Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 18

The Color of Revenge!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM May 22, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Batman and Robin once again team up... but it's different since Robin left Batman. When Crazy Quilt goes after Robin for revenge, it's up to the Dynamic Duo to save the day once again!

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  • Weakest episode of the first season.

    I love this show, I do, and every episode p until this one have either been good, great or fantastic. This is a lame one, unfortunately. It just isn't very fun, Robin who is the guest hero in the teaser and the main episode is annoying. They simply used the Robin from Schumacher's "Batman & Robin", wait, wait, how so? Well, for starters all he does, I mean all he does, is whine and mope. It gets old real fast. The villain, Crazy Quilt, I couldn't belive it when they revealed that he would be the villain in this one. But the show has been able to make credible threats of previously "lame villains", such as Kite Man, the Terrible Trio and such. Crazy Quilt is uninteresting, bland and he has no cool powers, he has an awful CG tank which is featured in the unimpressive final battle.

    So what did I like? The Adam West show references in the opening, and the brief appearance of Solomon Grundy. And...that's about it, the episode was quite boring, no really cool moments. And Crazy Quilt was not a good villain in this one. There are so many other villains I would like to see appear or re-appear. Hopefully he wont have another chance as the main villain in an episode. So Crazy Quilt was lame, but Robin was worse, he did redeem himself however in season 2's "Sidekicks Assemble". But this is the weakest episode from the first season and so far in the series run.moreless
  • Let your True colours shine through, show your true colours and thats why I envy you

    Never seen this show before but it was a mildly entertaining show. It's weakness comes from the fact that the bad guy could have been any supervillan and is a little weak. The main meat of the episode comes from the jealousy that Robin feels towards Batman, he may now have his own city to look after but still feels that he is second best to his mentor. Batman doesn't help matters by telling him h's good at despatching the henchmen and I felt he was treated unfairly. I liked the beginning with a nod to the 60's Batman but was glad it didnt continue that way. I was glad that it didn't continue like that. Another reiewer mentioned Knightwing and in all honesty I wonder why Robin having branched out on his own wasn't Nightwing in this. Still bickering families always good and liked that the bad guys Henchman actually kept him in check an told him that they needed to regroup. A voice in a usual silent proffession.

    Altogether entertaining but could have a little more depth or style.moreless
  • No Knightwing here :(

    I'm going to explain a lot of references that "The Color of Revenge" has to the classic 60s Batman cartoons. By finally adding Robin to the cast of unsually mixed heroes and villains of Batman:the Brave and the Bold, this show has taken a new direction this week by using references as the creative juice to this adventure rather than provide the great laughs that it's become famous for. Here's the problem though: For all the references the writers have thrown into this Dynamic Duo team-up (by and large there are a ton of them), there're only 2 or 3 gags in the entire escapade that go for any sort of humor. Also, the story that's supposed to revolve around Robin's issues of growing up under Batman's helm is over simplified and hits all the wrong stops and lands flat on its own stomach. You'll definitely get suffocated with the campiness halfway through this journey. Even the prologue features the amazing "Batman & Robin" facing off against a young, well-visioned Crazy Quilt. As all the rest of them, the prologue has always been great, and by using its trademark craziness and various nods to the old Bats cartoons ("Holy delusions of granger, Batman! I think Quilt's a few colors short of a rainbow!")it remains as the asbolute best part of this entire episode. The rest of the way through, we are given a decent tale that, just like a few other notable episodes, doesn't use its concept as much and/or in the best way possible. The streets of BloodHaven are now run by an older and adult-oriented Robin. Noticing morse code in the sky and reminiscing the fact that Batman never though that he could make it on his own, the Caped Crusader appears, takes over the spotlight, and has Robin play cleanup duty as the sidekick, just like old times. They are once again after the crazy, um, Crazy Quilt, who plots to use his color tank to turn the whole city of BloodHaven into his own masterpiece, or something. Anyway, he tries to use Robin's anger against Batman's holding his advantages back from the action as a chance to slow them down and turn them into his own personal sculpture for blinding him in the prologue's flashback sequence. Not all of this is told very well, unfortunately. As a big fan of Batman/Robin team-ups (TAS all the way), I was disappointed to see Crazy Quilt being the only character that was used to their full potential. Batman ends up as either an advisor to Robin or a jerk, and Robin's too whiney and lump-sided about the whole scheme of things. On top of all that, all the problems the two have faced never truly get a real resolution. I liked the drama between them a little bit, and there were opportunities for some intensity, but it's used both poorly and sparsely. Thankfully there are some funny dialogue between them, like how Robin tries to tell Batman that BloodHaven's his city and Bats says "Follow my lead" as a response, and how Robin's bike gets trashed and he ends up riding the sidecar. Also, Robin's shortcomings by Batman's arrival are used to great effect in other areas, like when Batman goes after Crazy Quilt and Robin has to slow down the henchman. The action and animation is great overall, which has been nothing of an issue lately. The fights and large-scale battles are just plain fun, and I'm keeping this episode's score up to an 8 mainly because of that. The references are a treat as well, like the duo's answering of commissioner Gordan's call for action, a slide down a fire pole to change into costume, and a rope-climbing scene up a museum. Okay, so maybe I said a lot of bad things about "The Color of Revenge", but this is still a pretty good episode...if you've become a big fan of the action scenes or have become accustomed to the Adam West/Bill Ward adventures of yesteryear. If you expect the concept to be sidelined with the Brave and the Bold signature of humor, you won't be laughing for long, because the show's original tone is absent for a lame story with very little drama and very few jokes. Maybe next time we'll see Robin's riding in a sidecar in a more gag-related fashion, and maybe the Dynamic Duo's issues of the past will be handled with flashbacks to show why they're like that and a resolution that makes sense, but this still-impressive "tour de force" is, just like Crazy Quilt's plans, missing that one piece to make an awesome masterpiece. The problem is, there are too many problems to even care about finding it.moreless
  • A very great episode!

