Battle Programmer Shirase

TELETOON (ended 2004)


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  • A decent show but somewhat let down by the strange format.

    The plot tells the slightly odd and very comic tale of Shirase Akira an incredibly gifted computer programmer and hacker who is known in the business as BPS. Rather than work for money Akira spends his time hitting on his elementary school relative and taking on unusual hacking jobs in exchange for rare electronics or obscure manga. This is a funny show with good moments and an amusing cast but the format of the show lets it down. The 15 episode series tells 5 episodes by spliting each story into 3 ten minutes episodes. This makes the show very disconjointed and seem much longer than it actually is.

    All in all a decent show I just wish it had a normal series format and then it would have been great.
  • Decent

    Battle Programmer Shirase is a sub-par anime about a programmer who is well, a genius. I did not mind it all that much, except for the incest/underage undertones. Seriously, what is up with that relationship?

    I don't know if i would recommend this to anyone that i didn't know well, otherwise they may think i am a pervert. It had its moments, but all and all it was an forgettable show, with an unforgettable sub-plot.

    my biggest problem is believing that Battle Programmer Shirase was the genius that they showed/said he was...i know programmer, and they are lazy, but not that bad, just didn't seem to fit, the the cell phone thing, was just unbelievable.
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