Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 16

The Last Patrol!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Oct 08, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Killer Moth locks Batman in a container with a giant mutant moth, and the hero easily defeats it. However, the villain unleashes several more. However, new heroine Batgirl arrives to take out Killer Moth's henchman. Taking advantage of the distraction, Batman frees himself from the container while the heroine defeats a final blow. She refuses to tell him who she really is and departs.

Now, the Penguin lowers Batman and Batgirl into a pit of razor-tipped umbrellas. As she talks of how they first met, she admits that death traps make her nostalgic.

A documentary talks of the Doom Patrol, a group of outsider heroes who were seen as the idols of the 60s generation. However, they disappeared after saving Paris, never to be seen again. In a manor, Niles Caulder, founder of the Doom Patrol and the man known as the Chief, wonders why they can't be left alone. The Brain and Monsieur Mallah arrive and insist it's the perfect time to eliminate their old foes. They attack Caulder and easily defeat him despite his powered wheelchair. However, Batman arrives to save Caulder. Together, the two heroes defeat the villain, but the Brain warns Caulder that his teammates are doomed. Batman tells Caulder that they have to warn the other, but Caulder points out they have to find them first.

At a Hollywood party, actress Rita Farr overeats. Suddenly, the Mutant Master and his two minions emerge from the pool. The woman causally tells them to go away. Surprised, they still attack, but Batman and the Chief arrive to open fire. When the Chief is besieged, he asks the woman to help, addressing her as Elasti-Girl. She insists that she's retired since Paris, but Batman tells her to grow up. She finally does so, literally growing to 50' tall, and easily defeats the villains. The Chief welcomes her back, but she tells them that she doesn't have to like coming out of retirement.

At a carnival, Negative Man performs for the crowd, releasing his negative self, but the disappointed crowd throws tomatoes. Negative Man prepares to leave, but a man emerges from the crowd and transforms his body into a series of elements. He transforms into the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man and attacks, and Negative Man releases his negative-energy self to attack, leaving his human body behind and vulnerable. The AVM Man smashes the energy form unconscious and prepares to kill the host body, but Elasti-Girl and the Chief arrive. The villain stops them as well, but Batman distracts the villain long enough for Elasti-Girl to knock him unconscious. As the crowd cheers, Batman tells Negative Man that someone is using their greatest enemies as weapons to take them out. Negative Man is ready to leave the carnival behind. As they go, the Chief realizes that someone wants the Doom Patrol reunited.

The Doom Patrol's fourth member, Robotman is testing cars when the scientists take a break. He angrily reminds them that he doesn't need food or water because he's no longer a man. They run in fear, and Robotman goes outside into the storm. He finds a giant figure waiting for him: the Arsenal, another old enemy. The villain opens fire and attacks, but Robotman refuses to defend himself. However, his former teammates and Batman arrive and knock Arsenal into the water. Robotman insists that he doesn't want their help, but when Arsenal renews his attack, Robotman comes to their defense and together they defeat the villain. They realize that Batman stayed out of the fight intentionally, so that Robotman would come to his teammates' aid. Robotman insists that he's finished. Suddenly a light comes on, revealing a giant aquatic vessel and the Doom Patrol's foremost opponent: General Zahl. His men fire gas grenades, knocking all of them out.

The heroes wake up aboard Zahl's ship, each confined to neutralize their powers. Zahl explains that he brought them out of retirement to show the world that they're cowards. When the Chief protests, Zahl warns that they can't cover up what happened in Paris. He tells the Chief to tell Batman what happened, and the Chief explains that Zahl had taken Paris hostage. The Doom Patrol arrived and defeated the villain's henchman, but Zahl himself took a hostage and threatened to kill her unless they took her place. The heroes had no choice but to save millions and let the hostage die. The team argued and eventually broke up over the guilt of that incident.

Now, Zahl sends the heroes on a floating platform out to an island seeded with explosives. He explains to Batman that there is another island with a population of 14, and he has rigged it to explode. Now the Doom Patrol must choose: sacrifice themselves so those 14 people will live, or let the people die. Zahl broadcasts the incident across the planet and gives them two minutes to make their choice. Zahl turns back to the imprisoned Batman, only to discover that he has escaped. Arsenal and Zahl's men open fire, driving Batman back.

The Chief asks what his teammates will choose. Each one explains that ordinary people fought for freedom, and refused to yield. The Doom Patrol unites and tells Zahl as one to do his worst. As he prepares to trigger the detonator, Batman knocks him down and smashes the remote. However, Zahl tells him that the real detonator is hidden in his hat. He triggers the island's explosives, killing the Doom Patrol.

Across the world, the people of the world stare in shock... and then unite, insisting that they are all the Doom Patrol. Zahl, watching them, realizes that the world loves his enemies even more, and that even in death, the Doom Patrol have defeated him. Zahl, Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, Mutant Master, and Arsenal are later arrested.

Later, the people of the island rename it "Four Heroes." Batman quietly watches over the remains of the island, and then wishes them well as he departs.


The Doom Patrol

The Doom Patrol first appeared in My Greatest Adventures #80 (June 1963), and were created by Arnold Drake, Bruce Premiani, Murray Boltinoff, and Bob Haney. Created as a team of outcast heroes, the three freakish members were brought together by the Chief and fought a variety of unusual opponents. Their comic ended when the writers chose to kill them off by having them choose to sacrifice themselves on behalf of the population of a small island (just as seen here). Subsequently, they were revived in a variety of incarnations and new members, and their origins changed and restored several times.


Barbara Gordon first appeared as the costumed heroine in Detective Comics #359 (1961) and was created by Julius Schwartz, Carmine Infantino, and Gardner Fox. The daughter of Commissioner James Gordon, she was attending a masked ball wearing a Batman-like costume. When Killer Moth broke in to kidnap Bruce Wayne, Barbara put her gymnastic training to good use. She went on to become a full-time crime fighter until the Joker crippled her. Confined to a wheelchair, Barbara now fights crime as Oracle, a computer hacker par excellent.

Killer Moth

Killer Moth first appeared in Batman #63 (February 1951) and was created by Bill Finger and Lew Schwarz. Under the guise of Cameron van Cleer, an unnamed prisoner set himself up as an anti-Batman, offering criminals assistance in making their escapes in return for a percentage of their take. He employed moth versions of Batman's arsenal, and used a grenade capable of firing sticky webbing. Several different individuals have used the costumed identity since then.

General Zahl

General Zahl first appeared in Doom Patrol Vol. 1 #121. A former Nazi U-boat captain, Zahl escaped the end of the war and hired himself out as a mercenary. He teamed up with Madame Rouge to destroy the Doom Patrol, and eventually engineered their deaths. However, when the team returned years later, Robotman tracked the villain down and Zahl inadvertently killed himself when firing ricocheting bullets at Robotman's chest, rather than let himself be taken captive.

Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man

The AVM Man first appeared in Doom Patrol Vol. 1, #89 (August 1964) and was created by Arnold Drake and Bruce Premiani. Swedish scientist Sven Larsen fell into a vat of amino acids and gained the ability to transform his body into any animal, vegetable, or mineral, in any number of combinations.
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