Battlestar Galactica

ABC (ended 1979)





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  • A misunderstood gem of sci-fi tv

    I grew up on this show. The twelve Colonies of Man are destroyed by the Cylon Empire along with every battle star except one the Galactica. Led by Commander Adama the Galactica and a small number of civilian ships head out to find the mythical Thirteenth Tribe which colonized Earth. Along the way the Galactica spends most of the time fighting the Cylons but occasionally encounter other races. Along with Adama are Apollo and Starbuck. Apollo; Adama\'s son is the serious minded leader of Blue Squadron the Galactica\'s suadron of small fighter ships known as Vipers. Starbuck is Apollo\'s fun-loving side kick who spends most of his time chasing women drinking and playing a card game called Pyramid. Apollo and Starbuck normally are involved in all the high-risk missions of the Galactica. Rounding out the cast are Boxey, Apollo\'s son; Boomer and Jolley, two pilots of Blue Suadron; Cassiopia, Starbuck\'s love interest Colonel Tigh, Adama\'s second-in-command; and baltar the man who betrayed humanity to the Cylons. What I liked about this show is that the stories were entertaining and that there was a strong moral ground that a lot of shows (including the newer version of this show) lack. The viewer knew where every character stood. There were no Cylons disguised as humans, attempted coups on the Galactica, or female Starbucks.This show was plain and simple yet entertaining.
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