Battle Tech

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Battle Tech

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BattleTech is an animated television series that aired of FOX that was based within the BattleTech universe. The series was short-lived, with only 13 episodes being produced. The show focused on Adam Steiner, a fictional character from the BattleTech universe. He is a military officer bent on liberating his home planet from an invading human army. The series was regarded for its blend of computer animation for battle sequences and traditional animation for the other scenes. The story of the show begins in the year 3050. Adam Steiner, presently living on the planet Tharkad as a teach at the Nagelring Military Academy, gets word that the Inner Sphere, a region of settled interstellar space, is being invaded by the Clans, a powerful human army. The planet of Somerset falls to the Clans, which is Steiner's home world. All communication to the planet is lost, and Steiner looses contact with his brother Andrew who lives on the planet. Steiner decides to take things into his own hands and requests permission from the Federated Commonwealth's ruling family to assemble a force to gain information on the Clans and liberate Somerset.moreless

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