Battle of The Planets - Season 1

(ended 1985)




Episode Guide


  • The Conway Tape Tap
    The Conway Tape Tap
    Episode 85
    Spectra steals the Conway tapes. Mark and Princess are trapped on a Spectran spy ship and taken to planet Spectra. They recover the Tapes and try to escape, but are captured by Spectra. Jason, who has followed them without orders, rescues them and they must battle their way through the Spectran defenses to escape.moreless
  • G-Force in the Future
    Mark takes the eccentric scientist Dr Gorky, to the scout a location in the arctic as a possible site for Future World, a concept city to be powered by geothermal energy.
  • Strike at Spectra
    Strike at Spectra
    Episode 83
    G-Force travels to planet Spectra to launch an attack, but Jason is having problems with blurred vision.
  • G-Force Defector
    G-Force Defector
    Episode 82
    When the team is called to assemble, Jason has an accident is unable to join the team, leaving them at a disadvantage as they face Zoltar's attack.
  • Rockets Out of Control
    After watching the launch of a rocket ship, Chief Anderson leaves with Secretary Clayborne. But it turns out that Secretary Clayborne is an impostor.
  • Vacation on Venus
    Vacation on Venus
    Episode 80
    After what seems to be a volcanic blast on Venus, a huge horn is revealed, which is not originally from there. G-Force travels to Venus to stop the Spectra invaders.
  • Chariots of Chang-ku
    Princess is sent to the Himalayas alone to investigate some mysterious charioteers.
  • Save the Space Colony

    G-Force attempt to defend a space colony on the planet Zebor from an attack by Spectra.

  • Invasion of the Space Center (2)
    Spectra's missiles hit the research center, with Mark, Princess and Chief Anderson trapped inside.
  • Invasion of the Space Center (1)
    Spectra attempts to discover the location of a major research center in order to launch an attack on it.
  • The Awesome Armadillo
    Colonel Two takes over command of Spectra from Zoltar and launches an attack on Earth.
  • Island of Fear
    Island of Fear
    Episode 74
    Keyop investigates Witch's Island, which he suspects to be a Spectra base.
  • Tentacles from Space
    G-Force investigates Professor Stark who may have given his soil protein formula to a Spectra agent.
  • Cupid Does it to Keyop
    Keyop stumbles upon a kidnapped girl, and takes it upon himself to rescue her.
  • Super Space Spies
    Super Space Spies
    Episode 71
    G-Force travels to a distant planet called Paradise Island, where Spectra has set up a a base from which it is attacking and pollution the water reservoirs of Earth.
  • Spectra Space Spider

    Stellar City is suffering a terrible drought, so sends supplies to the city by cargo planes. But the is airlifted supply convoy is attacked by a weapon created by Dr. Streker, who was fired from Center Neptune.

  • Mission to Inner Space
    Spectra attacks a mining operation and an explosive mining bit is separated from it's base machine and continues to bore into the earth. G-Force must stop it before it hits magma, causing a devastating earthquake.
  • Panic of the Peacock
    A giant mechanical peacock constructed by Spectra invades Earth, while Mark is kidnapped and his memory suppressed!
  • Defector of Spectra
    Defector of Spectra
    Episode 67
    Greg, working within the central security agency, seems to be turning traitor for Spectra. Meanwhile, Zark has slipped his fozdic, and cannot perform his duties.
  • The Duplicate King
    The Duplicate King
    Episode 66
    Spectra targets one of the richest countries on Earth, the small country of Beldania. G-Force is dispacted out to talk and protect the monarch, but right from the start things seem wrong. Sneaking into the palace at night, to avoid detection, they find the palace bobby-trapped and full of dangers. When they finally find the monarch, they find an imposter in his place.moreless
  • The Awesome Ray Force
    Galactor develops a ray that causes the members of G-Force to revert to their civilian clothing.
  • Peril of the Praying Mantis
    Spectra launches it's latest attack, but when the team is called together Tiny cannot be reached so the team has to attempt to fend off the attack without him.
  • Museum of Mystery
    Museum of Mystery
    Episode 63
    Princess has lost her shoe and cannot transmute. Upset and at a loss on how she can now be a part of the team, or any help at all, she enters a contest to be a spokesperson for a major company, and inadvertantly is captured by Spectra.
  • The Space Safari
    The Space Safari
    Episode 62
    G-Force shoots down Zoltar. He escapes his ship and the team chases him through the forests of Planet Lukadia. Zoltar has the entire forest rigged with traps.
