Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 5

The Golden Age of Justice!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 15, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

It's a dark and stormy night at a manor, and Batman has gathered six suspects involved in the theft of the Golden Skull. His ally is… Detective Chimp. Each of the suspects has something to admit, but only one is the thief. Detective Chimp pulls off the mask of Mrs. Gasby to reveal… Falseface. Falseface tries to flee but trips on Detective Chimp's banana. The two heroes knock out the villain and Batman congratulates the talking chimpanzee while enjoying a banana. During World War II, Per Degaton used his mastery of time to defeat Allied soldiers trying to stop the villain's invasion of Europe. In response, the Justice Society launched their attack on the villain: Wildcat, Black Canary, Hawkman, Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and the Golden Age Flash. Together they defeated Per Degaton and his ally, Dr. Zee. His time rod projector, the Spear of Destiny, overloaded, causing the villain to disappear. In the modern day, the now-elderly JSA has reunited for a party. Black Canary's daughter and Batman arrive to visit their mentors. They note that Batman left four henchmen escape and tell Black Canary to step back while they have an impromptu sparring match. Black Canary is kept busy sonic-blasting target drones. Back at the party, Wildcat notices that she's sulking and Black Canary admits that they treat Batman as their golden boy while ignoring her or treating her like a girl. Wildcat notices an elderly man going to a security vault and follows hi inside to the JSA trophy room. Batman notices as well and follows Wildcat inside. The intruder steals Per Degaton's Spear of Destiny. Dr. Zee knocks them back and explains that his master, Per Degaton, is suspended in anti-time particles. He frees the Spear and Per Degaton materializes. His strength is far superior to the heroes. Per Degaton smashes the heroes back into the party room and the remaining JSA members vow to finish off Per Degaton and Dr. Zee. The villains' weapons prove superior, and Wildcat recovers to knock Black Canary aside and tell her to stay out of danger. Batman swings back into the attack but is knocked aside and Per Degaton uses a bazooka to bring the roof down on them, boasting that the heroes are now too old to stop him. After the villains escape, the heroes dig themselves out and tend to their wounds. Batman determines a way to track Per Degaton's chronal energy and Black Canary insists on going with them. When Black Canary objects, Wildcat asks her to stay back, explaining that she's not ready. Black Canary insists that she's ready to be treated as an equal and walks out. The JSA members continue to direct Batman in his efforts, much to his irritation. As he works, he remembers breaking up a bank robbery… a training exercise by the JSA. At the tie they believed that Black Canary was the superior pupil. In the present, Batman finds Per Degaton's location and they move out. At a warehouse, Dr. Zee reveals the throne he has prepared for his master. Per Degaton smashes it aside, angry that he has no army. His servant informs him that he's repaired the Spear and created a robot army At JSA headquarters, Wildcat tells Black Canary that they give Batman a hard time as well. As they talk, Wildcat tells her when he and Black Canary's mother, the original Black Canary, was mortally wounded during a mission. Before dying, she asked Wildcat to promise to watch over her daughter, Dinah. Wildcat promised before she died, and has kept his promise ever since. Black Canary insists that he's trained her to watch out for herself, and Wildcat finally agrees. Per Degaton's robot army marches through the streets and the JSA arrive. Unimpressed, Per Degaton opens fire on them. The heroes take the battle to the streets but Per Degaton uses the sphere to age Batman fifty years in moments. He refuses to yield and the other heroes come to his aid, but Per Degaton ages them once at a time as well. All looks hopeless until Black Canary and Wildcat arrive on their motorcycles, bursting through the robot army. Black Canary avoids Per Degaton's first attack and disarms him. Wildcat comes to Batman's aid and Black Canary joins them, and the three heroes go for the spear. Per Degaton gets to it first but Black Canary knocks him aside. Wildcat shoves past the robots and Zee, and throws the Spear to Batman. He uses it to restore himself, and then reduces Wildcat's age until he's in the prime of life. Batman does the same for the other JSA members, restoring them to their youthful vigor. Per Degaton knocks out Black Canary and prepares to kill her in revenge for her mother's thwarting of his plans. Enemy fire causes Batman to drop the Spear, and he goes to Black Canary's assistance. Per Degaton fights back and knocks him to the ground, but Batman refuses to give up. He tells Black Canary to bring down the house, and she uses her sonic blast to shatter all of the robots simultaneously. Per Degaton grabs the damaged Spear and tries to use it, but it explodes in a burst of chronal energy. Per Degaton is reduced to a decrepit old man, while Zee is transformed into a baby. Wildcat tells Black Canary that her mother would have been proud, and the JSA members admit they treat them like kids because they think of them as their own children. ----- Justice Society of America The