Battle B-Daman

Saturday 10:30 AM on The CW Premiered Apr 02, 2005 In Season





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  • Yay! Finally, UK Cartoon Network airs an original anime that's actually good! Great for any cats/anime lovers out there!

    I know, I know, lots of people will probably think 'oh my god! You watch that crud?' when they read this. This isn't really the kind of show I'd watch, but who cares?

    When I saw the commercial for this I was like '..whaa?' until I saw all the cats. That got me to watch it, funny enough. I watched the first episode and wanted more. Then I got dragged into it.

    I love a lot of things about this show. One of them being is because it has so many kitty roots! Yamatao was raised by cats, Armada's a cat, Ababa's a cat. and there's Tommi, the three Meowmigos and all of Armada's assistants! And then the whole 'it's anime so I'll like it' thing comes up. This was a lot better than Beyblade. All I remember from Beyblade is that I was really ill and I was so hot I couldn't move..

    Anyway, you didn't need to hear that! >>; The show is also really, really funny every now and then. Especially Bull's calm alter ego, he's so funny sometimes! When Yamato is hungry it's funny to see him moan and groan and complain. While he sleeps his words compose of 'Pancaaakes...' and relevant words.

    Any fans of Pokemon, cats or just general everyday weapon of destruction anime will love Battle B-Daman! B-Dafire!
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