Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 22

The Knights of Tomorrow!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Nov 19, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

On Apokolips, the Question sneaks into a compute center and discovers that Darkseid is planning an attack on Earth. He signals Batman and tells him that their concerns were correct. Before he can reveal Darkseid's plan to his ally, a Parademon attacks. The Question defeats it, but Kalibak and his War Hounds arrive to attack the hero. He flees, only to find himself amidst more Parademons. The Question takes them on and flees to a platform suspended over the planet's fiery core, and Kalibak arrives to warn him there's no escape. However, the faceless hero leaps into the fire pit... Years in the future, people remember the legend of Batman, who struck fear among the criminal element. He took on a partner, Robin, who eventually took on the role of Nightwing and left Gotham City. Batman remained to fight his greatest enemy, the Joker. The villain ultimately lets himself die rather than be captured, and Batman could focus on his romance with Catwoman. They fought villains together until the day that Batman proposed to Catwoman and she accepted. Bruce Wayne retired, but passed on the mantle of the Batman to Dick Grayson, the former Robin. Bruce and Selina have a child, Damian, and Bruce promises that he'll train his son in case the city one day needs him. Together they train, and Damian masters the abilities necessary to fight crime. Once he is a teenager, the Waynes attend the opening of the Batman Museum. However, Damian isn't interested in being a superhero. He goes off, and Selina warns her husband that Damian needs to figure things out without them pushing him. A series of explosions shake the building. Damian runs in and his family calls him over, as a cackling villain arrives on a flying podium: the Joker's son. He recovers his father's gag mallet and prepares to attack one of the museum visitors, but Bruce Wayne intervenes. The Joker's son attacks him with acid and then summons his flying podium. He releases spikes and prepares to ram Bruce, but Selena pulls him off using her whip. Damian wonders what they're going to do, and Bruce gives him a pair of nunchaku. His son insists that he's not ready, and Bruce goes after the Joker's son. The retired hero insists that he won't let the villain destroy the museum, and an ally arrives to help him: Batman. Satisfied, the Joker's son releases a series of explosives from his flying podium to wreck devastation, and then attacks the new Batman. As they fight, debris falls on Bruce and Selena, Damian runs to them as the Joker's son escapes, but Batman gets him out of the building first. As he turns to go back, the building explodes, killing the Waynes. Later, Damian attends his parents' funeral with Alfred and Dick. Later, Dick goes to the Batcave and finds a lead on where the Joker's son will strike next. Damian blames himself for not being smart or fast enough. He worries that people will be hurt if he messes up, and Dick tells him that he has to use the knowledge his father gave him. He departs in the Batmobile, and Damian considers the Robin costume on exhibit. In the streets of Gotham, the Joker's son defaces a Batman statue when Batman arrives. They fight and the villain taunts him with the death of the Waynes. He then triggers a gas emitter within the Batman statue. Batman is shocked to discover that the Joker's son has an ally: his elderly father, confined to a hover wheelchair. The Joker stuns Batman unconscious. The villains tie Batman to the statue and the Joker boasts that he always survives. However, he has received word that all the chemicals he's used have taken their toll, and he has six months to live. The "Joker's son" is a nobody admirer that the Joker trained to take his place. Now he will eliminate Batman, who he knows is Nightwing, and have completed his life. Batman insists that Batman is an idea, not a man, and can never die. Before the Joker can kill Batman, Damian arrives, wearing the Robin costume. Batman tells him to keep the Joker and his "son" busy while he frees himself and gets to the gas. Robin battles the Joker's son and insists that he was born to the role. The Joker's son knocks Robin down and moves in for the kill wielding his "father's" hammer. Robin recovers, vowing that he's his father's son, and fights back. The Joker realizes that Batman has freed himself, and flies up the statue to stun the hero. Batman falls to the street below and the Joker prepares to administer the grand finale. The Joker's son insists they should leave, but the Joker dismisses his son's concern and unleashes the gas. Batman is forced to blow the head off of the statue to stop the gas... and it lands next to the Joker. It fires one final blast of gas, and the Joker collapses. Robin defeats his opponent, and assures Batman that Gotham will always need a Batman. For years, Dick and Damian fought side by side, until the day when Damian inherited the role. Many years in the future, a futuristic Damian fights crime side-by-side with his own son. In the present, Batman returns home and finds Alfred writing one of his detective stories. Alfred suggests that Catwoman could make a suitable Mrs. Wayne someday, but Batman insists that his only goal is to capture the villainess. As Batman leaves, Alfred sets aside his story, "The Knights of Tomorrow." Damian Wayne As a teenager, Damian Wayne is first seen in Batman #655 (September 2006) and was created by Mike W. Barr and Grant Morrison. He is the child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, birthed in an artificial womb and raised in a laboratory by Talia, with his father unaware of his existence. He is trained by the League of Assassins, and then turned over to Batman by his mother in an attempt to disrupt Batman. Arrogant and egotistical, he eventually joins forces with Batman, and becomes the new Robin to Dick Grayson when Bruce Wayne is killed during the events of Final Crisis. This is his first animated appearance, albeit with a substantially different origin. Kalibak Kalibak first appeared in New Gods #1 (February 1971) and was created by Jack Kirby. He is the first-born son of Darkseid, who killed Kalibak's mother. Despite that, Kalibak has remained loyal to Darkseid over the years and often serves as his right-hand man. He was killed by the Infinity-Man and reborn in a tiger-like form, but died in combat against Tawky Tawny. Like most New Gods, he has superhuman strength and invulnerability, but his strength is in excess of even most New Gods. He also wields the Beta-Club, which can fire energy blasts. Alfred Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth first appeared in Batman #16 (April-May 1943), and was created by Bob Kane Jerry Robinson. His origin has been rewritten over the years, but primarily Alfred is a former actor who took up his father's career as a butler as a deathbed promise. He worked for the Waynes, and when they died took on the role of father figure to young Bruce Wayne. Since Bruce took on the role of Batman, Alfred has stayed at his side and served as butler, medic, and confidant. Among his skills are computer programming, disguise, and engineer, and he is a skilled disguise artist.