Battle B-Daman

Season 1 Episode 1

Cobalt Blade

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 02, 2005 on The CW



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    • B-DaMage: This ancient map holds the mystical secrets of the B-DaWorld. They say the greatest warrior of all time will come from right down at there. Kids, Konichiwa. That means hello in case you don't know. I'm B-DaMage, your personal guide to the b-DaWorld. And these cats are my meowmigo's.
      Meowmigo's: Konichiwa!
      Meowmigo 1: I fell down.
      B-DaMage: That was cute, give him a 7.5 on the cuteness scale. Now I'm gonna download my tv into your TV. So you can see into the B-DaWorld. Check it out!
      Armada: B-DaMage, guy to the B-DaWorld, I've come with an urgent request. The fate of the world hangs on the balance, please accept my humble offering.
      B-DaMage: Oh, they're always making offerings to me. I hope it's chocolate! Ah, that's Armada. He's the greatest inventor in the whole B-DaWorld. I wonder what he is invented this time. Oh.
      Armada: This is the most powerful B-Daman of all time; Cobalt Blade. It's made of flaming firestones and the complex system of ultra hightech components. I built it after a frightening midnight, random my territorium. It was a nightmare!
      B-DaMage: I feel a flashback coming on.
      Armada: The B-Daman Zero System is finished. It's the next generation of B-DaPower. Huh?
      What? What's that? Waha! It's gone! I designed my Zero System for the ultimum good, but they stole it for the ultimum evil! That's why I built Cobalt Blade, to project the B-DaWorld. Only Cobalt Blade is powerful enough to do so, but it cannot fall into the wrong hands. It needs a true champion, with a pure heart. Only you, B-DaMage, can find the one who belongs with Cobalt Blade.
      B-DaMage: Hmmm... sounds good.
      Cobalt is on his way to a great warrior. Though he may not be great yet. First he must face a series of tests.

    • Yamato: Sure, I can practice racing.

    • Bull: Are you going to stay out here all night?
      Yamato: Who are you?
      Bull: That is a secret. Can you guess?
      (crickets sing)
      Yamato: Why am I supposed to guess?

    • Yamato: And once I get a B-Daman, I will be unstoppable.

    • Gray: (To Yamato) Kid... you've got nothing.
      Yamato: (Sarcastically) You wish I had nothing!

    • Gray: I'm here for Cobalt Blade. Hand it over.
      Yamato: Excuse you. Just what's Cobalt Blade?
      Gray: Don't play dumb, kid. I know you've got it. I want it now!
      (Gray kicks chair at table, cake falls to the floor)
      Gray: It took me a year to track you down. It's been a long, hard journey.
      (Yamato starts getting angry)
      Gray: Well? What's a matter, cat got your tongue?
      Yamato: (Grunting) That... was... my... CAKE!

    • Yamato: Hey there! Mie! I got the sugar! Hey, did you hear me? Yo, yo, Mie!
      Mie: Did you just say, "Yo, Mie"? I'm your mother!
      (Mie pinches Yamato's cheeks)
      Yamato: Ahh!

    • Bull: Well, I gotta vanish mysteriously now. Bye.
      Yamato: Wait. Come on in. We can chill out and stuff.
      Bull: I gotta run. Don't worry, you'll see me around.
      Yamato: All right, later!
      (Awkward pause, bubble forms around Bull's nose)
      Yamato: Dude, what are you doing? Wipe your nose, man!
      Bull: (Sniffs) Hey, snot happens.
      Yamato: Eh?

    • Yamato: And Yamato catches huge air! (Laughing) Aha!

    • Yamato: I am not short! I'm just... vertically challenged! And I'm challenging you to eh eh eh eh... a challenge!
      Bully 1: Alright, if you're a real player you must have a slamming B-daman in that bag you got there, right guy?
      Yamato: It's sugar!
      Bully 1: Buying sugar for your mommy. Then I bet you never even won a B-dabattle. Am I right?
      Bully 2: He never even played before.

    • Yamato: I was raised by wild cats! In fact, I thought I was a cat until I was five! So, I can't lose a race to some alley cat like you! No way!

    • Terry: You want to shackle with me?

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  • Allusions

    • B-Daman itself is probably based from Bomberman B-Daman, which is an old Japanese toy for younger kids. The B-Daman character and Bomberman B-Daman almost look and sound the same only that B-Daman's has the marble for the belt buckle.

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