Battle B-Daman

Season 1 Episode 2

B-DaBattle Mountain

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 02, 2005 on The CW

Episode Recap

After defeating Gray in his first match, Yamato encounters a mysterious person who also wants to steal Cobalt Blade. Meanwhile, Ababa has his eye on Bull's alter-ego due to his impressive display of power. Enjyu also reveals that the Shadow Alliance now has control of Gray's sister, as well as Gray himself. Yamato is now determined to become the best B-DaPlayer ever, and starts practicing.

Yamato seems disappointed that his practicing isn't going as he planned. Mie suggests that he practice with someone else instead of by himself. Mie admits that she hid Cobalt Blade from Yamato when she first found him because of all the bad things she heard about the sport, but now accepts that it was meant to be his all along. When Bull stops by, he shows him his new Cobalt Blade. He also shows him a picture of Gray he drew, and Bull knows where he is, and agrees to take him there. They climb a big mountain to get there, but Bull slips and Yamato saves him by grabbing his hand. Once they reach the top, the see Gray practicing there. Yamato makes Gray challenge him to a direct hit battle, and if Yamato loses, Gray gets to take Cobalt Blade. As Yamato starts, he notices that his shots aren't going where they're supposed to.

Gray fires to the side, and the wind makes it go straight towards Yamato. Yamato quickly says he might be cheating, but Gray says to follow the direction of the different winds that blow on the top of the mountain. Yamato ignores his advice, and continues firing how he was doing at first. Meanwhile, Gray reads the wind, and Yamato quickly begins to learn how to counter-attack. He still shoots straight at him, but misses due to the wind. But Yamato notices Bull's snot, and uses it as a windsock to help him shoot. But Yamato's hand is in pain due to the rock that fell on it when he saved Bull from falling off the mountain earlier. Gray doesn't want to win this way, but Yamato insists that he wants to finish the battle, anyway. Both Gray's and Yamato's B-DaBalls collide in a test of power, and the match ends in a draw. After the match, Bull transforms into his alter-ego, much to the surprise of Gray and Yamato.

Bull fires his Helio Breaker at Cobalt Blade, but Gray's Chrome Zephyr deflects his shots. As the shots are returned to Bull, it knocks him off the edge of the cliff again, but Yamato manages to grab his hand again, and with some extra help from Gray, they save Bull and pull him back to the top. They both return with Yamato back to his house for the night. It now appears that Yamato has made two new friends...