Battlestar Galactica

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  • The original and still classic Battlestar Galactica that beamed into some 60,000,000 households one Sunday night in 1978, and made network history.

    This was the original sweeping epic of man in search of his origins and fighting to overcome the many obstacles placed in his way.

    A beautifully done show with a high price tag, sadly its expense helped to secure its demise. It took what wowed audiences a year before in the film "Star Wars", and brought it to the little screen, albeit in a more technically sophisticated way thanks to John Dykstra's special effects.

    The heavy use of mythology and religion, along with the usual doses of action, adventure, and drama sprinkled with tales of love, made the show an all-around favorite for all audiences, and is certifiably a cult-classic.

    Nowadays, it is heavily maligned by those who could not appreciate it for what it represented in its time (because they weren't around or were very young). With the strong performances by the legendary Lorne Greene, and a veritable parade of other film and TV legends as guest stars like Lloyd Bridges, Wilfred Hyde-White, Fred Astaire, John Colicos, and Patrick Macnee, the show provided a sweeping tale of faith, determination, and most of all, perserverance.

    Today a convoluted "re-imaging" attempts to introduce literalism and realism to a show that was merely an "escape" and provided "hope". With its heavy dose of the usual cliche sex and violence, foreboding sets and brooding characters filled with a dark loathing, along with nonsensical mocking of the original through its character's dialog and the twisting around of the original's plots to feign originality, the new treatment entirely misses the point of this, the original.