Battle B-Daman

Saturday 10:30 AM on The CW Premiered Apr 02, 2005 In Season





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  • This show gives me headaches!

    Yet despite the headaches, I'll watch it if possible. This show's on ABC Family at 6:00 AM on Saturdays. How I managed to wake up at that insane hour I'll never know. Anywho, I snap awake, turn on the TV. Nothing's on. Then like a sudden whiplash, this show came on. Although it stems from the same battling anime tree that Pokemon planted, this show/migraine was actually kinda entertaining. With annoying-as-hell voices, overused Japanese expressions, and other anime cliches, this show still gets a 7. Why? Yeah I'm 14, and for some strange reason I'm still hooked on these shows. After the positive scar Pokemon left on me when I was a kid, I can't stop watching'm. I'm not gonna lose sleep just to wake up to watch this show, but if I get a chance I'll watch it. It's 6:00 AM on a Saturday people, tell me what else is on.