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  • Better than what we have now

    I much prefer these episodes than I do the new ones, I miss the male version of Starbuck, and his wandering eyes as well as his hands. LOL.

    The Cylons were more scary too, the ones now are laughable.

    So much of the old show seemed to be made up as it went along, but it didn't matter, it was interesting to a point, and I never tired of seeing Apollo getting hurt.

  • A great series.

    Battlestar Galactica (1978) - the original series was a pretty good one. I really felt like they were in space and like their storyline was real. I don't really know what happened to the revival. Although they do have some interesting ideas, it just doesn't feel real and there's way too much drama. But the original had the right mix.
  • Funny when you look at it from today's standards of effects and acting - but not a bad idea for a show.

    I watch this now, after a season and a half of the new Battlestar remake and I laugh. The space physics are done completely wrong, the dialog is totally cheesy. But for the time it was made in, I am sure it was a super cool show. I still plan to keep watching it. Just to see how the original compares to the new one, to see if they follow the plot the same and they do eventually reach earth, or if they are just going to use the original as a basis to capture the attention of all the viewers who remember the original.
  • I miss the old series. I watched the episodes on HULU.COM and realized how much I enjoyed it and how much the new BSG ruined a golden opportunity.

    Watching the old BSG episodes I have found out some parts of the storyline that the new BSG didn't use that would have truly enhanced the new show. First, the Cylons were actually a race of reptilians. They created robots to serve them. The Cylon robots either killed off their creators or the Cylons died out or advanced to a different form to a higher plane of exsistance. The robots lived on and now are called Cylons. Without masters, they conquer the galaxy to bring order to what they consider is a chaotic universe. Second, the First Cylon Wars were ones in the defense of other races. The Colonies came to the defense of other races fighting the Cylons. The Cylons wanted to wipe out The Colonies because humans were the only race with the ability to fight the Cylons effectively. Third, there are other known races other than Cylons and Humans. Fourth, Starbuck is a man!

    I think the first three storylines of the old BSG could have been the outline for seven or eight years of episodes. But production costs back then and the lack of computer generated effects made such a show a money pit. Too bad. And too bad the new BSG didn't have more in common with the old show.
  • This is a great science fiction classic from the eighties, which is a favourite of mine.

    Although the effects don't look so good by today's standards, the sets looked good and the show itself in my opinion was an instant classic.

    From the pilot Saga Of A Star World (3 parts) we learn that the 12 colonies of mankind have been at war with a race of machines called the Cylons. The Cylons were originally made by a now extinct reptillian race. This series tells of the story of the last Battlestar Galactica leading refugees, from the now destroyed 12 colonies of man and their attempt to reach earth. This planet is rumoured to be the 13th and last human colony in existence.

    The characters in the show of note are: Commander Adama, who is commander of the Battlestar Galactica and representing his colony Caprica on the council of the 12. Commander Adama originally suggested the idea of where they were to go...a planet called Earth.
    Captain Apollo is Adama's son who is a viper pilot and loyal to his father. He starts looking after a refugee from Caprica, a young boy called Boxey. Apollo begins to fall in love with Boxey's mother.
    Lt. Starbuck, he is one of my favourite characters. Starbuck is overconfident, just a little arrogant, a gambler, a viper pilot and not always willing to volunteer for the really dangerous assignment.

    Escaping the destruction of the colonies the battlestar galactica must evade the cylons, who are chasing them and are lead by the traitor Baltar (a former member of the council of the 12).

    Some stand out episodes were: Fire in space and the Living Legend, which saw the introduction of Commander Cain -- what a character he was, he was brash, arrogant and wanted to take the Cylons head on while Adama was suggesting caution in order to protect the fleet.

    This show all in all was good and is one of my favourites.
  • After years of peace the cylons attack, driving the survivors of the twelve colonies flee. Their destination, the legendary 13th colony - Earth.

    This is a show featuring well written scripts, bad special effects, and bad acting. But the show has a charm to it. The cast is really into what they are doing and it translates through the screen. The stories are well written and go places no other sci-fi show has gone before. The special effects, though considered state of the art, reflect the mediocre effects of the day. If you can get past the negatives, you'll find yourself actually having fun as Starbuck and company escape the ever viligiant Cylon army. The show is a must see for any fan of the new series on Sci-Fi, if just to see how far TV has come with special effects.
  • A very good show for its time.

