Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 22

The Last Bat on Earth!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 19, 2009 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

On a roller coaster, two figures are manacled down to a car: Batman and Mr. Miracle. As they plummet through a series of deadly traps, they discuss Mr. Miracle's marriage to his wife Big Barda. The coaster car finally reaches the top of a slope, activates its rockets, and plummets toward a bed of spikes. The two heroes free themselves just in time and descend to take their bows before the audience gathered for the charity event. Mr. Miracle's assistant Oberon thanks the crowd and Mr. Miracle flies to his unimpressed wife.

In the future, a horde of tiger-men march on an army of gorilla-men. Human slaves assist both forces. Kamandi and Dr. Canus watch from a distance and plan to help the humans escape while the two sides war with each other. When Kamandi sees his ally Tuftan go down, he swings in to rescue him from the gorilla-men. Tuftan briefly goes berserk and Kamandi gets him away as his father Caesar looks on. The gorilla-men are forced to retreat despite the orders of their leaders. Caesar sadly admits that his son has declared his loyalties. Meanwhile, a new ape leader confronts the gorilla-men and tells them they're weak: Gorilla Grodd.

In the present, Batman finds the lab of Professor Nichols and discovers that Grodd forced Nichols to send him to the future. Nichols gives Batman a retrieval device and projects him into the future.

The gorilla-men's leader, Ramjam, tells his men to dispose of Grodd. Thanks to his superior technology, Grodd easily defeats them and accepts Ramjam's challenge to hand-to-hand combat. The two apes fight and Grodd triumphs, and the gorilla-men pledge their allegiance to their new general. Grodd tells them that they will show the world the true meaning of gorilla warfare.

The tiger-men are gathering slaves and Kamandi, Tuftan, and Canus attack them. The humans are freed but don't run. The tiger-men capture Canus and Kamandi, but Batman arrives to rescue them. Kamandi is glad to see his ally. The heroes are forced to surrender when the tiger-men threaten the human slaves and the captive Canus.

Caesar confronts his prisoners and reluctantly orders his son to serve in the dungeons while the others are executed. Batman tries to warn him that Grodd is organizing the gorilla-men. Caesar doesn't believe him… until the gorilla-army march on the tiger-men. Caesar is unimpressed, until Grodd fires his sonic energy cannon. The tiger-men are defeated and Grodd sends forth a giant chimpanzee Tiny to smash open the gates and ascend to the highest tower. The gorilla-men storm into the compound.

Hearing the invading forces, Batman frees himself and the other prisoners and the four of them escape into the city. They watch as Grodd is carried in. The villain smells Batman and orders his gorilla-men to attack. Batman manages to hold them off long enough for Tuftan to lead the fugitives into the sewer system. Batman sends Tuftan on a special mission and takes Dr. Canus and Kamandi with him.

As Grodd tortures Caesar, Batman takes Canus and Kamandi to the Batcave of the future. The equipment still functions, but the cave is occupied by bat-men. Their leader thinks Batman is mocking them and orders his soldiers to attack. Batman and Kamandi battle the bat-men while Dr. Canus admires the technology. The bat-men are defeated and Batman orders them out. He then explains that they'll counter Grodd's technology with some technology of his own and start repairing the equipment.

Grodd and his army march across the land, only to discover that Tuftan has mobilized the other animal-men against him. Grodd is unimpressed and fires the sonic cannon. The opposing animal-men hold their heads in pain and Grodd orders his gorilla-men to attack. However, Batman, Kamandi, and Canus fly-in in the Batplane and take out the sonic cannon with missiles. Tuftan leads his army against Grodd's forces. Above, Batman ejects himself and the others out of the Batplane and sends it into the rock walls below to cut off Grodd's forces. The bat-men arrive and their leader acknowledges Batman as one of them. They join the battle but Grodd calls Tiny in.

Batman attacks Grodd directly while Kamandi and Tuftan go after Tiny. Tiny grabs Tuftan and Kamandi climbs onto his head and distracts him. Once Tuftan is free, the two friends use a rope to tie the giant chimpanzee's legs together. It trips and falls, becoming easy prey. The gorilla-men flee, trampling Grodd in the process.

The animal-men armies cheer Kamandi and Caesar admits he'll have to reconsider his opinion of humans. He apologizes to Tuftan for misjudging him and orders the human slaves freed. Batman activates the retrieval device and departs with Grodd, suggesting that the next time they might meet in Batman's time.


Mister Miracle
Mister Miracle first appeared in Mister Miracle Vol. 1 #1 (March-April 1971). Created by Jack Kirby as part of his Fourth World setting, Scott Free was the son of Highfather, the ruler of New Genesis. As part of a pact between New Genesis and Apokolips, Highfather and Darkseid sent each other their sons. Scott Free was raised by Granny Goodness to become a killer but met Metron and the scientist Himon, and learned enough to escape the planet and flee to Earth. There he met Thaddeus Brown, an escape artist calling himself "Mister Miracle." Scott learned everything Brown knew and when Brown was killed, put his experience to use both to take Brown's place and avenge his murder.

Scott Free became involved in the affairs of Apokolips and it was there he met his wife-to-be, Big Barda. She was a member of Darkseid's Elite Female Furies sent to Earth to recover Free, but they fell in love and were later married. Mister Miracle has since been a member of various incarnations of the Justice League and maintains a home in suburban America. He possesses superior physique due to his heritage as a New God, wields New Genesis technology such as flight discs, an omni-cube, & a Mother Box, and is a competent hand-to-hand fighter, but his primary ability as a superhero is the training that lets him bypass any lock, barrier, restraint, or security device.

Big Barda
Big Barda first appeared in Mister Miracle Vol. 1 #4 (Sept. 1971). Created by Jack Kirby as part of his Fourth World series, Barda was born on Apokolips and trained as a shocktrooper. She was modeled on Jack Kirby's wife Roz and actress Lainie Kazan. Her prowess was such that she rose through the ranks and became a member of the Female Fury Battalion. She met Scott Free on Apokolips during a raid and was attracted to his free spirit. Later, when the Furies were sent to Earth to recover Free, she defected and remained with him on Earth. They were later married, and Barda has served with the Justice League on occasion. She has super-human strength and resilience, wears battle-armor, and wields the "Mega-Rod," fires energy blasts, opens teleportational "boom tubes," and allows her to fly.

Oberon first appeared in Mister Miracle Vol. 1 #1 (March-April 1971) and is another Jack Kirby creation. When Scott Free came to Earth and trained with the original Mister Miracle, Thaddeus Brown, Oberon was Brown's sidekick, manager, and confidant. When Scott became the new Mister Miracle, Oberon remained with him and has stayed with him ever since. Little has been mentioned of his background - due to his diminutive size he and Brown may have met in the circus. Oberon possesses no superhuman abilities but is a skilled manager (with the occasional lapse) and has unswerving loyalty. He is a support staffer for the Justice League, and during his time with the League often stood monitor watch.