Battle B-Daman

Saturday 10:30 AM on The CW Premiered Apr 02, 2005 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Friendship Break Bomber
    • Camping, B-Shot Style!
    • This Is Break Bomber?!
    • Dragon Tiger Combo! Mighty Dragren!
    • Red Dragon? Who Is That Guy?
    • Tune Up! Thunder Dracyan!
    • The Name's Leo! Thunder Leo!
    • West City, Here We Come!

      A crossfire tag team match takes place. As the top two scorers Yuki and Riki are teamed up together, but will they stand any chance against the crossfire tag team from the east when Samaru Shigami stands as the main representative from the East?

    • B-Animals? What Are Those?

      Riki learns how some B-Daman are possessed by animal spirits known as B-Animals. He also starts to become friends with his East Side competitors, mainly Kaito Samejima, Grizz Sukino, Yuki Washimura, and Simon Sumiya. After placing second, Riki has a dinner with his friends, and he invites them to the shop where he first discovered B-Daman. A friendly Sunday competition is held at an old amusement park, but Simon's fear of girls, specifically seeing Sumi, leads the team on an adventure that could change attitudes or lead them to uncertain despair.

    • Wait a Minute? He's the Champion?

      Rikki returns to the crossfire ring determined to learn why some B-Daman hold animal spirits. He is told he may learn the mysteries, but only if he can become one of the top champions in Crossfire. Rikki and Thunder Dracyan participate in their first tournament. At first Rikki has a hard time targeting, but he powers up Thunder Dracyan, and with one shot he unleashes a dragon spirit that clears the entire bridge. Rikki wins the West Block competition and is awarded 100 points. Samaru Shigami watches the competition and recognizes that Riki has a Dragon Spirit inside, the second Dragon Spirit that has been reealed. The first is held by none other than Samaru himself.

    • Did You Say ... B-Daman?

      Riki Ryugasaki is a boy who hopes to become an adventurer and solve many mysteries. After finishing school one day, he is invited by his friend, Sumi Inaba. For helping the shop owner hand out parts at a B-Daman tournament, Riki is given a B-Daman that he gets to choose. The B-Daman he chooses is Thunder Dracyan. When he charges Thunder Dracyan, he gets an invitation to a mysterious tournament. It ends up that Thunder Dracyan has an animal spirit inside that allows his B-Daman to come to life, and it qualifies him for a special tournament- B-Daman Crossfire. Riki decides to join the tourney hoping to discover the past of Thunder Dracyan.

  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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