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  • Classic science fiction with great plotlines? You bet. Good presentation of personal subplots. Excellent development even for an oldie.

    I love this show. As a kid, I played Starbuck and Apollo (I could never choose between the two). Gallant and heroic, the characters developed campy plotlines with great determination. Even though they used the same fight scenes repeatedly in each and every episode, I have to say I love those Colonial vipers! I still like their uniforms better than anything else I've seen to date.
  • Better than what we have now

    I much prefer these episodes than I do the new ones, I miss the male version of Starbuck, and his wandering eyes as well as his hands. LOL.

    The Cylons were more scary too, the ones now are laughable.

    So much of the old show seemed to be made up as it went along, but it didn't matter, it was interesting to a point, and I never tired of seeing Apollo getting hurt.

  • A campy show about refugees fleeing from their enemies: IN SPACE! It is amazingly funny with just the right amount of romance and plot.

    This is my first review, so I\'ll do my best :) This is an awesome show! I had to get the series on DVD so I could watch it over and over again. It had a certain charm that has been lost in recent shows set in space. (Excluding Stargate SG-1) An extrodinariry show that really needs to be revived.
  • the good and the bad...

    I've always been a fan of BSG as a child, from the first episode I had seen. Of course as a child, what makes a quality program is very differnet to when you are all grown up. That's why I am basing this review on how I feel the show is now - regardless of when I first watched it.

    The good: The special effects are fantastic in this show, still great these days I think. I love the look of the models much more than that of CGI in most recent tv & movies as they provide a more relistic look. The acting is mostly good in this series with generally a good sense of humour from the main cast, especially Starbuck.

    The bad: The Cheese... This show is just so cheesy as with many other TV series of it's time. Like when there is something that is supposed to be humourous, that silly music plays in the background. Not to mention almost every episode ends in a light-hearted joke and everyone smiling. If you love cheese, you'll love this :)
  • This is a great science fiction classic from the eighties, which is a favourite of mine.

    Although the effects don't look so good by today's standards, the sets looked good and the show itself in my opinion was an instant classic.

    From the pilot Saga Of A Star World (3 parts) we learn that the 12 colonies of mankind have been at war with a race of machines called the Cylons. The Cylons were originally made by a now extinct reptillian race. This series tells of the story of the last Battlestar Galactica leading refugees, from the now destroyed 12 colonies of man and their attempt to reach earth. This planet is rumoured to be the 13th and last human colony in existence.

    The characters in the show of note are: Commander Adama, who is commander of the Battlestar Galactica and representing his colony Caprica on the council of the 12. Commander Adama originally suggested the idea of where they were to go...a planet called Earth.
    Captain Apollo is Adama's son who is a viper pilot and loyal to his father. He starts looking after a refugee from Caprica, a young boy called Boxey. Apollo begins to fall in love with Boxey's mother.
    Lt. Starbuck, he is one of my favourite characters. Starbuck is overconfident, just a little arrogant, a gambler, a viper pilot and not always willing to volunteer for the really dangerous assignment.

    Escaping the destruction of the colonies the battlestar galactica must evade the cylons, who are chasing them and are lead by the traitor Baltar (a former member of the council of the 12).

    Some stand out episodes were: Fire in space and the Living Legend, which saw the introduction of Commander Cain -- what a character he was, he was brash, arrogant and wanted to take the Cylons head on while Adama was suggesting caution in order to protect the fleet.

    This show all in all was good and is one of my favourites.
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