Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 3 Episode 10

Triumvirate of Terror!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Oct 07, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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After the world's greatest baseball game, Lex Luthor, Cheetah, and Joker team up to bring down their respective opponents... by switching heroes.

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  • The Company You Keep

    Alright I'll admit this episode isn't quite a heavy hitter depite coming close, but it's soild all the same and I really like the idea and is something I wish individual comic series would think of doing. Where the villians actually switch up on their typical opposition.

    There really isn't much to say, I did like seeing Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman fight against opppnents they usually wouldn't face. My favorate one was Batman against Luthor which I felt was a great idea, Luthor is kinda a perfect antithesis to Bruce/Batman since both are highly intelegent and are inventive. I'll admit seeing all three get their butts whooped by the villians outside their comfort zone was surreal and felt plasable (well sort of). It was funny seeing the villians argue over their winnings.

    And I really like that baseball game which I thought was surreal, fun and funny, kinda reminded me of the Hanna Barbara cartoon "Wacky Races". I really liked how all of the cleches were their as well as the use of superpowers.

    I think the only thing that really holds this back is just the predictability factor. But I don't know it could be because I'm too use to the characters, I'm not sure.

    Anyway, the fight at the end was soild if not one of their greatest and I really like the end which was touching and a slight homage to the graphic novel "Kingdom Come" as we see older versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. I really liked what they choose to put in the time capsule which was a jukebox, it makes sense and does reflect who they are. It's not their costumes and weapons that defines them, they fight for what makes the world liveable and what makes us and them happy; which is part of why their friendship and the legends they leave behind will live forever.moreless
  • Another predictable, fairly dull episode, but at least the opening is good and Cheetah is introduced, ending is pretty cool as well.

    So this episode isn't as bad as "Sword of the Atom", but it's not very good either, it's the trinity episode, that's right, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have to face Lex Luthor, Joker and Cheetah who have just teamed up. Seriously, an episode about 3 villains, two of which we've seen before, teaming up to take down 3 heroes we've seen before? That's it? Well, yeah, it's just substandard stuff, the next episods is even worse, the series is in a slump right now and needs to recover badly. Whats so clever about this episode, I mean, I enjoy watching Cheetah make her debut, even though I prefer the all furry version, she looks weird with a human face. Okay, the original part is supposed to be that Joker goes up against Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor goes up against Batman and Cheetah goes up against Superman, great, but isn't the point of the show to feature heroes fighting villains they normally wouldn't? So that's not new or fresh. The heroes are captured and, yes, they talk to the villains and manage to turnthem against each other, who saw that coming? Oh, right.

    The opening with the baseball game is easily the best part and quite funny, little Frankie Miller is rooting for the heroes. The ending is pretty nice,I liked the robot Batman suit. I don't know what's going on with the show, they really cannot afford such lacklustre episodes in it's final season, that's what happened to The Batman as well, it just went through the motions in it's final season. Batman: The Brave and the Bold has at least some cool new ideas left, and some of the episode before this and the previous one have been some of the best, including the best in my opinion. I just hope that after the next disaster "Bold Beginnings", we can get back to the awesome.moreless
James Garrett

James Garrett


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Tippi Hedren

Tippi Hedren

Queen Hippolyta

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Vicki Lewis

Vicki Lewis

Wonder Woman

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Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett


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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Lex Luthor: Yes, if each of us takes of a different hero, it's a whole new game. Advantage us.
      Joker: Dibs on the swimsuit model.
      Lex Luthor: A mere mortal for a change. But that leaves Cheetah with...
      Cheetah: The Man of Steel? Ha! Steel or flesh, no man can resist the claws of this cat.

    • Wonder Woman: The Joker!
      Joker: Well, it ain't Helen of Troy!
      Wonder Woman: No man sets foot on Paradise Island. Let alone an insane psychopath.
      Joker: I am what I am, Wonder Wench. And you're about to be ancient history!

    • Joker: You know me. I love to beat a joke to death!

    • Lex Luthor: Attention all sentient beings in the known galaxy. It is I, Lex Luthor.
      Cheetah: And I, the Cheetah, in the adorable fur.
      Joker: And last but never least, me, the Mountebank of Menace, the Lord of Laughs, the Clown Prince... (Lex knocks him down)
      Lex Luthor: Joker.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Character bios: Cheetah, Joker, Lex Luthor

    • As Wonder Woman fights Cheetah the first time, the theme music from the 70s Wonder Woman TV series plays in the background.

    • The teenage President seen at the end is Prez Rickard, an obscure DC character who had his own four-issue comic (Prez: First Teen President) in 1973-74. Created by Joe Simon and Jerry Grandenetti, Prez occupied an alternate universe where the age of eligibility was lowered to 18.

    • Injoke: Batman's comment about two children, Julie Schwartz and Frankie Miller, is a reference to long-time DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz, and writer and creator of The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller.

    • Characters uncredited/appearing without dialogue: Amazo, Felix Faust, Weather Wizard, Kid Flash, Booster Gold, Plastic Man, Green Arrow, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman


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