Battle B-Daman

Season 1 Episode 1

Cobalt Blade

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 02, 2005 on The CW

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  • The first episode of this brilliant Anime: Battle B-daman!

    I think this ep was really good because it was of humour, laughter, some adventure and action, with tints of friendship and family love. I think that's a pretty good beginning to this series. With a little bit of each genre needed, and some mystery to get you excited about this show, why and how, whatsoever. This is pretty good. I think that this episode should be one that everyone sees, because the introduction is the most important of all. Thanks for reading this, and hope you like Battle B-daman!
  • It was because of this particular episode I even know and love Battle B-daman.

    This episode is my favorite among all, we catch a glimpse of most of the characters whom we would soon learn to know and love (including Armada), we learn a lot about Yamato, and even see Terry in action.

    Cobalt Blade is an amazing start to a series like this. It presents to us the game itself, the comedy we would see a lot off, and even a part of the Shadow Alliance.

    If the producers did not put a lot of effort into this episode, then my name is Yamato and I was raised by cats.
  • on this episode it is where I met all the interesting characters of the series especially the characters I like

    This episode is a good one especially the part where the b-dabattle started I love that part of the episode! And I met one cute guy on this episide and its Wen Yong-fa who I had a cool appearance his soo cool even if he's a bad guy oh well that's all I'll write for this episode.