and others that makes a show good. all the othes batman was a the only hero i think its really cool to see others helping batman. and the tech is cool in the show its more updated and the batmoblie looks diffrent and more modern. and the stories are pretty cool and well put togeather like i like how show startes out with batman at mission and then the intro startes that pretty cool. and its diffrent. so thats why i did not just right it off like alot of people did.
  • Quite a Nice Revamp of what we all remembered about silver age campy batman....

    Batman brave and the bold is a badass new spin on the old-school batman we all grew up with. As the portrayal of the original batman changes from the acting of adam west (at least imo), to the voice acting of c-list tv and movie actor Diedrich Bader, the camp factor dies out like a candle in hurricane of fisticuffs and batarangs. BaTB Batman takes the the dark knight's smooth evasive fighting style usually shown in shows of the DCAU, and hands you an in your face ass-Kicking before you know what's what. BaTB batman doesn't seem to take crap from anyone. Whether it be him and plastic man taking on the savage henchman hordes of Gorilla Grodd on Dinosaur Island, or battling Chemo in the Bat-Boat via voice command while fellow heroes Aquaman and The new Atom (Ryan Choi, Not Ray Palmer) Battle a deadly radiated virus from inside of him, the welcome inclusion of him globetrotting and the numerous team-ups with various incarnations of DC superheroes that you thought no one really remembered or cared about, and given the spotlight at least once a season/episode. For ex., the welcoming of the new Jaime Reyes version of The Blue Beetle, or Dick Grayson in the Earth 2 Robin most hardcore Comic book Readers know right off the bat.

    all in all,i think BaTB gives us viewers a cool new way to view the old batman from a different, somewhat edgier angle....
  • Better than the score its given.

    Man this show is better than a 6.3 rating. I usually prefer a darker Batman but I still like this better than The Batman. The villians and lines might be a little campy but certainly not on a Batmsn 1960s level or Joel Schumacher level. This is a good, entertaining show. This my 3rd favorite batman animated series after the one from 90s (both version) and Batman Beyond. JL and JLU don't count. If you want dark done right than watch BTAS and Chris Nolan Batman, but if you want light heartedness done right than watch this show. It's not a bad show.

    This show has them all well all minus Wonderwoman
    im a HUUUGE dc cartoon fan and this cartoon is ace and no complaints and our batman in this show sounds like kevin conroy that andrea romano gets a high five!!!
    Aqua man is hysterical and great having red tornado too im hoping to see more dr fate as well....
    It keeps getting better and good seeing thyre bringing some female heroes in too.
    Its great cause for first time were seeing some of these characters in the dc cartoons ...i loved red hood!
    Looking forward to seeing new heroes and more old favourites..maybe superman???? he was mentioned
  • A Very Cool Show!

    I think that this is a very great show! At first, i didn't like it, but now i think it is very interesting. I like seeing Batman team up with other heroes. He even teams up with some heroes i never heard of it. I also like that they used some classic Villians Like The Joker. But Gentleman Ghost is also used alot. I think that this is a great Batman series and you should give it a chance. Well, that is my opinion. I also like that they use some heroes Like, Aquaman, The Atom, and so on. Overall, i think it is a good show.
  • A goofy doofy and wonderful show!

    I feel sorry for Batman because no matter what show is created around him, it will always be in the shadow of the marvelous animated series and will always be compared to it. In some cased, like The Batman, it's like comparing fingerpaints to Picasso but The Brave and the Bold is more than its goofy cartoonish appearance puts forth.

    The Brave and the Bold is an enjoyable and light-hearted showcase of the lesser-known DC characters and it's this partner dynamic that makes The Brave and the Bold work despite itself. Personally, I love this show and I'm glad I gave it a chance -- it just keeps getting better and better.

    It's not Dini's show, but what else could be? Give it a shot!
  • A decent show but not for older batman fans who are lookig for something dark...

    Yep they have done it again and brought back the campy batman. Many people may moan and groan but I don't mind this series. I actually didn't mind Batman and Robin, I mean it wasn't as good as the original movies. But this series isn't as good as the original series. I liked The Batman series because it was borderline dark and funny but this show is just silly and has no seriousness to it. And just seems like its taking the mickey out of batman everytime you watch it. I mean doesn't batman feel embarrassed that he is wearing underwear on the outside. Anyway please WB give us a dark series of batman for us teens...
  • empty

    This is a very creative tv show. It is decent, but a favorite Cartoon Network show. It needs more stuff although.

    It features great characters such as Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, Green Arrow and awesome abilities of all of the Superheroes. And classical villains. I like the Idea of Will Friedle playing the voice of Blue Beetle. That characters are very creative. It is good to watch when you are being board if you are a fan of Batman. Although, the character of Batman in this is alot like the old DC Comics Batman from the 1940s and the other old days
  • Overall, preaaty decent.

    And as a new Batman cartoon is unleashed upon the world, another decent cartoon is made ina land of crummy cartoons. Batman The Brave and the Bold is very decent. The animation for the show, even I must admit, is a bit weak: it isnt exactly today'ss tandards of animation. Voice acting is preatty good, but I think they're reusing some guys a litttle too much. One guy voices both Black Manta and Despero. In terms of the actual plot, I like the idea of Batman teaming up with other guys against other villans. Let's you meet some other DC heroes and villans. Overall, I' watch this show and it is good, but it's not my favorite. One thing that bugs me is that Batman's cape and cowel is blue, and it looks wierder then his usual black cowel.
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