Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 3 Episode 8

Time Out for Vengeance!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Really loving these JLI episodes, this one brings back a major villain and sets up things to come.

    I very rarely include a spoiler warning, I've done it a few times when I thought there were major surprises which you should see for yourself, so be warned...okay? This is another JLI episode, you know chances are I'm probably gonna love it, if only for Ice, too bad they seem to follow the comics and have that jerk Guy Gardner making advances towards her, I know they want to portray her as a ditz, but this was a bit too much, dinosaurs and man living in the same time period? I agree with Guy, which school did she go to? Must be mine, the Norwegian education system strikes again, but no, we're not all that stupid, at least she didn't start talking about fish in this one, but nothing can make me dislike her. What I had a problem with was the rushed nature of the episode, and frankly I would've given it a much lower score of it weren't for the ending which promises more from a certain returning villain. Ready for the spoiler? Equinox is back, oh yeah, he was absent in season 2, why? Well, he died in the last episode of season 1, Batman killed him by shattering him into several pieces, turns out however that those pieces carry aspects of his personality, and they live on, this part made a robot body of Equinox in an attempt to kill the future Batman.

    Oh yeah, future Batman, you see as the title suggests this is a time travel episode, we get to see prehistoric Batman, Pirate Batman, Roman Batman and the aforementioned future Batman. These individual segments aren't that great, but there are some funny lines in each of them, they were clever with the team-ups, so that there's at least one funny characterin each team. The animation seemed different, and I felt the same way about the previous episode, it was more noticeable here, I don't know what it is, it just seemed...well, different, not in a bad way, Batman seemed even more angular if that's possible and less chubby, the backgrounds seemed more detailed and vibrant. There were some animaton mistakes, or missing shots that lead to awkward transitions, but again, it's a good looking show. The opening with the Creeper was pretty funny, I didn't like the one in The New Batman Adventures, he became really annoying, I guess he works best in small doses, at least for me, though I don't think I would mind seeing this show's version of him return.

    This is another great episode, I do have minor qualms with it, but they promise at the end to continue the Equinox plot, which I appreciate, I know some didn't like him as a villain in the first season, but I'm glad he's back, this is gonna be very interesting, and I hope this means even more Ice...I mean more JLI.
  • First time that I actually remembered to watch a NEW episode of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold"


    I always forget to watch a NEW episode of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" and I always miss them. I pretty much watch this show when I wake up a little early in the morning to watch this show. For the first time ever, I actually remembered that there was a NEW episode of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold". I haven't seen this show in almost a month and finally remembered to watch the NEW episode. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in this NEW episode. The one time I remembered to watch a NEW episode of this show and the episode had to be about Batman being gone throughout this entire episode. Batman is my favorite superhero and he is the reason why I watch this show but the one thing that really disappointed me about this episode so much was that Batman only appeared in the very beginning and the very end of the episode. This episode is about the superheros time-traveling to try to get the REAL Batman to appear. The storyline also didn't seem to catch my attention and this episode was little boring at times. I did laugh pretty hard when Aqua Man said "Hooray, I get to fight Romans". I also enjoyed seeing the Prehistoric Batman, Pirate Batman, and Roman Batman in this episode. The best part of this episode was probably when REAL Batman, Prehistoric Batman, Pirate Batman, and Roman Batman fought that giant monster but even that part didn't last very long. Overall, this episode was just okay but the most disappointing thing about this episode was the fact that there was less Batman. 6.5/10