Battle B-Daman

Season 1 Episode 33

Enraging Bull

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jul 30, 2005 on The CW
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Enraging Bull
Over in the town of Carlitoville, a couple of new B-DaPlayers are causing trouble for the villagers there. Who are they, and what exactly are their intentions?

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    Barbara Goodson

    Barbara Goodson

    Terry (Eps 7-52)/Marilyn

    Brian Beacock

    Brian Beacock

    Yamato/Joshua/Pirate C

    Dave Wittenberg

    Dave Wittenberg

    Gray/Ben Jr./Pirate D

    Mari Devon

    Mari Devon


    Mona Marshall

    Mona Marshall

    Bull/Pirate A

    Paul St. Peter

    Paul St. Peter

    Armada/Marda B./Sly

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      • B-DaMage: So, Bull decided to become a B-Daman mechanic. Will he be able to repair Cobalt Saber in time, and who's gonna win this duel in the sun, one of our guys, or those rotten Longhorn Brothers? And I'm wonderin', where do you get glasses if you have three eyes?

      • Bull: Don't worry, Yamato. I promise you I'll have Cobalt Saber fixed by then. Now that I know how I fit in.
        Yamato: What? What do you mean, "fit in"?
        Bull: I am going to dedicate myself to studying blasters. I wanna become the world's best B-Daman mechanic. Now I know. I'm a fixer, not a fighter.
        Yamato: But Bull -
        Terry: You almost...
        Liena: Beat that guy.
        Bull: Remember, "almost" doesn't cut it. Oh... There will come a day when I will be able to do it. I'll build a B-Daman more powerful than anyone's ever imagined! Sorry, my dear, old friend. I will miss you, Helio Breaker. Thank you.

      • Noose: (To Bull) Heh, heh! You're gonna be playing a new game. I think you'll be calling it "dodge B-DaBall."

      • Noose: Well, now, looky here! What have we got? A bunch of superstars from the Winner's Tournament. Now don't you folks kid yourselves into thinking that these boys can save this town.
        Bull: Really? You can brag after you've beaten me.

      • Bull: Yamato. Sorry. I'm really so sorry. Yamato, this is all my fault. So, I promise that I will fix Cobalt Saber and I'll make things right. I really will.
        Yamato: I know.
        Bull: Hmm?
        Yamato: I gotta say, an eager, rookie B-Daman mechanic is a lot better than a snoring B-DaMaster.
        Bull: Well, then?
        Yamato: I'm going to leave fixing Cobalt Saber to you because I believe in you, Bull.
        Bull: Thanks! This time I just know I won't let you down.

      • Armada: That's right. I don't need the blueprints for Cobalt Saber because I've already got them right here in my head. Uh, well, uh, of course not even I am immune to the effects of aging. (Coughs)
        Yamato: I'll affect your aging! How about I get rid of some of your 9 lives?! (Starts clawing at Armada's face)

      • Bull: (After his alter-ego destroyed Cobalt Saber) Huh? What did I do? Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no, no, no! Yamato's gonna be mad! What a mess. Don't panic. Uh, panic, panic! Aah! All these pieces. Oh! And Yamato trusted me with his blaster. Tank boost - I can't remember where the pieces go!

      • Leina: Would my favorite customer care for some more coffee?
        Man #1: Oh! M - More?! I think we've boiled my insides, but thanks. (Burps)

      • Yamato: (On the roof, relaxing) Oh, yeah. This is the good life, Terry.
        Terry: How true! After you won that tournament in Cowtoon, I guess you've earned the right to relax.
        Yamato: Yeah. Now I've got nothing to do but kick back, eat, and chill out. I feel so energized. Let's face it. I'm bold.
        Terry: I wouldn't say that at all. You've got a good head of hair. I admit as champ you've been through a lot, but you're way too young to go bald.
        Yamato: Huh? Bold.
        Terry: Yeah. Bald.
        Yamato: (Laughs) That'd be something to see. Oh! You know I said "bold." I never, ever said "bald," Terry, so open your ears up.
        Terry: I can do that as long as I don't have to open my eyes. I know your hair has good roots. In fact, they're tree-mendous.

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