Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 22

The Knights of Tomorrow!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Nov 19, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • Living Legend

    "Heroes are remembered, but legends never die."

    Babe Ruth

    This is my second favorate episode of the show and one of my favorate episodes in general. Though I'll first point out the show has only one blemish is the final minute which I thought was a cop out. It's one of those cleche over the edge endings that I feel need to die, I always find it an insult to intelegence.

    But anyway down to what's really imporatant, this episode is great it was inspired by Grant Morrison's(one of my favorate comic writers) "Batman and Robin" run. The main theme of the episode was about keeping a legend alive but also how a legend can truely affect and inspire what one choses to become. The whole premise is great and feels plasable and on further note it did happen in an alternate story in the comic book series; Batman and Catwoman getting married and having a kid why not, personally I think this is a wise route for Batman to go just like with "Zorro" in the movie "The Mask of Zorro" despite how good both these heroes are they can't excape an undenyable truth, both are men which mean he's not immortal so he would have to pass the cowl on to another for generations to come.

    It was interesting and surreal seeing Bruce and Selena as parental figures, I really like Damien he really is a chip off the old block and strangely he's actually the main character of this episode. I like the fact that at first he doesn't really want to be Batman, I felt that made the character feel all the more human because it's always a common feeling for most siblings not/never wanting to grow up like their parients or even take on their profession, yes a sibling will gain characteristics of both parients but that doesn't me they will be them. Also this is what gives Damien the ability of choice, he can be whoever he wants no matter what the circumstances. But also he's a character we really do feel pathos for, as we see is struggling to deal with the loss of his parents, I'll admit my heart litterally sank and I couldn't help but shed a tear or two when we see Bruce/Batman and Selena/Catwoman die, I wished to god it didn't happen but it did. And simply give the choice on the road he wants to take in life, and of course he choose to be a superhero like his father. It was great seeing him in the Robin role, he is kinda like "Spider Man" making some wisecracks at his enimies, as well as beating the crap out of them, but simply having fun in the hero role.

    I also liked seeing Dick Grayson whom I always felt was a criminally underrated superhero in the DC universe. One of the things I like about his is the fact that he got to be three types of superheroes, which is something I never really see happen much, a superhero becoming another superhero. And with each of them he always put his own spin and seemed to grow each time not just as a superhero but as a person. I thought he made a great Batman, he didn't try to imitate his predecessor, where he was slightly the same but different at the same time. And I liked his chemestry with Damien, it was sort of a big brother and little brother relationship, seeing this I wouldn't mind if DC made an animated movie or mini series with these two.

    The villian Joker Jr doesn't disapoint like Joker he's blackly funny, inventive and just as psychotic, he's the kind of villian you love to hate. But there are times when you can just plain hate him at one moment when he spouted a sick joke about killing Bruce and Selina it really made me want to punch his teeth in.

    The action as usual is good, but here I feel it's really top notch. From trying to stop some giant robot Joker Jr built, I really like the design of it, the battle at the Batman mussum, but I mainly like the fight between Joker Jr and Robin. At first we see Robin getting the crap beaten out of him, makes sense since Damien is still inexperenced, but that just makes us want Damien to win more and he does just that when he turns the fight around and makes Joker Jr drink a can of woop ass.

    Part of the final minutes were touching as we see Dick Grayson in the end once he gets too old passes the cowl onto Damien whom is finally of age and worthy. Damien becomes Batman and so will his son in time.

  • The show at it's very best.

    This episode was awesome, the very first shot, I started smiling, I've been waiting for Darkseid to show up, unfortunately he didn't appear here, The Question does however and meets a tragic end, that's right, yet ANOTHER character dies, while I, on one hand hated seeing The Question dying because I really like him, at least he was awesome in the opening and chose to die instead of being captured. Great opening teaser, the main episode is fantastic. It has the best action I've seen so far on the show, plentiful of cool, memorable moments and just loaded with "oh, snap" surprises, that's why, if you haven't seen the episode yet, stop reading right now, don't go look for spoilers on the internet, experience it for yourself, in fact, I wish I didn't see one specific image that was released by CN. This is a future story, or so it seems, more on that later, here, Batman has married Catwoman, they got a child named Damien, Joker is presumed dead when his son starts wreaking havoc in Gotham and Robin has now become Batman after Bruce Wayne's retirement.

    This episode was epic, too epic in fact, so epic you know there's a catch and indeed they did pull a "Over the Edge", which I was a tad disappointed by, then again, do we really want to see Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle die for real in the future? I guess not. There were a couple of humorous moments, the section of the museum dedicated to Robin's "Holyisms", the real Joker had some darkly funny moments, I wish, I just wish they could've refrained from including the farting noise when Joker's son appeared, why do that? Other than that it was pretty serious stuff, The son of Joker, complete psycho, great lines, "Got quite an arm on you Mr. Wayne, think I'll use it to beat you to death with". When the real Joker appeared, wow, loved the moment where he talks about his terminal illness, "The doctor gave me six months to live, I gave him six seconds". It would've been cool if Joker Jr. wasn't adopted and instead the child of Joker and Harley Quinn, I mean why not, it's all fake in the end after all, go for it. I loved this episode, one of the absolute best so far, almost as great as "Chill of the Night" in fact.
  • First of all an awesome, not to missed and must to watch episode for batman fans of all ages. The season keeps better and better. Its become more mature in storyline and plots.

    First of all an awesome, not to missed and must to watch episode for batman fans of all ages. The season keeps better and better. Its become more mature in storyline and plots. It seems the childish flavor of season one is a history (I hope!).

    In the teaser parts the whereabouts of Question is unclear. Did he vanquished in the fiery pit of Apocalypse?

    Now the main plot: A background voice narrate the tale of Batman's past, present. The death in Wayne family, Jokes appearance and most of all the end is shocking, surprising , amusing (forget some adjectives..... my fault) etc. After seeing the the ending you have to say" Ooooooooooooooooooooooh, why.............?"
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