Battle B-Daman

Season 1 Episode 5

Gray and the Blues

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 10, 2005 on The CW

Episode Recap

Wen and Li have now combined the best parts of both their B-Daman to form Bakurekuso. Yamato is confident and promises Gray to not let them leave with Chrome Zephyr. Gray starts to remember how much Yamato has changed since he first met him, and admits that if it weren't for him, both he and Bull wouldn't even be alive. He wonders if Yamato is actually being honest when he says he's his friend. As they begin to fire Bakurekuso at Yamato, Gray notices the combination of Bakuso's accuracy and Rekuso's rapid fire.

Yamato seems to be dodging all their shots by skating on the ice, much to the surprise of Wen, Li, and Gray. But Wen and Li unleash another one of Bakurekuso's special attacks by creating mini tornadoes on the ice, caused by their B-DaBalls spinning very fast. Yamato tries shooting at them, but his B-DaBalls get returned back at him. Meanwhile, while Yamato can't get to the pillar of ice, Wen takes advantage of that and shoots at the pillar of ice himself, while Ababa watches on. Yamato asks Bull to give him a Wide Server to turn Cobalt Blade into Hyper Rapid Fire mode, and begins shooting at the tornadoes, and uses their wind direction to get his B-DaBalls to hit the pillar of ice. Wen and Li are very impressed with his moves, but are still determined to beat him.

Both Wen and Yamato continue shooting at the pillar of ice until it crumbles. As it crumbles, Chrome Zephyr is freed from it, and Bull, Yamato, and Wen jump for it, but due to Li's interference, Wen gets it first. Yamato insists that Wen and Li give him Chrome Zephyr, but they say that they would never take a B-Daman from a friend. They reveal that Gray is part of the Shadow Alliance (who's known as Hurricane Gray), and has been helping them steal Cobalt Blade for the Shadow Alliance, and Yamato can't believe it. Gray then starts remember all he's been through with Yamato and Bull. Yamato tells Wen and Li that they're lying, but Gray is reluctant to tell the truth. Wen and Li give Gray back his Chrome Zephyr and order him to defeat Yamato, or else he'll never see his sister, Leanna, again.

Once they said that, Gray turns on Yamato and challenges him to a battle. He continues to taunt Yamato. Yamato is about to punch Gray in the face, but he controls himself and doesn't do it, but is still very angry. Gray tells him they'll meet again and walks away with Wen and Li, while Ababa watches on...