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  • What kind of loser came up with this...?

    I'm talking about all the anime shows that are based on games. To all the fans of this genre, how in the name of Jesus can you guys believe that by playing toy cars, riding bikes, playing game cards, shooting fake cannon balls you can save the world???? This entire genre is stupid!!!! And Battle B-Daman is the worst. The main guy has whiskers!!!! Wth is this???? Is he supposed to be a cat???? Also I know I've asked this before but how in the name of Jesus can a villain taking over the world by playing B-daman????? If Naruto didn't disgust me so much I would give this show a lower score than Naruto for sure.
  • Just another one of those uh... I dunno... anime shows based on some kind of merchandise...

    I'm getting tired of these anime shows where the characters play some kind of game, and of course, the main characters pretty much never lose... except once in a while just to create drama, but sure enough, they'll re-challenge that opponent and win. Anyhow, I only watched part of one episode of this show, and it was so cheesy... the "villain" was like... shooting marbles at the little "playing area", thus destroying it, and then it was up to Yamato or whatever his name is to stop the fiend... using his own marbles, of course. The only type of these shows I enjoyed for a while was Yu-Gi-Oh!, because you could actually play the game almost exactly like they do on the show... the other shows tend to be exaggerated and suped-up versions of the games, with magic powers and determination that can defeat even the most advanced foes.
  • This show gives me headaches!

    Yet despite the headaches, I'll watch it if possible. This show's on ABC Family at 6:00 AM on Saturdays. How I managed to wake up at that insane hour I'll never know. Anywho, I snap awake, turn on the TV. Nothing's on. Then like a sudden whiplash, this show came on. Although it stems from the same battling anime tree that Pokemon planted, this show/migraine was actually kinda entertaining. With annoying-as-hell voices, overused Japanese expressions, and other anime cliches, this show still gets a 7. Why? Yeah I'm 14, and for some strange reason I'm still hooked on these shows. After the positive scar Pokemon left on me when I was a kid, I can't stop watching'm. I'm not gonna lose sleep just to wake up to watch this show, but if I get a chance I'll watch it. It's 6:00 AM on a Saturday people, tell me what else is on.
  • pretty good anime

    Depicting and revolving the history of intire world around a game is pretty good.They have history,plot,action all of that revolving around a game.Characters are pretty good story is brilliant game is awesome though the fights are too short.
    It is realy funny because Cobalt Blade(most wanted B-Da item??)is given to aboy that only just started playing the game(like in beyblade when Tyson get's a sacred bit beast)
  • It's gay

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  • this is one of my FAVOURITE cartoons today but aint on anymore. at first i didn't like it but i saw it down asda and brought one, now im a member of the fan club, its such a creative game to play and so addicting buyiing and upgrading your armour,itsCLASS

    this is one of my FAVOURITE cartoons today but aint on anymore. at first i didn't like it but i saw it down asda and brought one, now im a member of the fan club, its such a creative game to play and so addicting buyiing and upgrading your armour,its CLASS. on one wbsite i made a team and we each had roles like finisher creater and ect. awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab fab
  • A young boy named Yamato is on a journey to save the b-daworld from the evil Marda B an evil force who will take over the world if Yamato doesn\'t do anything about it!

    WOW This Show is AWESOME! Ever since I Started watching this show a month ago, i thought, Wow, I Had no idea how good these episodes were! So by now I look on the internet and tried my best to find the DVD\'s... Nobody has them...
    So now, the first season is about to end in about 2-3 weeks and starting the second season which is called- Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits!
    So now I have to get both seasons, somehow... i looked on torrent sites and got almost one full episode but if you know how torrents are, they will more likely stop downloading, but my favorite line in that episode was, \"I was raised by cats, i did everything like a cat, Until i was five anyway!\"LOL!
  • This show rocks! Truly showed me what friendship is about without much effort and saving the world, oops, b-da world at the same time!

    I think this show truly shows about the defination of friendship. I mean, it tells of a boy who was in love with a sport he cannot play, and yet on his birthday, he gets to wield the greatest b-daman ever created. On the way to become a great b-da player, he gets lots of friends and enemies, and enemies who soon become friends. And in the end, becomes the hero. Which is why, Spoilers below.

