Battle B-Daman

Season 1 Episode 45

B-DaBreakdown Part 1

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 08, 2005 on The CW
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B-DaBreakdown Part 1
Joshua seeks out Yamato and asks him to help unlook Cain's true heart, but is he leading the gang into a trap, or does he really want Cain to be free hearted again? Also Wen decides how to free Li, but can he get by the members of the Neo Shadow Alliance?moreless
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  • This episode rocked! The clever relationship between butler and boss. So sweet~

    This episode was so touching and sweet, because when Wen told him to fall into the cliff, I thought Joshua wouldn't do it, but he proved me wrong. Terry rocked in saving him. Gray was so cool there, and when Cain showed up, Joshua was so broken. Those b-da balls really meant a lot to him, and Cain threw his relationship away so quickly, even though of no fault of his own.

    Here, we see the work of the neo shadow again, and Gray, knowing how much it hurts to have a special bond torn apart, (Trust me, there's a LOT of that in this series) knows it wouldn't be right to let Cain get away with it. Gray and Liena, Joshua and Cain, Wen and Li, all of these have been broken lots of times before... Gray would know the best out of all of them, and is usually the best to control his emotions. The fierce battle really touched me because when Cain shattered Joshua's b-da ball, he threw away the friendship he gave, and that was the most interesting plot of all. Really, when Wen was surprised by Joshua's *cliff act*, I knew it was only natural. I mean, would you jump off a volcanic cliff for someone who don't even respect you anymore? Not really I guess. But they have respected each other in the past, I knew how important that meant to him, and I know that Yamato's group should have the right to have doubts and Joshua should know so too.

    And another thing. When Wen left to go to find Li, I was hoping a more of a dramatic thing. Though it didn't make much sense at all. Yamato and the others are tracking down Marda B, WHO took Li. Hey, that does go together, so why is he going solo? At least he stayed right, that intrupption with Joshua really didn't help. Overall, in this ep, it showed a lot of serious hurt and betrayal, touchy moments, and tense actions. That's why this is one of the best!moreless
  • This has to be one of my favourite episodes yet.

    I really liked this one, because first when joshua said he wants to unlock cains true heart first i did not believe him. then he sais he would do anything.then wen said for him to jump of the cliff. the gang dissagrees but he does it anyway. Terry saves him, but now i beleive him.Cain had a amazing battle with gray and the battle is not yet over. there is another twist. when i goes back to joshua's and cain's background where joshua was cain's servant

    and cain gave joshua a special b-daball as his mark of respect for him. joshua had the same b-daball and gave it to cain. Cain used it against gray's in their b-dabattle and it shattered. Now i cant wait till part 2 of B-dabreakdown.moreless

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