  • Invasion of the Locusts
    In Spectra's latest attack, they send locusts to devour Earth's food supplies. Professor Chambers contacts G-Force and they send Keyop back with him to South America. They are attacked by the locusts and forced to crash land in the Amazon. G-Force must rescue them and stop the Giant Locust from destroying the Earth.moreless
  • The Alien Bigfoot
    The Alien Bigfoot
    Episode 60
    Spectra is using Bigfoot to keep people from getting too close to their latest base in Tibet. They are working on the "Inter-Frequency Disruptor", which affects ships guidance systems, causing them to crash. Keyop takes off for Tibet on his own and is captured by Spectra. He must lead G-Force to the Spectra base and escape before it's destroyed by G-Force. Zoltar is unmasked in this episode!moreless
  • Rage of the Robotoids
    Jason rescues a girl in a cab who is attacked by strange robotic manniquins. Upset that Mark doesn't trust the girl, Jason goes to talk with her, only to find Mark may be right. As a series of attacks terrorize the city, G-Force split up and head into the city to try and track down the attackers and stop them. Matters are made worse as one by one, the members of G-Force start disappearing...moreless
  • Peril of the Pyramids
    An Egyptian temple disappears from Earth. 7-Zark-7 finds the temple has reappeared on Alpha 3 and sends G-Force there undercover to investigate. While there, a woman mistakes Keyop as her missing son, Ali.
  • Silent City
    Silent City
    Episode 57
    This episode takes place on planet Exor. One of their island cities is surrounded by an impenetrable wall of radiation created by a Spectra bombing attack. Chief Anderson believes the city is a Spectra base and sends G-Force to check it out. The team goes into the city, but they are only able to withstand the radiation for one hour. They are attacked by a Spectra Mecha once they are inside the city. Can G-Force escape the Mecha and solve Spectra's latest plot before their time runs out?moreless
  • Raid of the Space Octopus
    Zoltar attacks Earth's power plants with a tentacled mech, but when G-Force attacks, the Phoenix experiences malfunctions.
  • The Great Brain Robbery
    Spectra attacks the Artificial Brain Center on Earth and steals a top-secret "Brain of Evil". The Team tracks down the stolen brain, only to be attacked by the Brain Mecha and then Spectra Pirates! G-Force returns with a piece of the Mecha to Center Neptune, and then attends the Annual Robot Show the next day, just in time to watch Spectra steal the new "Fembot" to use as a body for the Brain of Evil. Mark sneaks into the Spectra base while the rest of the team goes after the Brain Mecha.moreless
  • Zoltar Strikes Out
    Zoltar Strikes Out
    Episode 54
    Spectra creates a huge bomb, hidden somewhere in the city. Chief Anderson's suspicions lead him to send G-Force undercover to the baseball stadium.
  • Decoys of Doom
    Decoys of Doom
    Episode 53
    Humanoid decoys of the G-Force team are created to be used as bait in a trap for Spectra. The "real" Mark swaps places with his decoy and is captured by Spectra. Mark must signal the team and lead G-Force to the Spectra base.
  • Attack of the Alien Wasp
    Mark while flying his jet encounters Colonel Chronos, who was believed to be dead, and follows him back to his secret base, where he gives Mark documents revealing the location of Spectra's Earth headquarters.
  • Giant Space Bat
    Giant Space Bat
    Episode 51
    Spectra shoots down a pilot who observes the testing of their latest weapon, a Bat mech with a Force Ray. Mark finds the pilot, but the he is unable to tell what he saw.
  • Secret Island
    Secret Island
    Episode 50
    There have been many planes and ships disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. Mark and Princess are sent to Shipwreck Island in the Triangle to investigate. They discover a Spectra base and their latest weapon, the Whirly Knife. Mark summons the team, but can they stop the latest Mech from Spectra ?moreless
  • Giant from Planet Zyr
    A team of scientists on Earth develop the Jet Cutter, a new laser to powerful enough to cut through a new indestructible metal that Spectra has developed. But Spectra uses a giant humanoid mech to steal the Jet Cutter. G-Force travels to Zyr to try and find the giant and recover the laser.moreless
  • Fastest Gun in the Galaxy
    Spectra agents bring a man who was released from 30 years in prison back to planet Spectra. The ex-prisoner was an expert marksman and Zoltar wants him to operate Spectra's newest weapon, a vehicle mounted gun. G-Force goes to Spectra to investigate.
  • Mammoth Shark Menace
    Zoltar releases a poisonous pollutant into the ocean which is killing all the fish in the ocean. G-Force has to stop the him before the Earth's entire ecosystem is destroyed.
