Battle B-Daman

Season 1 Episode 43

With Friends Like These

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 01, 2005 on The CW

Episode Recap

After Terry receives his blastercore b-daman, he uses it to defeat a Neo-Shadow alliance member. Meanwhile, Wen & Li is battling them as well. In the process, Li's arm is hit and Wen puts a bandage over it. As they remember the good and bad times they had, Li remembers that he has to report to Armada, and Wen stays behind to look after Yamato and the others.

On the way, Li meets Enjyu, and when Enjyu holds out Blazing Khan, Li takes it as a challenge but surprises him by putting it down, and saying that he needs help from Li.

Wen seems to be worried because Li's not back yet, afraid that he might've gotten lost, he goes to look for him, but only to see him in the middle of a forest. Surprised, Wen says he shouldn't be wandering around there, and then Enjyu shows up from the shadows. Wen told Enjyu to stay away from his brother, but Li surprises him by saying don't be rude to my friend brother.

That surprised Wen a lot, and he started to ask questions while pointing King Bakuso at Enjyu. While this was all very shocking, Li had another surprise by saying he has rejoined the Neo-Shadow Alliance. But the real reason was because Enjyu begged him to rejoin to prove himself loyal to Marda B. Enjyu wanted to defeat Marda B by going undercover, and the only way to make Marda B trust him is to bring someone to the Alliance. Surprisingly, Li agrees to the deal.

Wen, who still didn't believe what just happened, gets a message from his brother. A battle, fight to the finish. Knowing he has no choice, he takes out his blaster and the balls start to fly. Wen tells Li that after all they've been through with Yamato and the others, how could he betray them? They promised each other they'd never join anyone who thought power was everything again. Li answers that by saying he can because they were losers. Upset and mad, Wen goes beserk and knocks out a good part of the forest, forcing Li to the ground.

Then he surprises even himself by putting his b-daman on the side and says he's been more than a brother to him, and that they're two halves of a whole. The more I think about it, the more I have to say, you complete me, and that's what makes this so hard. Enjyu watches from behind.

Li surprised Wen by saying he was right, you're a kind person brother. Shocked, Wen looks up, only to be shot twice, once at his b-daman, which hit the spot, and at his arm. Hurt, he falls to the ground. After saying that he doesn't want any weakness because of their close relationship, Li tears off the bandage and leaves. Leaving Wen hurt on the ground and crying, thinking, how can I go on without the other half of my spirit?

After hearing it from Wen, Armada, Mie and Liena don't seem to believe the reality, and why would he do this? Angry and upset, Wen keeps blasting a rock to get his anger out, screaming this couldn've happened to him.

Now we get back to Yamato and the others, victory at their hands, they set out to find Marda B and to stop him from taking over the b-da world.

At the Neo-Shadow Alliance, Enjyu has proven his loyalities, but Li has to do it all over again. Suggesting a brainwash from Cain because they have been proven to be very close together and he doesn't want Li going easy on his brother, Enjyu gets mad, but Li surprised him by saying he's fine with it, telling Enjyu he has to go on his own with his expression. Saying sorry to Wen in his mind, Li becomes a minion of Marda B again without any control of his own. Bierce arrives with a strange b-daman in his hands, somehow connceting to Marda B's master plan, which was mentioned as Li has been brainwashed. "Perfect, he'll be the perfect addition to my master plan." That's the end of Episode 43, With friends like these.