Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 3 Episode 5

Shadow of the Bat!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 22, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Batman is transformed into a vampire and sets his fangs on the Justice League International. Martian Manhunter teams up with Etrigan the Demon to stop Batman's bloodthirsty rampage.

    Shadow of the Bat is certainly the best episode of the third season, so far. Though I wasnt impressed with the teaser, tha main plot was quite interesting. I hope the Justice League becomes an important part of this season. I enjoyed the interaction between Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, and Fire and Ice. The episode does a great job showcasing Martian Manhunter.
  • And my new favorite episode is...

    Awesome, just awesome. Batman and vampires seem to equate quality, I really enjoyed The Batman vs. Dracula, and this episode is my favorite one thus far, yes, even more than Chill of the Night. It had the whole package for me, Batman as a vampire, darkness, some funny comedy and most importantly, Ice. Yes, as I've previously mentioned, Ice is one of my favorite DC characters, and it's fantastic to see her get a bigger part, did she even have any lines in he Justice League series? I know Fire featured in some episodes. Ice, I know I kind of criticised how they presented her as a moron, or rather a ditz, but she's so darn cute with her accent and manerisms, I found it funny how she's in love with Aquaman, I get it, Norwegians love fish, well, I don't, so sorry for breaking that stereotype, but I found it hilarious, oh and "lutefisk", you couldn't pay me to eat that. But of course it's not just Ice who appears, we have the rest of the JLI introduced in "Darkseid Descending!", excluding Guy Gardner and Skeets.

    Batman turns into a vampire and attacks the others, turning them into vampires as well, but it ends all too abruptly, what about Alfred and Black Mask? I just assume that Etrigan cured them all, and wouldn't that close of an encounter with the sun kill, or severely harm Ice and Aquaman? Martian Mnhunter gets to be serious in this appearance, we see him losing his wife and child and even see him being ripped apart, with his decapitated arm landing on the floor with a splat. I don't really know what else to say, the comedy works, it's awesome to see this version of the JLI again, especially Ice, the mild horror stuff works too and is just intense enough to be appropriate for kids while keeping them at the edge of their seat. This was a complete homerun as far as I'm concerned, James Tucker, you are a genius and it's a shame this will be the final season, more Ice appearance? Got my fingers crossed.

    Oh, and I almost forgot about the opening teaser featuring Jungle Batman, it wasn't that good frankly, but it's always nice to see Catwoman, well, as long as it isn't the "Birds of Prey" episode. Season 3 keeps on rocking.