  • Raid of the Red Scorpion
    The Luminous One commands Zoltar to destroy Earth's entire energy capability. Zoltar uses a 'scorpion' mech to go on a rampage, starting by destroying Earth's most important research facility.
  • The Sky is Falling! (2)
    With Mark still missing and the X-3 doomsday missile already have been launched and detonated, the only chance to save the Earth is if G-Force can launch Spectra's other X-3 missile to counteract the effects of the first missile.
  • The Sky is Falling! (1)
    Tom, Mark's old friend from the academy, tells him that he has seen Mark's father on Odin, and Mark goes to Riga without telling Chief Anderson. Meanwhile the rest of G-Force is sent to Odin to try and stop the X-3, a doomsday weapon created by Spectra.

  • Peaks of Planet Odin
    7-Zark-7 has a hunch that Spectra is about to unleash a scheme on Planet Odin and sends G-Force there. The chief of that planet turns out to be intent on capturing Colonel Chronos and working with Zoltar who will give him a great new weapon.
  • Keyop Does it All
    Keyop Does it All
    Episode 42
    While G-Force is working as the special guard at the building where the Intergalactic Federation is meeting, Keyop discovers a car with a Spectra insignia and stows away in its trunk.
  • Raid on a Nearby Planet
    Planet Vega is attacked by Spectra's Space Ray Machine and most of their vital installations are destroyed. G-Force is sent to Vega to track down the Ray Machine and follow it back to the base. They must infiltrate and destroy the base and the Space Ray Machine to keep Spectra from capturing Vega!moreless
  • Capture of the Galaxy Code
    G-Force has ensure delivery of the central mechanism of the dynastrol computer. No one besides the president of the intergalactic federation is cleared to carry it.
  • Giant Gila Monster
    Giant Gila Monster
    Episode 39
    Zeno, the Zenobian has escaped from the protective custody. Mark goes undercover to try to find him.
  • Seals of Sytron
    Seals of Sytron
    Episode 38
    Galactor attacks Sytron, the only mining and storage facility of Galactite Hydronium for the entire earth. Galactite Hydronium is the fuel that powers Earth's spacecrafts and holds her forcefields together. G-Force must defend the island and rescue the workers.
  • Raid on Riga
    Raid on Riga
    Episode 37
    Riga is attacked by Spectra and Chief Anderson is not sure how to defend against Spectra's new weapon, making the team wait. G-Force grows impatient and rushes off to Riga without any planning or orders. They are badly defeated and have to be rescued by Colonel Cronos. The Team is sent back to Earth, where it becomes apparent that Mark has lost his confidence. Cronos tests Mark's confidence by challenging his nerve while flying. Mark fails, but a little later, while talking with others, he comes up with a plan to defeat Zoltar's Mecha. G-Force flies back to Riga and engages the Spectran mecha in a fight.moreless
  • Victims of the Hawk
    Victims of the Hawk
    Episode 36
    A young, married couple stayed behind to help defend a base from an attack by Spectra. Both survived and were brought back to Earth as heroes. Zoltar wants to eliminate them (both are eyewitnesses to the Spectran attack) and both have parents that are highly placed in the government. He orders them kidnapped and brought to Spectra. It's up to G-Force to rescue the two from Zoltar.moreless
  • Prisoners in Space
    Prisoners in Space
    Episode 35
    Tiny's van breaks down and he is picked up by a Prison van on its way to Barracuda Island, a maximum securty prison. Spectra's gains control of the prison and Zoltar has promises freedom to the prisoners if they will join Spectra. The G-Force team must rescue Tiny and keep the prisoners from escaping.moreless
  • The Space Rock Concert
    The Team is relaxing at a Dirty Name 5 concert when Spectra appears! The entire band is kidnapped and forced to play. Their music is used as a sound weapon, literally shaking apart whatever it is directed at. The G-Force team have to rescue the band and stop Zoltar from succeeding in his plan.moreless
  • The Fierce Flowers (2)
    G-Forced attempted burning the flowers, but it only resulted in the flowers releasing more spores. Princess who was captured by a flower is still missing her fate is unknown.
  • The Fierce Flowers (1)
    Spectra releases spores on Earth that turn into man-eating flowers.
  • Orion, Wonderdog of Space
    Spectra causes a worldwide drought on Earth. Orion, goes out on a dangerous mission with Dr. Backster, who has created a way to melt water from part of the polar caps to relieve the drought. When Dr. Backster discovers a secret Spectra base and is captured, he sends Orion to alert G-Force.moreless
  • Siege of the Squids
    Siege of the Squids
    Episode 30
    A cargo ship is destroyed, but the only witnesses, fisherman and his sons, are reluctant to tell G-Force what they know.