    Yamato first started out with Gray, who didn't want to be a friend, but became one later on, which I think was really sweet. Then came Bull, no matter how weird he was, Yamato accepted him as a friend, and a rather special one too, even when he tried to get his b-daman. (If I rememebered it right.) And there's Terry, who was fighting with him for food, but Yamato didn't care, he gets friends wherever he goes.

    Then there's the shadow Alliance. They turned out to be really bad in the beginning but however, Wen and Li turned around, and so did Enjyu, causing it to spilt apart instantly. Yamato respected their mistakes, and accepted them into the circle of friends as well, though of their faults.

    Super Five field challenge turned out to be more of a challenge for the gang, it seemed to be a place for new pals, but only to be betrayed later on by having his b-daman destroyed. But later on, Asado came to him, asking for forgiveness, but Yamato didn't think even, and forgive him instantly.

    Friendship, and Family relations is all this show. The sport is also awesome. Taught me about trust, tough descision, friendship in strange places, and to never give in. The strong will of spirit, that comes through for you if you believe hard enough.

    Take for instance, Gray and Leina. Gray was in the Shadow because of her, changing his aspect as a respectful b-daplayer instantly, but Gray still managed to live through it for her, his only family member alive.

    And Wen and Li, taking the time to even combine their b-daman because of their strong bonds is something I cannot say more to. But even because of that, that just makes things harder for Wen when he has to battle Li either to bring him back, or fall into the darkness with him. Putting a lot of risk on the task that was hard to do at first, but just harder when you think of what happens if you don't come through.

    And for Terry, how hard was the desision to save Enjyu at all? Knowing the universe's fate depended on him, but still choosing to save him.

    I would talk on forever about this show, but I choose not to. It'll be for you to find out. I truly think this show is very fansinating, and with amazing characters of all sorts. They are awesome!

    I advise to try this show at least, it'll catch your attention, I'm sure of that. With the typical plot, but writing a whole new meaning to the words: friendship, family, trust. Thank you for reading!
  • Not as bad as I thought

    At first this show seemed weird and confusing (most likely because I started watching from episode 23) but after seeing it from the beginning it became at lot easier to understand. I know that the whole "Shooting Marbles" thing seems very boring but after watching it for a while you will hopefully start to understand that it is the stories and other stuff behind the battle that make it so appealing. True, the show seems a lot like Beyblade but they are totally different if you watch them closely. Overall, this is a very good show and I just wish they would air it again already!
  • I can't believe I actually enjoyed this! It's like one of life's guilty pleasures.

    I can't believe I actually enjoyed this! It's like one of life's guilty pleasures. You know you are not supposed to enjoy it that much but you can't help enjoying it. I can't believe I'm typing this but long live Battle B-Daman. You have one more (secret) supporter here!

  • Sucks.

    Lame *** show that has no good action at all. This show needs to disappear from the air for good. It is lame and does not enteratin many. Some but not many. It is so horrible, i do not want to see it on my television at all anymore. It just needs to go.
  • One of the best.

    Battle B-daman is really wonderful, funny and family friendly, a definite must on any anime fan's list.

    The plotline is easy to follow and has many twists--you never know what's next! Character developement is really high, every moment we learn something about the characters/plot. The concept is original, even though some Beyblade fans diss it (but then, they're both made by Inuki Eiji).

    Still, this show needs more fans!
  • This is the worst show i\'ve ever saw and it really is a waste of time and read all of this review to imagine why.

    Battle B Damonis so bad that when I first saw it I turned the channel and the only reason I watched the first few minutes of it was because I heared their voices and thought that digimon was on because almost every single character on the show has an actor or actress who provided a voice of a character from at least one season of digimon such as Yamato=Takato and Grey=Henry both from season 3 of digimon. Other characters I heared from digimon were Ken Ichijoji sea2 and izzi izzumi se1-2. I also don\'t like how Yamato\'s b da launcher looks like some kind of tiny gundam duplicate with a whole in its chess.
  • This is one good show.

    From the company that bought you Beyblade is Battle B-Daman. B-Daman like Beyblade is an ancient game played by many. In this show we see Yamato start his journey to become the best. On his journey he makes new friends and must fight the evil shadow alliance and then the reforemed neo-shadow alliance.
  • This new show is one of my fave. shows but I missed one of the best episode of it

    This is a very great anime even if the characters are good it doesn't matter if the story is a bit difficult to understand but the best thing about it is the fierce b-dabattles all over the anime. the best thing are they're adventures I hope they make another great anime like this!.
  • I think that TV is going downhill.

