Battles BC - Season 1

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  • 4/26/09
    The fate of Egypt and the entire middle east hangs in the balance when Hittite and Egyptian forces collide in the battle of Kadesh: A battle of deception, treachery and raging chariots.
  • 4/27/09
    Alexander's final campaign begins as the great general leads his massive Empire into India, proving that deception is the most powerful weapon a general can wield.
  • Moses:Death Chase
    Episode 8
    In a maneuver of strategic brilliance, Moses leads his people out of Egypt and lures the Egyptian army to its death.
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    Roman Commander Julius Caesar butchers his way through Gaul in 52 BC. The Romans complete their long quest for total Mediterranean dominance, defeating the Gauls in the final battle of the Gallic Wars.
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    It is the bloody first battle of the conquest of the Promised Land, Joshua's special operations forces secretly infiltrate and destroys Jericho, whose walls are said to be impenetrable, from the inside out.
  • Sworn by his father to a blood oath against the Romans, Hannibal of Carthage does the unthinkable... he marches 40 war Elephants and a massive army over the Alps to gain the element of surprise. In three key battles, Hannibal uses terrain, intimidation, and his iron will to literally annihilate the Roman Legions, killing every Roman soldier that he can.moreless
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    Against all odds, young David defeats the Philistine giant Goliath. With a single slingshot to the head, David's decisive victory changes the course of Israelite history. While most know David as a popular king, few know of his treachery and his political ambition. Before his legendary duel, the oft-warring tribes of the Israelites finally join together and choose a king for the first time in history... Saul. Saul successfully unites the people, and wages a full-scale war against the dreaded Philistines. After David's defeat of the Philistine Goliath, his popularity soars, causing Saul to believe David has his eyes set on the throne. Repeated assassination attempts on David's life by Saul force David to abandon the Israelites and fight for the Philistines. After Saul is killed in battle against the Philistines, David goes after the throne. A bloody Civil War ensues, and David finally achieves the object of his desire after Godfather-like assassinations and crucifixions of his enemies.moreless
  • After years of perceived disrespect, a gravely offended Persian army sets sail to teach the insolent Athenians a lesson. The massive Persian fleet seems predestined to overpower the small Athenian army, abandoned by their allies the Spartans. But a brilliant defensive strategy, the extreme mettle of Greek troops, and a runner whose route would go down in history, all combine to drive the Persians back across the Aegean defeated, dripping in their own blood. The Battle of Marathon sets up one of the most famous battles between Greece and Persia... the Battle of the 300.moreless