Battlefield Detectives

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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Stalingrad
      Episode 1

      In the Stalingrad episode of Battlefield Detectives, history experts explore the tide-turning Battle of Stalingrad. Hitler and his generals expected that the Battle of Stalingrad would prove to be the decisive blow in Germany's conquest of the USSR. As the Soviet forces became entrenched, however, the battle would prove to be a bloody siege in which over 500,000 German soldiers lost their lives, crippling Germany for the duration of World War II.

    • The Apache
      The Apache
      Episode 2

      In the Apache episode of Battlefield Detectives, the detectives evaluate the spectacular successes enjoyed by the Apache nation in battle, despite the fact that they were typically outgunned and outnumbered. Scientists and archaeologists use the examples of the 1854 Battle of Cieneguilla and the 1880 Battle of Hembrillo to explore the Apache's unique military success.

    • Battle of Britain
    • Jutland
      Episode 4

      In the Jutland episode of Battlefield Detectives, the show looks back at the great naval battle of Jutland, which occurred between Germany and Great Britain. Though the English expected their state-of-the-art Dreadnoughts to rule the day, it was the German force that proved decisive. More than 9,000 soldiers died at the Battle of Jutland, and Battlefield Detective explores what went so spectacularly wrong for the Royal Navy.

    • Shiloh
      Episode 5

      In the Shiloh episode of Battlefield Detectives, the detectives look back at the Battle of Shiloh, the bloodiest battle in the nation's history at the time it occurred. Under the command of General Ulysses S. Grant, the Union forces initially suffered severe losses in skirmishes against the Confederate Army. The arrival of Union reinforcements, however, heavily turned the tide of the battle and ended Confederate hopes of keeping the Union Army out of northern Mississippi.

    • Alesia
      Episode 6

      In the Alesia episode of Battlefield Detectives, the show looks back at the Siege of Alesia, in which Roman general Julius Caesar led a small force of 50,000 men against a Gallic force with five times as many soldiers. Despite being vastly outnumbered, the Romans would win the day and effectively consolidate their power over Gaul.

    • The Chesapeake and the Shannon

      In The Chesapeake and the Shannon, warfare takes a significant leap forward. The British ship HMS Shannon responds to an attack from the USS Chesapeake and ultimately claimed an unlikely victory. In just eleven minutes, over a hundred men were dead. This represented a turning point in the power of nautical weaponry.

    • Pointe du Hoc
      Pointe du Hoc
      Episode 8

      In the Pointe du Hoc episode of Battlefield Detectives, the show explores the legendary mission undertaken by just 200 United States Rangers on D-Day. While the massive invasion of Normandy was happening just four miles away, this relatively small band of Rangers was charged with finding and destroying the German gun batteries at Pointe du Hoc.

    • Waterloo
      Episode 9

      Waterloo is an episode of the popular television show Battlefield Detectives in which the detectives travel to Belgium to investigate the circumstances surrounding Napoleon's 1815 defeat in the Battle of Waterloo. The detectives scour the battlefield to find out why one of history's greatest generals lost the battle that ended the Napoleonic Wars.

  • Season 2