Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 24

The Masks of Matches Malone!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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Catwoman, Huntress, and Black Canary end up tracking down Two-Face, unaware that a disguised Batman has amnesia and believes that he's a gangster intent on taking control of Gotham City.

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  • Terrific opening teaser, the main episode however is a massive disappointment, in my opinion the weakest episode so far.

    Loved the opening with Poison Ivy and Black Orchid, I've always loved Poison Ivy, she's so cool, and let's be real, or overly geeky rather, she's sexy, and this version of her is billiant, I hope she gets a major role in an episode soon as the primary villain. This opening is one of the best actually, too bad it all goes downhill when it ends, that's right, I did NOT like the main episode, but wait a minute, I'm the one who praises this show constantly and seemingly gives positive reviews to every single episode, well, up until now, the only episode I didn't enjoy that much was "The Color of Revenge!" from season 1. So what's wrong with this episode then? A number of things, the "Birds of Prey", Black Canary, Huntress and Catwoman do not have great chemistry, their occasional bickering was not funny, just boring. The most interesting thing was the premise of Batman as a villain, however it sounds better than it plays out. This episode needed a bit of "Chill of the Night's" seiousness, I would've preferred it if they had played it a bit more straight, then again, the 9 lives cape is so over the top I guess it's kind of okay.

    Batman getting killed over and over again was funnier in "Emperor Joker!" Two-Face...what a waste, again, great voice by James Remar, but he was useless here. At one point he dresses up like Batman to fight the real Batman, why? Who knows? And how come when he has on the costume, he looks exactly like Batman, even the disfigured half of his face is gone, this could be awesome, I mean, Two-Face as Batman, but it comes out of nowhere, makes no sense and it's over fairly quickly. The big musical number, not half as good as ANY of the songs in "Mayhem of the Music Meister!". Furthermore, the leery double entandre's is....not very funny either, it's all about how Batman has a bigger schlong than any other super hero, I'm not kidding, did Kevin Smith write this episode? No? There are no big laughs, no great action scenes, aside from the awesome opening, this was lousy. I have a stange feeling you'll disagree with me, and as always, that's absolutely fine, I know some people like this episode quite a bit, I did not.moreless

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