    This show was ahead of its time. I didn't realize until recently that there was only really one season. It was played so much in re-runs that I never thought much about it. The pilot immediately captured my attention. The remainder of the show has much cheese to it but for the most part was still ahead of its time. It's successor, Galactica 1980, was nowhere near as good. The new Battlestar Galactica is much better. But this is sort of a "feel good" show even though it is about a disaster of such magnitude.
  • A shame it was only on one season.

    I happen to turn on the Scifi channel this morning and saw the pilot episode. I loved this show as a boy. In the beginning, this show as both brilliant and original despite what George Lucas alleges. However, there is only one thing that bothers me. The fact the producers used the same space footage over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over again. Bad joke but I couldn't resist. ;)

  • Remake Pre S1 2 Hour Movie Length Ep

    Can any one tell me how to possibly watch the pre series 1 (remake) Telemovie. I have been able to watch about half an hour on youtube. I think if they had of included this into the First Series would have made a big difference..

    Original Series good Remake Great though limps and splutters at the end..
  • This show should be a classic as it anticipated several more recent ones in its sword & sorcery manner, although the later shows are superior in quality and style.

    The late seventies saw a resurgence in space opera, that would later be followed up by more 'realistic' shows – this early Battlestar Galactica perhaps was more of an early version of SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis than the later Battlestar series with its theme of ancient civilizations having von Däniken roots out in space. It is interesting that so many names have been reused in the later Battlestar galactica series, such as Adama and Starbuck, although the characters were quite different. The idea of putting Lorne Greene in space served to emphasize the space opera character of the show, space opera often defined as placing a classic western in space. Is it on DVD?
  • Betrayed to an alien enemy by a power-hungry man, the surviving humans flee across space just ahead of their pursuors, searching as they do for their "lost" colony, Earth.

    Sure it was rumored this show was a rip off of Star Wars but it was, if you'll excuse the obvious pun, lightyears beyond the original Star Trek, Lost in Space, or any other science fiction show on television at the time and I was thankful for it. Lorne Greene led the cast as Commander Adama, the last surviving Battlestar Commander, trying to save what was left of humanity while searching for the legendary thirteenth colony, Earth.
    Although Adama's right-hand man, Colonel Tigh (played by Terry Carter) presented many unused story possibilities, the producers focused primarily on Adama's son and fighter pilot captain, Apollo (portrayed by Richard Hatch)and his womanizing, gambling, cigar-chomping loose-cannon friend Lieutenant Starbuck. Whenever there was trouble, Starbuck could usually be found if not right in the middle of it, at least somewhere on the edges, and it was usually up to Apollo to get him out of it.
    As played by Dirk Benedict, Starbuck quickly became one of the more interesting characters in the show, though the writers never did do much character development beyond what was absolutely necessary for any of the characters. Still, Starbuck was a loyal friend, and an incredible pilot when he needed to be. It no doubt saved him from being tossed out of the service many times.
    The bad guys were the Cylons, a race of purportedly reptillian aliens bent on destroying the humans wherever they were found. It was always somewhat unclear why Adama decided to run for Earth when he would be, in essence, leading the Cylons straight to it as well. They had used a human's own lust for power against him, turned him traitor to his own people and then, in the feature film, executed him. In the television series however, this man Baltar (played by John Colicos) was granted a reprieve from execution, although he was never far from it due to his repeated failures to catch the Galactica and destroy the humans. Ironically, the Cylons had the best-looking ships in the series, sleek and definitely dangerous, but even though it took three centurions to pilot them, they always seemed to be outmaneuvered by the Colonial Vipers, even when these colonial ships were piloted by people who had never flown a real fighter before.
    The acting was sometimes overdone, but then they never claimed it was Shakespearean theater. It worked beautifully for what it was: pure escapist fantasy. The only complaint about it were certain scenes used over and over and over again, but that was no doubt done to save money. It had to have been the most expensive show to shoot of its time, with all the special effects involved.
    Over-all, it was immensely enjoyable, and could have continued for more seasons if the right writers had been found. Unfortunately, it barely made it through two seasons.
  • still good

    I have to admit the special effects and all are better on the new one, but I still love my childhood fix and really it is almost two differant shows.. but without what was for the 70's great effects and storytelling and some of the episodes still stand out, we would not have todays.. oh and I still have a crush on the original Starbuck
  • -

    This was a good show, but I'm not inclined to contribute here any more, and there is no way to close one's account here. This was a good show, but I'm not inclined to contribute here any more, and there is no way to close one's account here. bye bye
  • one of the best series for its time, its comparable to star trek, the outer limits and many other sci fi series.

    this series shows how hard it truely was to get a decent looking series that doesn't suck back in the day. this series would have had a much large following, and longer run now. and I know for sure this series back then made the modern version more fezable and a better series all around.
  • Classic science fiction with great plotlines? You bet. Good presentation of personal subplots. Excellent development even for an oldie.