  • Demons of the Desert
    G-Force flies to Abura, to help their friend the sheik Tabul, whose uncle seized control of the country during his absence.
  • Curse of the Cuttlefish (2)
    Zoltar proclaims the planet to be under the rule of Spectra, but G-Force are unable to counter attack, as they fear that Princess and Keyop are in the line of fire.
  • Curse of the Cuttlefish (1)
    Zoltar attacks Arcturus, where the Conway Tapes have been transferred. G-Force is ordered to go to the planet incognito.
  • The Galaxy Girls
    The Galaxy Girls
    Episode 26
    G-Force is headed for their mountain retreat headquarters for a few days. Jason is driving Chief Anderson when they are attacked by a strange car and a woman wearing a mask. Only Jason's skill and a hidden capability of the car they are riding in save their lives. Zoltar's sister Mala is put in charge of sabotaging the Solar Express, the first monorail to circle the globe. Mala pretends to be with Public Relations as Marla Latras, in order to ride on board with Chief Anderson, who is accompanied by Mark. It soon becomes apparent Mala has more in mind than to destroy the Solar Express, but also plans on eliminating Chief Anderson himself!moreless
  • The Ghostly Grasshopper
    What at first appears to be an exceptionally high powered typhoon hits the world's largest water reserve center in cosmic city. For some unexplained reason, the weather control missiles which could have deflected the storm, were never launched. Chief Anderson tries to convince the leaders that the storm was no accident of nature, while G-Force investigates some unusual activity and a possible Zoltar connection.moreless
  • Race Against Disaster
    Jason is competing in an interplanetary race starting in Egypt and partners up with an old friend, Lucy. The rest of G-Force watches out to see that Spectra doesn't interfere.
  • The Bat Ray Bombers
    The Bat Ray Bombers
    Episode 23
    Tiny falls asleep on the Phoenix and fails to answer Mark's call to duty. Because of this, he gets suspended from G-Force only to find that a mysterious sea creature is terrorizing citizens. Tiny decides to redeem himself by facing the threat alone.
  • The Fiery Lava Giant
    On Space Island, a colonized asteroid, a Lava Giant suddenly appears and goes on a rampage.
  • The Musical Mummy
    The Musical Mummy
    Episode 21
    Three of earth's top scientist mysteriously vanish, and G-Force is given the mission of protecting the remaining scientists.
  • Magnetic Attraction
    Magnetic Attraction
    Episode 20
    Spectra unleashes their newest mech, a giant black ball, and none of G-Force's weapons can damage it.
  • The Sea Dragon
    The Sea Dragon
    Episode 19
    Spectra attacks the new defense base on planet Aquatica. They capture the base using their new Mecha: the Sea Dragon. Chief Anderson sends the team to Aquatica to reclaim the base and destroy the Sea Dragon!
  • Mad New Ruler of Spectra
    Professor Doriarity is recruited by Spectra to make a robot horse army. The Great Spirit makes the Professor the new Ruler of Spectra in exchange for the army and G-Force goes to Spectra to stop him. They arrive to find that Spectra has turned on the Professor and they must now rescue the Professor and stop the robot horse army.moreless
  • A Whale Joins G-Force
    Spectra sends a mechanical whale to Earth. The Mecha attacks Bay City and G-Force goes after it. The Team interrupts the Spectra ship as it attacks some whales and Keyop promptly adopts a baby whale that survived. G-Force must locate the Spectra base and stop Zoltar before he destroys all of Earth's whales!moreless
  • The Alien Beetles
    The Alien Beetles
    Episode 16
    Spectra sends their latest Mecha to Earth-the Beetles! The Beetles are powered by human life energy and 4 boys (one is Keyop! ), are captured by Spectra to power the Mechas. G-Force must find a way to rescue Keyop and the others and stop the Beetles before Earth is destroyed!
  • Microfilm Mystery
    Microfilm Mystery
    Episode 15
    Spectra wants to steal Metamorphosis 1, a mecha that can transform into any shape.
  • Thing with 1,000 Eyes
    G-Force travels to planet Riga to look into the mysterious disappearance of an investigating team.
  • Perilous Pleasure Cruise
    G-Force is called on to check out the mysterious sinking of a ocean liner.
  • Beast with a Sweet Tooth
    G-Force has to track down a giant beetle mecha, that is eating up whole fields of sugar cane crops, depleting the worlds supply of sugar.
  • Space Rocket Escort
    Space Rocket Escort
    Episode 11
    G-Force is given the job to escort a new plane, called the FY-9, to the planet Riga.
