Battle Force: Andromeda

Syfy (ended 2002)


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Battle Force: Andromeda

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For over one hundred years The Andromeda Galaxy has been under the tyrannical rule of Lord Xantar and his evil minions. Thousands of civilizations have had their freedom ripped away by his dominating hand. Most of those who have chosen to rise up and fight have never been heard from again. Thousands die each day of malnutrition in slave internment camps, Many are slowly beaten and tortured to death, Children are stripped of their innocence and forced to bury the mutilated bodies of the dead. For Xantar, has no conscience when the welfare of others is at stake. Born from the ashes of destruction a small band of resistance fighters arose to vanquish Lord Xantar and bring peace to the galaxy. Lead by Kronos, a man whose past is shared by his arch nemesis Lord Xantar, he has led his followers to many small yet important victories. Time and again, the resistance has interrupted trade routes and supply lines. Now in their darkest hour they must devise a plan to strike at the very heart of Xantar's defenses or find themselves entering the gateway into oblivion. Note: Show never went into production, 2 drafts for pilot are available. A.K.A.: Galaxy Force; Nemesis Enforcersmoreless