Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 20

Greetings from Earth (2)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 25, 1979 on ABC

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  • After discovering an unidentified ship on auto-pilot, Apollo and Starbuck find themselves on a half-escort/half-reconnaissance mission with hopes of learning more about Terra and the (mostly harmless) Eastern Alliance.

    The Battlestar Galactica seems to have found Earth, Terra, the 13th tribe -- but what they find is altogether dissatisfying. This episode fails to play up the possible differences between two branches of the human race, 3,000 years removed. Instead, we are given a glimpse of humans who speak the same language, arrange themselves in similar social patterns, and only diverge in that they're used to a different atmosphere than our own (but then again, this is only Lunar 7, and not Terra itself).

    As villains, the Eastern Alliance is perhaps as befuddled, as cariacatured, and as easily outsmarted as the Cylon Empire, except that they have smaller and slower ships to boot. The revelations about Terra are decidedly small, and the threat posed by a single fighter pilot is pretty flimsy compared to the threat of a Cylon battlestar.

    The characters have weak motivations -- the Morlands change their minds very quickly, the search for records on Paradeen is abandoned once they're captured the Eastern Alliance soldiers, Sara is destroying ships to keep Apollo on the planet surface one hour and saying to Michael "our children" the next. The androids Vector and Hector may remain an interesting example of camp, but there is nothing particularly striking about any of the new developments this episode has to offer.

    If "jumping the shark" seems a bit harsh, I have simply to say that this episode bears ill tidings of things to come.
  • This episode seems rather silly.

    Having just watched a repeat of this episode, I can truthfully say, I think this where they started to go wrong with the original series.

    The two androids Vector and Hector were hilarious, they were just unbelievable. I get the feeling the writer of this episode was having a laugh with them. The actors must have felt like idiots.

    It continues the story of them trying to find the route Earth (which they never did in the original 1978 series). The Terrans seems to be from earth, but they always refer to it as Terra. They seem like people escaped from a 1970s disco. And the bad guys (eastern alliance) seem like extras from 1970 musical about the Nazis!

    This episode only worth watching for classic value and for die hard fans of the series!