  • A Swarm of Robot Ants
    After the city is blacked out, G-Force heads out to find out why. They find a swarm of ants attcking the Solar Fusion Plant. After flooding the ants away from the complex, they find the remants of one, finding that they are tiny robots. From the construction, Center Neptune scientists ascertain that the threat this time is not Spectra, but Tromulous. The team heads out to stop this lates threat. Once on Tromulous, they set down the robot ant and follow it to its home. They come to a giant ant hill, and before they can make a plan, the sand opens up under their feet.They find themselves captured by Commandeer Antof who has struck a bargain with Zoltar giving him Earth if he kills G-Force. Keyop sets chargesto the bubble that entraps the team, enabling them to get out. out of a giant cocoon a queen robot ant hatches.and heads for Earth.moreless
  • The Jupiter Moon Menace
    Commander Typhon from planet Scorpius is an exile who wants Zoltar's help in defeating his rival opponants on his planet In exchange Typhon gives Zoltar a new weapon, the Scorpion, that creates meteor showers. In hopes of averting the destruction of Capital City, G-Force heads for the Jupiter moon of Callisto. The Scorpion then heads for Earth, before the team can destroy it. Finding a submarine at the bottom of the ocean that is controlling the Scorpion and asteroid showers. Typhon escapes the submarine, trapping G-Force inside.moreless
  • Fearful Sea Anemone
    The team has to defend construction of a secret base.
  • Ace from Outer Space
    Out of all the pilots in the Federation, Mark has been selected to test the Space Patol Scout (XF-97) , to be used in Galactic Security. In the midst of the flight he is attacked and downed by Captian Doom from planet Ergos, who is a space pirate. Mark ejects to safety while Doom attacks the airshow uses a laser whip. The Phoenix is forced to land after its rudder is destroyed. From the rudder of the Phoenix, a sample of the metal from the whip is found, but Center Neptune scientists donÕt know what it is. The team heads to Ergos to search for the source of the metal before other weapons constructed with it can be used by the Space Pirate.moreless
  • Big Robot Gold Grab
    Bars of gold are stolen from the Intergalactic Federation, and G-Force is sent out to get it back. While searching one of the islands where the gold might be hidden, Mark, Princess and Keyop are captured and taken to a secret Spectra base.
  • Ghost Ship of Planet Mir
    Brok, a disposed leader of Mir, joins up with Zoltar to get the planet back. G-Force gets called out from vacation to stop them from destroying an important underwater base. During the final battle, 3 strange fighters show up and save G-Force's lives.
  • The Space Serpent
    The Space Serpent
    Episode 4
    A serpent is attacking oil refineries. After her father is killed in one of the earthquakes, Debbie Harland blames Mark for not being able to help him. Mark then needs to balance helping Debbie with saving other refineries.
  • The Space Mummy
    The Space Mummy
    Episode 3
    7-Zark-7 discovers a new planet, which is called Zarkadia in his honor. G-Force learns that several mysterious plane crashes have been occurring on the planet, so Mark travels undercover to investigate. There, he meets Dr. Sweet, who has developed a compound that can render Spectra's latest weapon useless. Sweet hid his creation in his nephew's toy, whose father was a pilot of a plane lost and spends all his days at the airport waiting for his father to return. When it seems like the pilot does indeed return, Sweet is first very happy his brother was back, but then realizes it wasn't him and finds the imposter trying to break into his personal safe. It turns out to be Zoltar, looking for the compound. In the meantime, Mark discovers Spectra is using a giant mummy to bring down the planes, and the rest of G-Force joins him, using Sweet's compound to destroy the mummy. With the compound secure, Spectra will never be able to use their weapon again.moreless
  • Rescue of the Astronauts
    Upon their splashdown on Earth, two astronauts are kidnapped by a Manta Ray submarine for discovering the location of Spectra bases on Mars. G-Force is called upon to rescue the astronauts and retrieve the valuable information they obtained. Mark infiltrates Spectra's base, and is later joined by Keyop to return the astronauts to The Phoenix. The Spectra Commander escapes in the head of the Space Terrapin, only to be destroyed by the Fiery Phoenix.moreless
  • Attack of the Space Terrapin
    G-Force is introduced and faces a challenge against one of Spectra's most mightiest machines, the Space Terrapin. To control the Universe, Spectra will stop at nothing to steal Earth's most valuable mineral: Vitalumis. Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop, and Tiny (with help from 7-Zark-7 at Center Neptune) power The Phoenix to victory over Zoltar and Spectra.moreless