Battlefield Britain

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  • Season 1
    • Battle of Britain

      Battle of Britain is an episode of the television show Battlefield Detectives in which the cast travels to Britain to understand how the Royal Air Force was able to prevail against the Luftwaffe in 1940. The cast examines evidence that fell to the ground during one of World War II's most pivotal battles.

    • Battle of Culloden
      In 1746, the British throne was occupied by the Hanoverian George II. James II, the last Stuart king, had been ousted at the Battle of the Boyne, and James' grandson, Bonnie Prince Charlie, hoped to restore his family to the throne. Leading his army from Scotland into England, Charlie was forced to turn back when the Redcoats of the English Army chased him from the outskirts of London. The conflict came to a head on Culloden Moor, but the exhausted and confused Jacobites were no match for the flintlock muskets or cannon fire of the Redcoats. The Battle of Culloden was Britain's last land battle and arguably the bloodiest in Scottish history, having a long-lasting impact on Scottish culture, religion, and the clans' relationship with the English government. Dan Snow highlights logistical difficulties of the Jacobite army, including a night march across the moors sans night-vision goggles, maps, or a compass.moreless
    • Battle of the Boyne
      By 1688, Roman Catholic King James II had so alienated the Protestant majority of England that they ousted him from the throne. At the request of Parliament, William Prince of Orange became king and James fled to Ireland, his Catholic stronghold. William attacked the banks of the Boyne in July of 1690. Peter recounts each attempt by the Jacobites to repel the Williamites, while Dan attempts to understand the difficulties of the frontline troops who had to cross the river whilst keeping their gunpowder dry. The Battle of the Boyne was the last battle to be fought between two rivals for the British crown but left a legacy that would eventually lead to the last stand battle on British soil, the battle of Culloden, 50 years later.moreless
    • Battle of Naseby
      Battle of Naseby
      Episode 5
      By 1645, the British Isles had been torn apart by fighting between the Royalists, who supported Charles I and his Divine Right to rule the country as he wished, and the Parliamentarians, who were unified in their belief that the King should serve the country in the best interests of the people. The Parliamentarians first suffered defeat at the battle of Newbury, which enraged newly appointed Oliver Cromwell to such an extent that he created Britain's first national army to be unified by discipline, uniforms, regulations, training, and command. The mounted soldiers of the King's Troop help demonstrate the skills needed in a cavalry charge.moreless
    • The Battle Against the Spanish Armada
      Led by the Duke of Medina Sidonia, the Spaniards planned to sweep the Queen of England from her throne. All that stood in their way was a small navy led by Queen Elizabeth's cousin, Admiral Lord Howard, and the nation's favourite pirate, Francis Drake. In the summer of 1588, a vast Spanish invasion fleet sailed up the English Channel. England braced itself against invasion by the southern superpower and over the next 11 days, a series of ferocious sea battles ensued. Presenters Peter and Dan Snow demonstrate the different tactics the two sides used, how the English managed to fend off the bigger, more heavily armed ships, and how Spanish ships remained afloat despite being struck by English guns.moreless
    • Battle for Wales
      Battle for Wales
      Episode 3
      Under the rule of English kings, the Welsh had strict rules governing every aspect of their lives, from where they could live to where they could work. This authority was challenged in 1400 when an English lord seized land from a Welsh nobleman, Owain Glyndwr, outraging Glyndwr and inspiring him to lead a rebellion of independence against English rule that lasted more than 10 years. Hosts Peter and Dan Snow try their hands at the longbow and experience firsthand how Glyndwr used the rough terrain of the Welsh borders to outwit his enemies, King Henry IV and his son, Prince Hal.moreless
    • Battle of Hastings
      Following the death of King Edward the Confessor, Harold seized control of England in 1066. William, who saw himself as the rightful owner of the crown, gathered his army and prepared to invade the south coast. Instead of battling Harold's forces, however, William's army encountered the Vikings, who had landed in Yorkshire. Harold's army took that opportunity to strike, but a surprising turn of events secured Norman rule in Britain, forever changing the ruling class, dynasty, language, and culture.moreless
    • Boudicca
      Episode 1
      This unique overview highlights the battle of wits fought between Queen Boudicca and Roman governor Suetonius Paulinus. When Boudicca and her daughters were assaulted in 60AD, the queen became a rebel leader. Taking advantage of the fact that most of the Roman Army was slaughtering the Druids in Anglesey, Boudicca marched her army into the centre of Roman rule and torched it to the ground. During the final battle between the two rulers, the Romans were outnumbered 10 to one, yet still managed to swing the battle in their favour utilizing a combination of discipline and unique tactics. Host Dan Snow recreates the trail of destruction wreaked by Boudicca's followers on Roman towns, as well as scenes of the final showdown via cutting-edge technology and computer imagery.moreless