Battle of The Planets

Season 1 Episode 83

Strike at Spectra

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Unknown on

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  • The team is sent out to planets spectra to attack zoltar and his men but when time comes to attack jason has problems with blurred vision!

    This episode is very good and you must see! Its very exciting and it had me thinking "uh-oh is jason gonna go blind? Is the team gonna make it through this? will jason have to leave because of his eyesite problem? I hope they find A way to help Him!" It was very exciting! Its very good at the end Im not gonna say why so I dont spoil it!

    Gatchaman, Battle of the planets, G-Force, Gatchman94,Fuerza G, Sabans "Eagle Riders",e.t.c. No matter what tittle this show has my love for it will never leave my heart! It is the greatest show on earth!