    What the hell is this?!
    Who greenlit this show ?!
    Can someone please help me out?!

    I thought that Beyblade was stupid, but this takes the cake! This show is so retarded it sickens me. I really regret getting up for school and watching this! When will our beloved stations learn? Why copy Beyblade? It gets you nowhere, and i'm being nice. The plot is just using this thing to beat the other persons thing. Wow, I'm so impressed! (sarcasm). I thought Jetix only shows this but Cartoon Network shows this too. Overall, I'm shocked, apalled and disgusted at this show.

    Absolute Crap!
    Yours Truly,
  • This show is so awsome! My favourite characters are: 1:Gray 2:Einyu 3:Cain 4:Yamato 5:Li 6:Wen 7:Tommy Personally, this show is one of my top ten favourites!

    Battle B-Daman is a really awsome show! One of the best shows I have EVER seen! I watch it every day it's on and I laugh in every episode! This show makes me laugh! Yamato has to be the funniest character, but I still think Gray is the coolest character! I like Gray because he is cool and mysterious. I like Einyu because he is mean and looks cool. And I like Cain because he is a really cool character and I just love his attitude and his appereance in the first episode he's in. Every other character I like are funny and cool, as well. Personally, my least favourite characters are Lienna and May...and don't ask me why either. In anime, I don't really seem to like the girl characters.
  • This is the best show i ever saw even though i missed one weeks episodes.

    The show is the best ive seen in a while most of the other show a too boring to watch twice but i liked this show so muck i even brought a B-Daman my Favourite characters are Yamato, Gray and Bull my Favourite B-Damon is The Cobalt B-Damons and lord Calavary. Since this show was so good i gave it a 10.
  • This Show owns!! and Gray is smexi!!

    This is like the best show eva!!!!
    The charters are kool and the story line roxs
    And Gray is really smexi!!! XD
    The charters have unique personaltys
    Like Bull he has three sides to himself
    And Gray is mysterious
    Terry is smart (ish)
    and Yamato is Funny and werid...He was rasied by Cats so he has to be werid XD
  • This was the most god-awful show that has ever been he displeasure to have enter my memory.To put simply it Blows.

    If you a looking for a show that is full of excictiment and will be your new favorite show. Do Not Watch This Peice Of Crap. you can not belive how bad this show is. It ripps off so many other shows it is not funny(such as Dragon ball, Dual masters). second it is a show based of a toy. Yeah a freakin toy. I have seen toys based off shows but not the other way around. Lastly It so pathatic in trying to make an ok show it is just sad and funny. I gave this "SHOW" a 0.8 out 10 only because I felt bad for it.
  • love it lol.

    very funny and very addictive lol.i love it coz of wen and li they my fav characters.
    last i checked they were least fav.
    every1 likes grey really!
    stubbon stubbon! lol
    i've only seen the 3 series and a bit of the 2nd series. i'd love to c the 1st. my review is short and very broing lol.
  • i love this it's one of the best cartoons ever

    i love this show it's one of my favs like Yu-gi-oh
    Digimon, Dragonball Z, and Battle B-Daman it's it's one of the greatest shows ever i love it if you haven't wached you should cos it's funny i of my fav lines is Yamto: ok lets get down to besness bull give me a cup cake that line is so funny cos you didn't know it was coming but any way you should wach it cos you will love it
  • A decent show which is definitely worth watching, which is Jack of all suits, but Ace of none.