    I love this show. As a kid, I played Starbuck and Apollo (I could never choose between the two). Gallant and heroic, the characters developed campy plotlines with great determination. Even though they used the same fight scenes repeatedly in each and every episode, I have to say I love those Colonial vipers! I still like their uniforms better than anything else I've seen to date.
  • the good and the bad...

    I've always been a fan of BSG as a child, from the first episode I had seen. Of course as a child, what makes a quality program is very differnet to when you are all grown up. That's why I am basing this review on how I feel the show is now - regardless of when I first watched it.

    The good: The special effects are fantastic in this show, still great these days I think. I love the look of the models much more than that of CGI in most recent tv & movies as they provide a more relistic look. The acting is mostly good in this series with generally a good sense of humour from the main cast, especially Starbuck.

    The bad: The Cheese... This show is just so cheesy as with many other TV series of it's time. Like when there is something that is supposed to be humourous, that silly music plays in the background. Not to mention almost every episode ends in a light-hearted joke and everyone smiling. If you love cheese, you'll love this :)
  • High quality space show that you can watch with your kids. Could you say that about the new BSG. The new show sells sex not sexiness.

    Star Trek probalbly the best scifi made and held up. A high brow style like Babylon 5 but with the humor of SG1 and Firefly. Now the Original Battlestar Galatica goes back more geared for kids to an earlier time. A Lost in Space that kids young can enjoy but also family entertainment. Great visual and special effects that hold up to the new one. Great chemistry with actors who sell a story. Lorne Green I always felt was the anchor of the show which the actors could sell their parts. Not to mention the cast looked like they enjoyed being with each other like a family. Adama and Tigh great friends and loyal commanders. Our heroes Apollo, Starbuck, and Boomer a bunch good fellas helping the fleet out as often as possible. A sense of nobility. Humanity pulling together to save the race. Entertaining stories with the crew. Starbuck who steals the show was a good friend of Apollo and Boomer who would be their in a pinch. A free spirit but descentant man. This was important for the caring of each other. The evil villan Boltar and the cylons just a great enemy of the fleet. The new BSG is lacking alot of this style. The lack of moral code bothers me when I watch this new one. The old one gave young people a sense of what is to be the good guys. If you haven't watch this series in awhile get the dvd set and re watch the classic BSG. You will be surprised how good it is. Cheesy in some parts but not filthy and vulger as in the new one. I want to be entertained not have to take a shower.
  • A rag tag human armada search for a shining planet, called Earth.

    This show was a chldhood favorite. In the time after Star Wars burst on the scene, the genre of the Sci Fi show was born. This was not the western in space that Star Trek was, this show was all about survival of the human race. We see the best of humanity and the worst of humanity and I was sad to see it go.
  • A misunderstood gem of sci-fi tv

    I grew up on this show. The twelve Colonies of Man are destroyed by the Cylon Empire along with every battle star except one the Galactica. Led by Commander Adama the Galactica and a small number of civilian ships head out to find the mythical Thirteenth Tribe which colonized Earth. Along the way the Galactica spends most of the time fighting the Cylons but occasionally encounter other races. Along with Adama are Apollo and Starbuck. Apollo; Adama\'s son is the serious minded leader of Blue Squadron the Galactica\'s suadron of small fighter ships known as Vipers. Starbuck is Apollo\'s fun-loving side kick who spends most of his time chasing women drinking and playing a card game called Pyramid. Apollo and Starbuck normally are involved in all the high-risk missions of the Galactica. Rounding out the cast are Boxey, Apollo\'s son; Boomer and Jolley, two pilots of Blue Suadron; Cassiopia, Starbuck\'s love interest Colonel Tigh, Adama\'s second-in-command; and baltar the man who betrayed humanity to the Cylons. What I liked about this show is that the stories were entertaining and that there was a strong moral ground that a lot of shows (including the newer version of this show) lack. The viewer knew where every character stood. There were no Cylons disguised as humans, attempted coups on the Galactica, or female Starbucks.This show was plain and simple yet entertaining.
  • Lorne Greene is Comander Adamo the leader of a star ship. Along with him are his son and daughter and a warrior named Starbuck. They are travelling to find a planet on which they can settle but they must fight the Cylons.

