Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 9

The Super-Batman of Planet X!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 26, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

On a distant planet, Dr. Will Magnus and his partner Matches Malone meets with Kanjar Ro and his men to make an exchange of power exchangers for money. When Magnus slips up, Kanjar Ro goes for his gun and Batman reveals that he's in disguise as Matches. Magnus tosses his briefcase at the villains… and the "briefcase" of power exchangers reveals it's Iron and Platinum. Lead, Tin, Mercury, and Gold are hidden on Magnus' body disguised as metal items, and come to their creator's aid. Kanjar Ro grabs Magnus, but Batman disarms him. Magnus is eager to participate in another undercover mission, but Batman isn't so sure. Batman and Green Arrow rocket into space to stop pirates stealing the Emerald Eye of Ekron. Green Arrow can't resist turning the space battle into a competition between the two heroes. Batman is forced to block a shot aimed at Green Arrow, and the energy discharge creates a wormhole pulling in Batman's rocket. Green Arrow returns to his battle against the pirates. Batman's rocket arrives above the planet Zur En Arrh and he manages to eject just in time before it crashes. He realizes that he's in a futuristic city and hears someone screaming. He goes to investigate and finds a crook stealing jewelry from two parents as their child looks on. Batman throws a Batarang, but it demolishes a nearby building's wall. Batman assumes the wall is poorly made and retreats as the criminal opens fire. Another masked hero attacks the criminal and subdues him with an electronic device. Batman comes down and the two heroes introduce themselves as Batmen. Chancellor Gor-Zonn calls Batman 2 and warns him that the villainous Rohtul has sent giant robots on a rampage. Female reporter Vilsi is on the scene and asks Rohtul why he thinks he can triumph over Batman given his previous losses. The two Batmen arrive and Rohtul flees. Batman attacks them and discovers that they are equally susceptible to his weaponry, which smashes through them. Debris from a building falls on Batman as he rushes to protect Vilsi… and Batman discovers that he's invulnerable and super strong. Rohtul unleashes his robots but they're no match for the super-powered Batman. Vilsi is awed, while Batman 2 is unimpressed. Rohtul has his remaining robot take him away and Batman freezes the robot with his newly discovered cold vision. Afterward, the crowd cheers Batman on and Vilsi asks who he is. Batman merely says he's a friend from out of town and leaves with Batman 2 to the latter's Batcave. They test Batman's strength and Batman 2's robot, Alpha-Red, helps administer the analysis. Batman 2 discovers that Batman's body has been augmented by rodon, an element in the atmosphere that could grant Batman superpowers. Alpha-Red warns that Batman 2 is needed in his civilian identity as a reporter, Tlao, and Batman assures him that he can find something to entertain himself. At the newspaper, Vilsi notes to Tlano that there's a new hero in town. Batman flies out to test his powers and quickly gains a reputation stopping criminals, giant monsters, and meteorites. Vilsi soon starts writing up a favorable article, while Batman wonders how Green Arrow is doing. On a deserted planet, Green Arrow is fighting for his life against the pirates. Rohtul realizes that Batman is from Earth and gains power from rodon… and also a weakness. He uses a hidden transmitter to summon a robot to rescue him from his cell. At the Batcave 2, Batman explains that he's been busy and Batman 2 warns that there could be side effects. An alert goes off and they realize that Rohtul is on the loose with an army of giant robots. Batman flies ahead to where Vilsi is reporting on the story as Rohtul prepares for Batman. When the Caped Crusader arrives, Rohtul reveals that his robots are equipped with golden glowing rocks. Batman collapses and Rohtul laughs in triumph as his robots prepare to smash the hero. Batman manages to leap away just in time but the robots close in on him. Rohtul explains that rodon interacts with quartz to create radiation fatal to Earthlings. As the robots move in for the kill, Batman 2 arrives in his Batplane and trips one robot. The others open fire, bringing the Batplane down. Batman 2 ejects and lets the Batplane take out another robot as it crashes. Batman 2 then destroys two other robots, one at a time. Rohtul sends more and Batman 2 retreats, taking Batman with him. He sprays Batman with a polymer compound to isolate him from the rodon, also eliminating his powers. The two Batmen take on the remaining robots while Vilsi goes after Rohtul. He has his remaining robot capture her, but both Batmen are ready. Working together, they free Vilsi and destroy the robot, and Batman 2 catches the reporter. Batman admits that he's more comfortable without superpowers. The wormhole reopens and Green Arrow flies through, having figured out how to create a wormhole. As he gets out of the Arrowrocket, he realizes that he has superpowers. Batman 2 quickly spreads him with the polymer and Batman tells him it's time to go home. ----- Batman of Zur-En-Arrh The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh first appeared in Batman #113 (August 1958) and was created by France Herron. A scientist named Tlano summons Bruce Wayne to his planet. He has looked to Batman as an inspiration to make himself a crimefighter, but needs the Caped Crusader's help against an invasion of giant robots. In recent years, the character has appeared as a representative back-up personality of Batman's subconscious.