Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 2 Episode 9

The Super-Batman of Planet X!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 26, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Batman.


    This is one of my top ten favorate episodes of the series, it's just a dream come true because this episode just about has everything I love and it's also a role reversal epiosde done right. This was loosely based off an alternate Batman story which I didn't know about but erriely prolific for the "Batman Beyond" series we have. I really love the look of the futuristic world it's simliar to the one in the pulp comic book series "Magus Robot Fighter" and I can tell there are a few nods to that series.

    But the joy is in many things, for one thing the voice cast seeing Clancy Brown and Dana Deliny play the alternate versions of Lex Luthor and Lois Lane. And Kevin Conroy playing the alternate Batman. That was just comic gold and the gold keeps buliding up as we see Batman becoming Superman. That was something I thought I'd never see in a million years but this was my year, and it was hillaous as there were constant nods to the Superman series like the famous it's a bird and plane sentence which made me crack up or even the famous picture of Superman standing in front of the American flag. But it was just simply plain fun seeing Batman really go to town and kick some butt with the super powers while having fun in the process. And of course the version of krytonite is funny too, lets just say Batman shouldn't go to the video arcade.

    One of the funniest moments for me was seeing the alternate Batman work at the Daily Planet and we see him out of the mask and he looks like Clark Kent; so you can say it's Clark Kent (Superman) whom has became Batman, while we see Bruce Wayne (Batman) becoming Superman. Boy wrap your head around that one.

  • Any fan of the comics and of Batman:TAS and its related series who enjoys The Brave and the Bold will find this one of the best episodes yet. All kinds of great references here.

    The show's creators clearly have a lot of respect for the origins and history of these characters, especially Batman. References are often made to comics or other previous incarnations of them. The newest episode, The Super-Batman of Planet X! is certainly no exception. Batman accidentally gets transported to the planet Zurr En Arrh (comic fans know what this means) and meets the Batman of that planet, whose multicolored costume resembles the one the Zurr En Arrh Batman wore in the comics. This Batman's arch-enemy is Rohtul, Luthor spelled backwards, and is indeed voiced by Clancy Brown, the voice of Luthor from Superman: TAS and other things. There's also a reporter named Vilsi Valar (named after Vicki Vale, no doubt), voiced by Dana Delany, known for providing Lois Lane's voice. And the biggest grin-inducing decision of them all was that Zurr En Arrh's Batman was voiced by the voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy.

    I haven't even gotten into the plot yet. Batman quickly discovers that on this planet, he has Superman-like powers, which leads to some fun scenes where he tries them out and interacts with the native Batman. Turns out he also a Kryptonite-like weakness on that planet, as anyone would have predicted, and yes, it does come into play. The episode was still a lot of fun to watch, especially the hilarious ending, and ranks up there with the best the series has to offer.

    I highly recommend this series to any comic fan, as long as you don't watch it expecting another Batman: TAS. This is a different show, it knows that and loves it.
  • Numerous references to Bruce Timm's Superman and Batman series makes this one great and funny episode.

    I really liked this episode. Best part? Why, Kevin Conroy as Batman from Zurr En Arrh of course. Clancy Brown and Dana Delany also appear in roles that mirror those they had in Superman: The Animated Series. It's also a lot of fun seeing Batman with superpowers, flying around battling huge robots and monsters. But of course in the end it's all about using your head and skills and not superpowers to save the day, I liked that.

    This is one highly enjoyable episode, the opening is great as well and sees the return of the Metal Men, that was quick. Still, it's good to see them back so soon, taking on Kanjar Ro an his space pirates. It also shows Dr. Magnus in a pimp suit, and Batman, more or less unmasked, but not completely, have to save the full unmasking for "Chill of the Night" I guess, and rightfully so.

    The action is as usual full of energy and is a joy to behold. This is a very entertaining episode with a bunch of clever, humerous references to the classic Bruce Timm Superman and Batman series.
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