Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 5

The Golden Age of Justice!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 15, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • The JSA, Detective Chimp, Per Degaton, this episode is packed with greatness.

    Opening with Detective Chimp wasn't that good in and of itself, it was just cool seeing Detective Chimp animated. The rest of the episode is awesome however as we see the aging JSA going against the resurrected nazi Per Degaton, it's never mentioned that he is a nazi in this episode, which was expected, with the show's TV-Y7 rating and everything. But he is voiced by Clancy Brown, who does a fine job.

    Black Canary, and her relationship with the JSA was a bit annoying, they treated her like a little girl and not like a respected crime fighter, but the reason they, and Wildcat in particular are so overprotective and reluctant to include her on a mission, is explained. This is another episode where a character dies on screen. It's Canary's mother in this case, and it's a very powerful moment.

    There is a fantastic reference to Batman: The Animated Series with a poster in the background at one point. Per Degaton is a good villain, he even punches Black Canary, such violence towards women was definitely somehing I didn't expect, but it shows how ruthless and cruel Degaton is. Canary is the one who gets to save the day, which I liked. This is a fantastic episode, season 2 is brilliant.
  • The JSA were awesome, and so was this episode.

    This was an awesome episode! The JSA were neat and amazing. It was a little annoying when they kept picking on Black Canary, but we did see some of her past which was neat and sad. The german guy ( Sorry, forgot his name) was interesting and so was his helper and i did lol at when Wildcat said," Out of my way nerd!" The opening was creepy and funny at the same time. False Face and Detective Chimp were neat and i liked the mystery theme in the opening. There could have been some more action, but this was an awesome episode!

    Overall Grade : A-
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