Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Season 1 Episode 23

When OMAC Attacks!

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Oct 16, 2009 on Cartoon Network



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    • Batman: (about brothers Hawk and Dove) Those two make me glad I'm an only child.

    • Operative: No excuses!
      Batman: None offered. I wouldn't want the Global Peace Agency mad at me.

    • Batman: We were supposed to take him alive!
      OMAC: What can I say, bub? Peace hurts.

    • Batman: Buddy is an innocent man and you put him in jeopardy. He doesn't even know what he is.
      Operative: What he is is simply a mannequin we can dress as OMAC.
      Batman: No! He's a person. And if OMAC had some of his heart, he'd be a soldier instead of just a weapon.

    • Buddy: Guess I'm never gonna be much more than a nobody janitor, huh?
      Batman: Deep inside you there's a tough guy ready to break out. Literally.

    • Batman: This time it might not hurt to try a softer touch.
      OMAC: You're right. A soft touch wouldn't hurt. Which is why I'm going in swinging... hard.

    • (to Batman)
      Equinox: They say the flapping wings of a single butterfly can stir a wind on the other side of the world. Ever wonder what impact your little bat wings have on this world?

    • Batman: Destroying one city doesn't make up for the destruction of another, Equinox.
      Equinox: The universe requires equilibrium. Without it, everything deteriorates into chaos. You of all people should appreciate my efforts. You maintain equal parts of dark and light. It's what makes you such a formidable opponent.

    • Batman: You know, not everything requires excessive force.
      OMAC: Hit hard or not at all, I always say.
      Batman: Words to live by.

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