    First off, this show is perfectly fine. I rather like it, but it probably isn't to everyone's tastes.
    Although there are a lot of anime shows around where people need to engage in some sort of competition, this one avoids being repetitive by using a sense of humour to keep things going.
    It certainly isn't the funniest show I've ever seen, but it's still entertaining. They still get plenty of points for trying. The one thing I've noticed about the jokes though, is that many of them aren't likely to be understood by younger viewers. Not everyone who would be watching a show like this has great knowledge of 80's music, for example.
    I don't know whether it's just the NTSC/PAL conversion (I don't live in America), but sometimes the animation looks a bit poor in parts, but it's workable.
    What they lack in originality for the story is made up for by the unusual, yet excellent characters. The characters themselves are one of the things that make the show as funny as it is, because there is the serious guy (Gray), the crazy guy (Yamato), the guy who doesn't know whether he's coming or going (Bull) and the one who manages to keep them all together (Terry). As a whole they haven't ceased to entertain yet for me.
    The fun animation style is cute, and helps show how naive the characters truly are, and I certainly think that we should be getting more of this sort of show.
    The main problem I find with this show though, is that it tries to be too much. It's good in most things, but it isn't excellent in anything, and so when you make a comparison between it and other shows, B-Daman comes out behind because you'd only make a comparison where the other show excels.
    All in all, I give it 8.0 because it's definitely worth watching if you've got nothing better to do, but don't expect it to be the best show you've ever seen, even if it's still pretty good.
  • this is the best show who would give it 0.10

    the best show in the world tho the game with the toys could of bean abit better but there still really good. the show ild give it a 500005.10 thats good the toys ild give a 500000.10 lol and when the game comes out i dont know what i would give it when the new toys come out they will be good. :)
  • Yay! Finally, UK Cartoon Network airs an original anime that's actually good! Great for any cats/anime lovers out there!

    I know, I know, lots of people will probably think 'oh my god! You watch that crud?' when they read this. This isn't really the kind of show I'd watch, but who cares?

    When I saw the commercial for this I was like '..whaa?' until I saw all the cats. That got me to watch it, funny enough. I watched the first episode and wanted more. Then I got dragged into it.

    I love a lot of things about this show. One of them being is because it has so many kitty roots! Yamatao was raised by cats, Armada's a cat, Ababa's a cat. and there's Tommi, the three Meowmigos and all of Armada's assistants! And then the whole 'it's anime so I'll like it' thing comes up. This was a lot better than Beyblade. All I remember from Beyblade is that I was really ill and I was so hot I couldn't move..

    Anyway, you didn't need to hear that! >>; The show is also really, really funny every now and then. Especially Bull's calm alter ego, he's so funny sometimes! When Yamato is hungry it's funny to see him moan and groan and complain. While he sleeps his words compose of 'Pancaaakes...' and relevant words.

    Any fans of Pokemon, cats or just general everyday weapon of destruction anime will love Battle B-Daman! B-Dafire!
  • This is the best show EVER!!!

    I just love this show! Gray's my fave character, and Wing Ninja is my fave B-Daman. This anime is tied up with Pokemon (for me). So, it's my number 1 anime! ^_^ Yamato's so funny, Terry's cool, Bull's funny, Wen and Li are cool, and Enjyu is awesome! First, it was all confusing, then got better, then tense, then exciting! This is something to watch when you have time!
  • This is now one of my favourite shows

    This show is so cool. my favourite character is gray. The only part of the show i dont like is the meowmigos. i think it makes the show a bit too childish. the rest of the show though is amazing, but i cant deny that i really like this show
  • New friends, new adventures... Welcome to the world of B-Daman.

    This show is as good as Beyblade!!
    And how could you not like it? New storyline, brand new characters and plot, it\'s great. The comedy is hilarious in my opinion and I even have my own B-Daman which is Chrome Zephyer. Grey is my personal favourite because he\'s like Kai from Beyblade. This has got be one of the best shows ever!!
  • i heard of this show it kind of seem stupid i mean stupid episode titles i laughed at the preview of first seeing it

    i saw the guy he reminded me of a leprechaun on a commercial that i saw at least i think its this show he was like yeah,i blame some people who dont like it i mean there are better shows on tv than this but dont get me wrong everybody has their own opinions what they like i mean this world is full of choices that is what i learn on super robot monkey team hyper force go episode planetoid q
  • This show is great...not!

    When I heard Battle B-Daman was made by the creators of Beyblade, I said to myself "This is going to suck" and wouldn't you know it, it does. The show as boring and stupid as Beyblade for pretty much the same reasons. The idea of people attacking each other with marbles-shooting toys is a dumb idea. That's like showing people fighting with BB guns for god sake. The characters are lame and are as childish as the voiceovers.
    B-Daman is just another kiddy fad that won't last forever, I guarentee or your money back (money back not a guarentee). :P
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