    I love any show where Lorne Greene plays a father figure. But the character I really enjoyed was Starbuck. He was cute, funny and dramatic at the same time. He wasn't one of the sons but was treated like one by Adamo. He was best friends with Richard Hatch's character. I was 13 when the show came out and was attracted to the character relationships but the fight scenes were cool and exciting as well. The show came out around the same time as Star Wars but I guess people felt it failed in comparison because the series didn't last more than a season. Its a shame because it was well done.
  • A fantastic scifi adventure.

    After many long weeks of searching, I've finally found and purchased a copy of the Battlestar Galactica DVD box set. That's right, I was never born around 1978, so I missed out on it's deput, and I never caught SciFi's reruns either, but with the DVD set I think I've managed to gain my knowledge of this show.

    Battlestar Galactica is one of the old-school classics I'll be enjoying for quite some time. With my interests in robotic characters, technological space travel, and action-pact space fights I became amazingly intersted in the whole series.

    The acting and the actors themselves really played out their roles, especially after they had to re-act and replay them after days of script changes(as I've learned in the DVD extras). I should say they must have worked themselves almost to death, but I think their hard work really paid off. There was quite a bit of emotion, comedy, and heroism all throughout the season.

    Also, being the same special effects crew with Patricia Rose Duigan, John Dykstra, Laine Liska, and Alvah J. Miller who have had a hand in making Star Wars have performed a wonderful job on their part as well. The whole series almost seemed like the next Star Wars(though some people say BG came first) with it's rather impressive effects. Though it did seem it had it's tiny noticable flaws, such as the begiining of episode 1 where the four battlestars are moving through space, you can see the plastic stand below them that is used to support them on set, it still was enough to keep me amused.

    I also enjoyed how the story relates to some parts of the Bible and found the whole idea of egyption civilization being part of one of the old cultures of humanity in the galaxy the characters lived in. I've just about enjoyed almost every single episode, even though the Cylons(the robotic foes) made less and less appearances and having the crew deal with other dangers as they went on, I still enjoyed the series quite well.

    It was all indeed cut short by cancelation however, as every other thing on TV has to face, but I think this has lived on with the many fans that have enjoyed it since. A very "must see" and "must buy" title.
  • An amazing television show that fell victim to a high budget. Far supperior to the new version in every way!

    No TV series that lasted only one season can boast a bigger fan base than Battlestar Galactica. The series that Newsweek Magazine dubbed "Son of Star Wars" still, 25 years later, hosts hoards of loyal die hard fans. What is the appeal for the series so many years after it left the airwaves in 1979? A series so popular that it was revived this year by the SciFi Channel as a new mini-series. This fleet on the run story based loosely on Mormonism may actually be more popular today then it was then. As a fan of the show from it's original airing I can tell you that the series left a lasting effect. I can still remember being that eleven year old boy that tuned in every Sunday night with joy for a new episode of Galactica. Star Wars had come to TV. Or at least the next best thing. Remember there were no DVD's or VCR in the late 1970's. Galactica was intentionally designed to capture the momentum of the hugely popular George Lucas epic. It did the trick. The show was a huge hit with my generation. But this show was no clone. The series itself stood on its own. Great special effects, good acting, and stories that sparked imagination made the show unique for it's time. What did in Galactica? Simple. Money. Each episode was heavy on the special effects side. Each episode ran around the million dollar mark to produce. Today that may not be much but back then it was unheard of. No amount of ratings could equal the cost. The show was popular, but not that popular. Yet despite this the fans have stayed loyal to the show throughout the decades.

    The story itself focused on the last remaining refuges from a once great intergalactic society running for their lives from the Cylon Empire. The Cylons may be Science Fictions most inept villains ever. They can hardly walk above a shuffle and could never hit anything they aimed at. In comparison Stormtroopers (Star Wars) look like Special Forces. Regardless the Cylon Empire did manage to destroy almost all of humanity in a "Pearl Harbor" like sneak attack on a day that was bring peace between the two races. Survivors of the Holocaust boarded what ships they could find and formed a fleet behind the last surviving Battlestar. The Galactica. The only hope for these survivors was to reach a lost tribe of mankind that existed in myth. Their home world known only as Earth and it's exact location a mystery. The fleet plotted the best course they could with the limited information available and began a journey to save mankind.

    From the original posting on Monster Island News. (
  • Awesome.

