Battle B-Daman

Season 1 Episode 47

Bright Lights, Neon City

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 22, 2005 on The CW

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  • Wow! This episode was funny and revealing at the same time!

    This episode was funny, sad, emotional, revealing, much more than what I gave credit for. When Gray and the others dressed up like each other, it was so funny! Yamato as Bull, Bull as Yamato, Gray as Terry, and Terry as Gray. I agree with Terry, it does bring out the colour in his cheeks. *Grin* And when Wen started shouting and Yamato said: "And shouting at us is going to make this any better?" He surprised me by saying, err, yelling: "MAYBE IT JUST MIGHT!" So hilarious.

    The part where Armada discovered the arrow, and asking Mie to flip the table, it was so funny to see Mie like that. And the arrow has changed everything I'd think the plot was. That was so revealing, as well as Enjyu's attempt to destroy Marda B. He made a good effort, and stil failed. So sad, and also where Wen was reminded time after time that he needs his brother when Terry saw Joe again. This episode clearly rocked, and revealed many things I didn't know before, this episode is a must!
  • This was the one of the Funntest Episode i'd seen.

    This was the Funnest episode i'd ever seen because when they were dressing as each other Gray looked so funny i spilt my sides and the coment that they were going to get caught or end up all smelling like i liked wat they did to neon city and it was good to see Joe and every one bac again.
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