    Wow! I thought this was a very great episode! I liked that we saw Robin for the first time in this show. Also, we saw Crazy Quilt in the past and how he became Blind. I thought that was really interesting. I was kind of sad that Batman and Robin kept fighting, but at least they stopped at the end. Crazy Quilt was a little crazy in this episode. Well, i guess that's why is he is called Crazy Quilt. Anyways, this was still a good episode in my opinion. Also, they gave Crazy Quilt a big role in this episode.

    Overall Grade: A+moreless
Sean Donnellan

Sean Donnellan

Blue, Officer

Guest Star

Jeffrey Tambor

Jeffrey Tambor

Crazy Quilt, Red, Green

Guest Star

Crawford Wilson

Crawford Wilson


Guest Star

Jeremy Shada

Jeremy Shada

Young Robin

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Outside of S.T.A.R. Labs, Robin knocks out Red. However, a second later Crazy Quilt smashes through the wall and Red can be seen holding Batman. In the next shot, Green can be seen holding Batman.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Batman: Well done, old chum.
      Robin: Thanks. I'm glad you finally have faith I can do things on my own.
      Batman: I've always had faith in you, Robin. That's why I trusted you to work the streets of Bludhaven solo.
      Robin: Well, I learned from the best.

    • Crazy Quilt: I'm going to weave you both into carpets, and spend the rest of my life walking all over you!

    • Crazy Quilt: Cowards! Step forth, and submit to my genius!
      Robin: Holy delusion of grandeur, Batman. I think Quilt is a few colors short of a rainbow!
      Batman: He needs to be taught to stay between the lines.

    • Batman: Hold it right there, Quilt. We cracked your color clues.
      Robin: And now, you're painted into a corner!

    • Robin: That's a pretty ambitious plan for a guy who can barely dress himself.
      Batman: No taunting, Robin.

    • Robin: (to Batman) What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in a whale's belly with Aquaman or something?

    • Batman: I thought you liked the sidecar.
      Robin: Yeah, when I was 8.

    • Robin: You always make me go after the henchmen.
      Batman: Because you're good at it. Now go.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: August 9, 2009 on Teletoon

    • Character bios: Robin, Crazy Quilt, Solomon Grundy

    • Injoke "On the corner of Haney and Aparo" refers to comic artists Bob Haney and Jim Aparo, both artists who worked frequently on both Batman comics and The Brave and the Bold comic series.

    • Injoke: The opening sequence includes numerous references to the 1966 Batman series, including:

      - Stately Wayne Manor;
      - the red phone that Commissioner Gordon uses to contact Batman;
      - the William Shakespeare bust used to open the concealed bookshelf to reveal the Batpoles;
      - Batman and Robin somehow transforming as they slide down the Batpoles;
      - the emergence of the Batmobile onto the road to Gotham City;
      - Batman and Robin climbing up a building by walking, mimicking on the TV series when they simply rotated the camera 90 degrees and had the actors pretend to be climbing;
      - Batman referring to Robin as "old chum";
      - and Robin's use of "Holy [Fill-in-the-blank]."