    This show is awesome. It has good action and good action is what makes a great show. Better than the other crappy shows out there, this is how a show should be like. Good action, good characters, good everything. This show is so kick *** and is worth anyones time. Watch it and you will love it.
  • Battlestar Galactica - A Sci-Fi Classic

    Glen A. Larson's Battlestar Galactica is an epic sci-fi television series that, while only lasting one season, became an instant cult phenomenon. The show follows a ragtag fleet of ships in a distant galaxy as they flee a tyrannical alien race called the Cylons, and search for Earth, the fabled home of the long-lost thirteenth tribe of humanity. It's a compelling story that's incredibly rich and full of intrigue. Additionally, the cast, which stars Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Maren Jensen, and Anne Lockhart, is quite impressive. Also, the writers do a good job at worldbuilding; creating a culture with a history and language all its own. However, the show does get a little formulaic at times as the fleet continually comes across planets with human settlements facing one Cylon problem or another. And in the last third of the season the series takes a new direction and almost completely forgets about the Cylons. Though exciting and action-packed, Battlestar Galactica had problems finding its footing and was cancelled after one season.
  • i really liked this show when I was a kid, but can't give it a great rating.

    Honestly, I really did like watching this show, but don't think I can give it a rating higher than a Good because even though I liked it and watched it regularly, I knew it wasn't the best of the best.

    Of course it was counting on the popularity of Star Wars to carry the show, but the actors seemed to make this show funnier somehow.

    The next version of this show just hasn't captured me like the original. I remember seeing it on my Tivo lineup and being disappointed when I realized it wasn't the "real" Battlestar Galactica. The new one has the benefit of better effects, but the characters just don't seem as interesting as in the original.
  • Science fiction, spacebattles, exploration of planets, bit of soap going on, what more do you need .

    It\'s a really good show, too bad they had problems with getting enough money and support, otherwise it would\'ve ended way better, than the sharade it became. If you haven\'t seen this show, you are missing out on something special!
    Starbuck always getting into hairy situations and Apollo getting him out of them, Adama with his wisdoms and strategies, Tigh with his silent but professional skills commanding the bridge.
    The women and Apollo\'s kid with his robot dog.
    It\'s better than Star Trek tos to me!
  • A campy show about refugees fleeing from their enemies: IN SPACE! It is amazingly funny with just the right amount of romance and plot.

    This is my first review, so I\'ll do my best :) This is an awesome show! I had to get the series on DVD so I could watch it over and over again. It had a certain charm that has been lost in recent shows set in space. (Excluding Stargate SG-1) An extrodinariry show that really needs to be revived.
  • Battlestar Galactica 1979 Was The A Very Good Show!!!

    I Started Watch Battlestar Galactica About 2 Years Now And I seen all the episode plus the last episode before it got took of on ABC.
    The Best Episode Is "Return Of Starbuck" It Was Very Good Episode Were You See The What Happend Starbuck After so meny years. I Think It Should Of Carryed On And Made Me But Angey Because They Got Rid Of It..

    But Still It Was Good And It The Best
    But I Think Battlestar Galactica New Version 2003 Is Better..
  • With the Twelve Colonies of Man destroyed, the last Battlestar, Galactica, leads a rag-tag fugitive fleet on a quest for earth.

    Galactica was misunderstood. Many people tended to see it as a rogue series that was attempting to leech off of Star Wars' success. Indeed, much of the special effects and plot elements could be compared to examples seen within Star Wars', but the series definately had an identity of its own.

    The cast is strongly anchored by the fatherly Lorne Green, who previously played Ben Cartwright on Bonanza (amongst other projects). In addition, John Colicos plays the evil Baltar, and does a good job at getting the viewer to hate his character.

    The charm of the original Galactica is its overall simplicity. We don't see the complication and challenges that are shown in the modern Battlestar Galactica (2003). There are no cylons that look like humans, no crazy scientists with cylon women stuck in their head, no real secretive hidden agendas and coups, nothing. The characters were very stoic, the viewer knew how they felt and why they did what they did. The crew onboard the original Galactica is far more stable and functional than the crew on the new Galactica. Some might argue that the dynaism of the new crew makes the series more intriguing, but I still love the classic series with its charming characters and story lines.
  • The Old Show Rocks! The NEW show is SCHLOCK!!!

    Has it all, over the newer version. Heart and humor. In 20 years, people will still remember the original, whilst the current show will be akin to the abysmal Galactica 1980; acknowledged but ignored. Fans of the older series generally do not seem to enjoy the latter version as much. I count myself among them. I've watched every episode of the classic series, and yet not made it through an entire one of the new series. I've tried several times. It's simply too painful to sit through. Maybe it's a sign of the changing times. It's not Sci-Fi; it's a Soap Opera with lasers. *yawn*
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