Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 14

The Siege of Starro! (2)

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • Though maybe not quite as awesome as I would've hoped, it's still great with a few really unexpected surprises.

    Please note that I will include spoilers in this review, I rarely even bother to tell people this beforehand unless there's a major event I want you to experience for yourself, then again, I'm sure most people have already heard about the death of a certain character. The Starro invasion seemed to be over last episode, with only Faceless Hunter left, of course everything would not be that easy, and a Starro monster is created by the help of B'Wana's powers. As I said last week, these episodes are really B'Wana's story, the beginning here, another narration by the same character including his origin, and the ending makes that perfectly clear, yes, there are numerous other heroes fighting Starro but he's the true hero of this piece. Faceless Hunter is awesome, one of the very best villains this show has featured, that's why it's so annoying we never get to know what happened to him, he's trapped on his spaceship by Batman and then....who knows? I mean, kill him off, let him escape, show him in a high-tech prison, I mean, something. Oh well.

    The character that dies, no surprise, or actually it was, but now, most fans have heard the rumors and they are true, B'Wana dies in this episode, he sacrifices himself and is torn apart by Hunter's machine, with a following funeral and a crying Vixen, the ending narration by B'Wana was beautiful, how he would do it all again and have no regrets, he will be missed on the show. James Tucker wasn't lying when he said they're amping up the violence and bodycount, I thought the last season had a fair amount of death, but now, Red Tornado, B'Wana Beast, Black Canary's mother, let's not forget "Chill of the Night", then again, how could you? An upcoming episode, "The Last Patrol" which I won't spoil, has a lot of dark stuff in it, including a hostage situation in Paris gone horribly wrong. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, this is a great episode and a solid way to end the on-going Starro storyline, the action is top notch and there are some funny lines amidst all the drama and mayhem. This is such a fantastic show and I'm glad it's back with new episodes.