Justice Society of America is the DC Universe's premiere superhero team, having been active prior to World War Two. They first appeared as a team in All Star Comics #3 (Winter 1940), and were assembled by Gardner Fox and Sheldon Mayer. The team consisted of the premiere heroes of that era, uniting at the beginning and end of cases while splitting up on their own or into small teams to take on various cases. The primary members of the Golden Age include: Dr. Fate, Dr. Mid-Nite, Wildcat, Mr. Terrific, Wonder Woman, Johnny Thunder, Hourman, and the Golden Age Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkman. They later went into retirement when accused of being Communist dupes by Joe McCarthy, but emerged later to fight alongside many modern-day heroes, including the Justice League. Many of their members have died and they have taken on many "legacy" heroes: heroes embracing the names of the heroes of the bygone days, often with similar abilities and/or a blood relationship to an original JSA member. Hawkman There have been a number of different characters bearing the name "Hawkman." The original Golden Age Hawkman was Carter Hall, the reincarnation of Egyptian Prince Khufu, fighting evil in the 1940s (in Flash Comics #1 - January 1940). He used ancient weaponry and a belt made of nth metal to fly. With the new scientifically-based Silver Age, Hawkman was redone (in Brave & The Bold #34 - Feb-March 1961) as an alien policeman (a "Wingman") named Katar Hol, from the planet Thanagar, who used ancient weaponry and an anti-gravity belt made out of nth metal to fly. He and his wife Shayera came to Earth tracking down a criminal and stayed, becoming the museum curators at Midway City in their secret identities. Through an elaborate series of events he eventually became the "Hawk Avatar" then banished off to another dimension. The next incarnation of the Golden Age Hawkman eventually "merged" with the Silver Age one and was reborn, gaining Kaytar's memories as he had those of his other incarnations, and is currently a member in good standing of the Justice Society. This is all a vast simplification to avoid implosion of this site, and has little bearing on "Hro Talak" as shown in this episode other then that in the comics, Hawkman is usually married to a woman called Hawkgirl. Hourman Rex Tyler first appeared in Adventure Comics #48 (March 1940) and was created by Ken Fitch and Bernard Bailey. Researcher Tyler uses his knowledge of biochemistry to make a super-vitamin, Miraclo, which gave him enhanced strength, speed, and invulnerability for one hour. He fought crime as a superhero and then joined the Justice Society and the All-Star Squadron. However, he eventually became addicted to Miraclo and went into semi-retirement while experimenting with various methods of activating Miraclo without its addictive qualities. He had a son, Rick, who started using one of the Miraclo variants and became the next Hourman. Dr. Mid-Nite Charles McNider first appeared in All-American Comics #25 (April 1941) and was created by Charles Reizenstein and Stanley Josephs Aschmeier. Surgeon McNider was summoned by the police to remove a bullet from a mob witness. A mobster threw in a grenade, killing the witness and blinding McNider. However, he soon discovered that the explosion had inverted his vision, giving him night vision but blindness in normal light conditions. Developing black-out gas grenades, a visor that let him see in daylight, and adopting Hootie the Owl as his sidekick, McNider took the identity of Dr. Mid-Nite and fought crime solo and as a member of the JSA. He died during the Zero Hour event, but not before inspiring a successor, Pieter Cross Per Degaton Per Degaton first appeared in All-Star Comics #35 (June-July 1947). An assistant working in the lab of the Time Trust, whose members included Dr. Zee, Per Degaton became envious of their mastery of time travel and stole their time travel equipment. He attempted to alter history to his benefit but failed repeatedly. Each time the JSA defeated him, history reverted to normal and Per Degaton forgot he was anything but a lab assistant. Inevitably he would regain his memories and make another attempt at conquering the world. Later he gained time travel abilities of his own but is typically unable to act directly since he has become unable to fully materialize in normal time. This is his first animated appearance. Detective Chimp Detective Chimp first appeared in Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #4 (July-August 1952) and was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino. Originally a trained chimpanzee that helps a sheriff to solve the murder of his trainer, Detective Chimp's background was eventually revised several times. Currently he has gained human intelligence and the ability to speak by drinking from the Fountain of Youth. He is now one of the foremost detectives in the DC universe, has a Mensa-level intelligence, and is a member of the Shadowpact. This is his first animated appearance. False-Face False-Face first appeared in Leading Comics #2 (1942) and was created by Bill Finger. False-Face battled the Shining Knight while attempting to steal the Star Sapphire Gem. Later, another False-Face battled Batman and Robin in 1958, but retired after three encounters. A third female False-Face is a modern-day hero, and her relationship to either of her predecessors is unknown. Each False-Face is a master of disguise, capable of near-perfect mimicries.